02-11-2022 The goal is not to reach Union with each other. It never was.


Current vibration we are emitting into the Universe at this precise moment: 8,778Hz

Current percentage of reaching Union with myself: 100%

Current percentage of Kieran reaching Union with himself: 100%

Dude, we finally made it! That was a rough fuckin’ ride.

You are telling me. Such bogus.

Did you just use the word ‘bogus’?

You were there.

Yeah no, I know. It’s just…I haven’t heard that word since the eighth grade. It is good to hear it.

Want to know where we were a year ago today?


“Spirit, where was I at reaching Union with myself on 02-11-2021?” 5 5 (%)

“Spirit, where was Kieran at reaching Union with himself on 02-11-2021?” 4 9 (%)

“How close are we to beginning our twin flame mission?” “ALREADY STARTED”

How close were we to physical Union with each other exactly one year ago? 5 5 (%)

No shit. I didn’t know that. Did you know that?

I did not know that.

I didn’t know that, either. Trip out.

And today?

“How close are we to physical Union as of today?” 9 6 (%)

Hmm. Yesterday, that number was 95%

Something happened in the last few days with us. Something to me here in New Mexico and something to Kieran wherever he is in the world. He is probably either in California or Pennsylvania. Or on a boat somewhere. The man likes boats.

“Spirit, what was the date of the last significant shift with us?” 2 6

February 6th.

I don’t know. It feels more recent than that. There are a few things I am suddenly doing differently. For one, I cannot stop smiling. Also, I dance tons more. Just up and dance. Out of the blue. For no reason at all. Whether there is music or not. Whether I am just out of the shower, buck ass naked, or at work making someone’s caramel frappuccino. I am dancing.

No more nicotine puff bar either. As of three days ago, the desire disappeared. Overnight. I threw away all my extra chargers and my ashtray. All gone. That explains my crappy mood Wednesday. I was almost sixteen years old when I tried my first cigarette. Half-pack-a-day smoker ever since. No more, no less.

Quitting cigarettes is the hardest thing I have ever done. It pisses me off that it was all in my head, too. My brain was convinced it was so hard to quit smoking, so it convinced me it was hard. Two days ago, when half the day had gone by, I suddenly heard the thought, “Do you know it has been more than half a day since you had the thought of your puff bar?”

That is when it occurred to me I did not need it like I thought I did.

There is that damn killer word: Thought.

Those fuckers can kill you.

Now I understand why they say during meditation, do not think. Listen.

This reminds me of something else I noticed I have been doing the last week. I am listening. Listening to my peers, to other humans I interact with. No longer talking about how I can relate. No longer suggesting what they could do that could possibly help. Just listening. It feels so good to not say anything.

For once.

Are you insinuating I talked too much?

You bet your ass I am.

And look what time it is:

Wowsers. How much cooler and crazier can all this get?

Since you asked…why not get started on the Black Mirror?

I was gonna get started on that in a second. We are deliberately stalling on this topic.

There is no ‘we’ in that last sentence. I have been bugging you to do the Black Mirror post for days.

Why are you stalling on this?

Because, the Black Mirror stuff is creepy. It is also a buzz kill.

Do you have a buzz right now?


Then there is no buzz to kill. You can work on it now.

It is a hard topic.

Just do it and get it out of the way.

Why do we have to post it at all?

It is not that big a deal, hun.

I agree! So, let us skip this topic.

What are you having a hard time with on this one?

‘Black Mirror’ is a series on Netflix I just started watching before bedtime. It reminds me of a new, hip version of The Twilight Zone. There are a couple specific episodes that really gave me the creeps. The reason for this is that these things are happening now in our reality.

**These two episodes are in season 5**

This particular episode of ‘Black Mirror’ is about an Uber driver who kidnaps a worker from a huge social media company called Smithereens. The driver kidnaps the worker so that he can then demand to speak with the CEO of Smithereens Billy Bauer, played by actor Topher Grace.

Smithereens = Facebook. Billy Bauer = Mark Zuckerberg. The episode does not reference either of these two, but it is obvious this particular episode is about what Facebook, Mark Zucker-Douche, and a whole team of Facebook psych nazis did to figure out the best ways to keep people on their mobile phones.

Those damn notifications. Who knew the power of just this wee little icon would be so great? So damaging to the human psyche? One true life example I can give you demonstrating this is my buddy, Derek. Derek and I dated for three years. Eight months into that three-year relationship, I stumbled into the knowledge he had been meeting up with random strangers for sex. (Derek used my laptop to look for work and check his email. Doofus left his Gmail box logged in and open on the SENT box. (Guys, women do not need to snoop. You fellas leave the evidence spread out for us nice and neat. If you are gonna do that kind of shit, learn to hide it better. Seriously, it is embarrassing.)

The very first thing Derek does when he wakes up in the morning, even before going pee, is check out his Facebook notifications. Derek’s two loves are politics and religion. When he makes a comment on one of those two topics that make him feel especially proud, he likes to hurry and get to that rush he feels upon logging into Facebook and seeing his notification bell lit up. Pretty sad, huh?

It is not just him, either.

There was a time I would post a picture on my Facebook wall and log in periodically during the day just to see what notifications and comments I received about it.

You all are doing it, too. Think about the first place your eyes dart upon opening any social media app like Facebook and Instagram. They go straight to that notification bell. It makes us feel good to see all those notifications, doesn’t it? The more people approve of the picture that I posted, the more I fill myself with a false sense of validation. The more people approve of my picture, the better it makes me feel. Twenty ‘LIKES’ in just one hour? It must be a great picture! Or, “Only two people ‘LIKE’ my picture. Why what is wrong with it?”

Sound familiar? It is sad. Why the fuck would I care what anyone else in the world thinks about my picture? Especially a stranger or someone I hardly know? I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel like a robot bitch to The Elite. How about that ever-so-slight anxiety you feel when you get that notification that it is one of your friend’s birthdays? “It’s So & So’s birthday today! Be the first to wish them a happy birthday on their timeline.”

Now, you know you had better post some birthday shit on their wall or some of them will wonder what the hell happened to your friendship. If you post one birthday wish on one wall, you gotta hit them all. What makes it worse, is that nowadays, people prefer to get that posted birthday wish on their Facebook wall for everyone to see instead of a more personal telephone conversation wishing them a happy birthday.

That is pretty horrible, to say the least.

Every once in a while, I read a comment from someone that says they feel so much better since deleting their Facebook accounts. After finally deleting mine, I understand what they are talking about.

***02-14-2022 7:55 PM MTN TIME AT HOME***

Serendipity poked me in the ribs after that. One week after I deleted my Facebook page, some moron in the middle east decided to hack my Instagram account. No more logging into that account for me.

No more Facebook. No more Instagram. No more messaging apps of any kind. (I reinstalled Whatsapp two days ago after “something” told me to. Like a dickhead, I followed my intuition on that one and reinstalled it. I am uninstalling it after I type this fucking sentence.)

I did better than uninstall the app just now. I powered down my phone.

First, I replied to a text message my father sent wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day. Then uploaded the following screenshots to post this:

Having my phone turned off completely at work today was awesome. The feeling of knowing no calls or notifications are coming in was wonderful. Knowing I could not just swipe a few times to see what notifications I have on Quora but would have to go get my phone out of the car, power it up, and then check the app? Too much effort. Let’s just keep it off and in the car.

If having my cell phone turned off for eight hours while at work feels this good, why not have it off while at home? If I do not need to make any calls, why does it need to be on? It doesn’t.

At least, until it is time for bed. Then, I need to turn it back on for my alarm.

You should get an alarm clock.

I was thinking the same thing.

Closing with a picture of the four succulents my buddy Matthew sent me some months back. I repotted them yesterday.

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