02-10-2022 It is finally over. My case was dismissed without prejudice.


Who has hold of the reins right now?

I do.

For how long?

For as long as it takes.

I keep staring off into space as I do this. It is after 4am. I am not tired. No drugs. No alcohol. But, something is making me stay up.

Type this out. Every thought you hear. This is auto-writing amplified right now. Ready?


“one pilot, two pilots, three…win win situation, please come with me, she’s over there, curtsy nice for the man, tis the season, goats, more goats, (goatheads suck), you are a witch, race through time, space, cognizant, awful drawing of her, peace man, love, dig the vibe, cool head, massive, savage, you turn me on, breeze through it, you are awful, just awful, pretty boy, rich boy, she left you there, turn around, leave me alone, turn around, bleed it out, gambler, fast forward this song,

“alert, stay alert, copy cat, driver, turn lane, tumble from the vehicle, rolly polly bug style, they got away, turn signal, turn left, then right, over on the side of the road is the purse, pink like the dress, shifty, snazzy, pearl necklace, Leopold, turn signal, left, drive by shooting disguised, JKFJRALIVE, prove it now, goodbye dolly, percy says no, leave her alone, he made me do it, it is not better than you are, you are the same, then why do you treat us so different if we are the same, please let go, let go of him, he’s my brother, turn him loose now, garbage bag, leave her alone, turn around, turn signal, stuck on, she bled, fought, turn signal, turn left at the sign, Brookhaven South bend, this is pretty snazzy, look at her go she broke her jaw, curses, curses I say, she will not leave them alone, let the dogs bark then, they are going out of town, bury the body here, leave her alone, turn around, bleed it out, turn signal, conversely, I won’t allow it, please leave it alone, we do not talk about this in our family, what would they say, leave it alone, do not think about it, you will soon forget, do not embarass me, he did it better than you did, he is alive, smart, going home, flying back home, leave me alone for a while, I don’t need you, keep them coming asshole, i never needed you, i can do it myself, you think you know so much, you know shit, she loved me not you, you lied to her, she loved me not you, she loved me not you, she loved me not you, she blew you off, she was after me not you, leave her alone, don’t you dare, you tried to hurt me, they believed you, turn him loose, that’s my brother, go home, don’t tell anyone what you saw here do you understand me, leave it alone, turn signal stuck on, blue hair, red hair, streaks, mountain sign, turn of the century, insurance car, billboard, turn left, blue heart, red band, curses, noodle brain, tough shit, I’m going and you can’t stop me, leave her alone, she loved me not you, can you hear me, do you hear me, leave her alone, she is sleeping with someone else already, that is how much she loved you you prick, you are not a man, you are a piece of shit, blow me, kiss my ass, leave me alone, do not contact me for a long while, i do not know what to say to you, savage bro just savage, clean me, wipe it up, do it now, lucy, saint, school, turtle neck, black gown, white, habit, blow, cold, so cold, dark, movies, broom closet, dark, spider bite, cold, dark, upstate, new york, cannibus, heroin, pills, sex, booze, partying all night long for weeks, blew it, met her, blind, it grows, blockage, near death, blimy, ssslfhavaggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafjfjgjfk, the magnitude of this is astounding, self hypnosis, beacon, conduit, brain waves, what am I, alien dna must not be replicated that is why no blood donation for you and your team, transfusions never, going home, drafting, dddddddcan you believe this is happening, she ran over it with her car, i could not stop her, i love you, i am sorry, she wore me down, loved her i thought, he was always in the way, i never saw it, or maybe i did, never wanted to believe it, turn the corner, it is there behind the tree on the upper left, see it next to the rock formation three large what must be boulders but they are too big to be boulders, against the mountain, they do testing here, secret stuff, no one is supposed to know about it but everybody knows about it here, they play dumb, corruption, judges, dea, cia, nsa, blows me away, come on that was funny, blew it, she knew about us, she knew I – “

Why did you freeze there?

I don’t know.

Keep going, hun.

He is in PA. He flew home. Or he is thinking about it. Just a short trip.

When I asked why he flew back to PA, I got this:


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