02-27-2021 Spirit, is it the Starseed in me that makes it possible to communicate with the Universe using the pendulum? YES.

I am so far behind in posting these. No intro. Here we go:

Getting interrupted by a flow of thoughts from your DM while trying to be serious got you questions #1 through #6.

The pa–wait. I need to ask Spirit a question real quick and on da fly:

Spirit, are you there? YES

Thank you and good morning! Spirit, am I hearing the song Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty right now because you guys know I am smoking weed? YES.

Just asking. Where was I?

Oh, I was starting to say the part about feeling pain on one side of my body that he can feel on the opposite side of his. When I asked if Kieran feels any pain in his left wrist without having been injured himself, I figure it is because I broke my right wrist in three places some years ago playing softball. First baseman and running to catch a pop fly, I trip land and CRACK. My first and only experience with morphine, too! I don’t know what all the hoopla is with that stuff. The break was bad they said, but it couldn’t have been. I wasn’t in hardly any pain at all. Course, that was after they administered the morphine. Okay no, that stuff is great!

Another time, I asked the board if the pain I felt in my left knee from time to time had to do with anything that happened to Kieran in his life with an injury to his right knee. The answer was YES. I heard ‘it was softball’, too. I have yet to confirm, as it has been three years now with no contact with Kieran and us not knowing anything about each other. The most he knows about me is that I am new to playing pool, left a bad relationship and that’s it. If he is reading my blog, and truly, who knows if he is or not. The answer is always YES whenever I ask, but who knows really? Spirit might just be telling me what the Universe feels I need to hear right now. And I get that. The thing is, I don’t really care at this point, because I am finding out lots of what I am told is regarding future events. Some stuff has happened and some stuff has not. But, the current stuff related to how we grew up or our likes and dislikes? Why would the pendulum lie about general stuff like that? I started this blog with no intentions of thinking he would ever read it. However, the questions I ask are DM energy wanting me to put it out there. I really feel like it is a covert and cute way of testing out the connection with the telepathy and learning about each other at the same time while we continue to work our journey apart. It is only the last two months I got the ‘okay’ to use his name. That, to me, means there has been some major ego shed, and I dig that. It would explain why Spirit says he has learned the life lessons he needed to learn before we could ever be reunited. Also, something keeps telling me he likes to keep me guessing. (You butt. You know I know that you know about this. And yes, I understand you would not have mooned the neighbors. Yes, and I understand you are just ‘putting that out there’.)

Picking up from this weird procession of police vehicles, motor cops and an official looking ambulance headed south on I25, right outside my window.

Joe came over to hang out. No, we did not have sex. But, I haven’t talked to him since.

That’s a wrap for that. Later folks and please stop watching main stream media. You can still find the good shows online.

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