02-28-2021 Spirit, is remote viewing a sixth dimension thing? YES.

This was indeed a crazy day. At least toward the end of it when the Nosy Negativos next door called the police because I flipped them off and mooned them after the neighbor and I exchanged words back and forth at the fence. Not my proudest moments, but I will get into that.

First, trip out on this remote viewing thing.

I know DICK about remote viewing. I did not know what it was until about a year ago when I stumbled upon a video on YouTube with a guy drawing a picture from details another guy was describing in his mind. The location of what one guy drew was where the other guy was. CRAZY. I will find the video and post it. That is all I have ever seen on the subject. Just now, I pulled some websites to try and explain what remote viewing is, because apparently this is something I have been doing and not realizing it. I recorded my usual journal session, but then I started hearing thoughts about what I was seeing.

We began with regular questions. The righty and lefty thing. I am a lefty and twinie is a righty. For twin flames who happen to also be split soul twin flames are going to be opposite. That is a great combination as partners for playing pool if we are both good. And, well…one of us is…I could be good, too, if I could ever get my ass out of a Quarantine Lock Down to land a frickin pool table.

I have to interrupt for a second! I am chatting with an Instagram friend who I have done some readings for and she is having a hard time right now. She needs to vent. But then, on my playlist ‘Mrs Robinson’ by Simon & Garfunkel pops on. I asked her, “Say, what’s the number between you and your twin again?” She tells me just now, “13 years.”

“LOL! Spirit knows I am talking to you!!”, I told her.

I love when stuff like that happens.

Back to this.

It started to come out at the beginning of my journal time. You can always tell where and when the channeling begins because my writing starts out as lines first, see there around the #1? The thoughts are starting to come in, but it is not about journal time. It is about something else. Someone is asking me to describe what I see.

What’s cool is that since I was already recording my journal session, I was able to catch the remote viewing as well. What I saw was darkness, but in front of me, about 10 feet away are two people. A man and a woman. The person on the left was taller than the person on the right. The person on the right had long hair. It was dark hair. Black pants worn by both of them. I think they must have been holding something or had their hands in their pockets, as I only saw up to the back of their elbows. They were looking forward at something. The thing they were looking at was like what I drew in the picture. I could see it, too. It reminded me of something you would see in a movie. In fact, I specifically recall that the inside of it looked like The Galaxy inside of Orion’s belt in the movie ‘Men In Black.’ (See the Google snip below.) The cylinders spun so fast that you could barely see them move. And you could see inside the middle. Again, like the Galaxy in Orion’s belt. I do now know if I was looking at a picture first or if I was there. I don’t remember any noise. Just seeing this huge thing off in the distance that two other people were looking at.

*thank you Google Images*

Here are a couple snippets of what I found when just Googling ‘remote viewing’.

You see there where it says it is a prerequisite to master meditation before you attempt remote viewing? I beg to differ. I am in no way in a deep meditation when this happens for me. It just happens. It just comes out. Don’t get me wrong…it could probably work tons better if I could sit still long enough to get into a deep meditative state. The only time that has happened with me was through hypnosis.

There is so much to learn. Why can I do this? What is this for? Why now? I decided to ask Spirit for a letter pull to give me a message as to how I can do this. This is what I got:

Um, WHAT?! I even confirmed the message is correct. Every letter was used in this pull of letters! I don’t know about you, but I see there LT AF (Lieutenant Air Force), LUNAR, JAG, WEST, LEY (ley line reference), DVD, and YOU ARE A SIXTH DIMENSION OPERATOR.

Okay….so, now what? What am I supposed to do with this capability? I asked for another letter pull and it made me cry.

I have a feeling a girl named Natalie passed away due to an IV drug overdose within the last few months. I do not know her last name. She was on probation and had a breathalyzer on her car. She went to AA meetings. Someone’s energy, hers I believe, came to me 01-05-2021. I wrote it all down. I feel she needs help letting her father know she is dead. After asking a bunch of questions with my pendulum, I gathered they have not spoken in 7 years, his name is Nathan and he lives in Maryland. Her death was mentioned in our local newspaper, but without knowing her last name, I had a hard time searching their archives. I feel like she picked up this local crackhead for a ride and they scored together. I feel it was accidental, but I feel like no one knew of her next of kin. I also feel I know who the person was whom she picked up and was with her when it happened. I feel like he took her wallet, but then ditched it, too. Why would I have these thoughts? I do not know the guy. I just know of him and see him walking the streets out here.

The following are some pictures of that night’s journal session. This was around 10:30pm MTN time. This is in another journal book and do not believe I wrote a blog post for this particular session.

Again, I have no idea if I am right or not. It just feels correct. It’s scary, too. I haven’t seen Natalie walking around town like I used to, but we’re in lock down, so that would be understandable. Why this information sent to me, though? Why her out of all the people I know in this town? Why can others tell me I have successfully channeled their loved ones who have passed on and have this particular case not be true? It’s like, I know how I can do this. It is the resources to do it that I do not have at this moment. Plus, maybe I still feel like I need some solid confirmation first about Natalie. What is solid confirmation? Anything that confirms anything I have written down. Even if the answer is incorrect, if it leads me to ultimately the correct answer, Spirit did it’s job when it gave me the answers it gave me.

Picking back up. All this made me wonder if the strength of how this comes through has anything to do with the power of the full moon. The answer was YES.

The problem with my journal sessions is that they can last all day and they can last a few hours. I get distracted with other things on the Internet or I have to get up every 5-8 minutes to make sure Oreo Kat is still in the yard when I let her run round outside. It could also be the Attention Deficit Disorder. (Shrugs)

All the arrow points to is the next page which is the March 1st post entitled: Spirit, is it unbecoming of a twin flame to moon the neighbors after a few beers? YES

I’m gone to go work on that post for all you awesome souls. See you then. Please stop watching main stream media.

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