01-06-2023 Location of Nancy Lyn Shoupp – Missing since April 1990

Nancy Lynn Shoupp 

*Who reported that Nancy did not arrive at her husband Steve’s house?  “HUSBAND STEVE” 

More than one article states Nancy was last seen at 3:30 am April 28th, 1990.  One article says she was with a co-worker.  Another article says she was with her new boyfriend, who evidently passed a polygraph and is not a suspect. 

Was Nancy’s new boyfriend also one of her co-workers?  “YES” 

Was Nancy’s co-worker/new boyfriend the last eyewitness to see Nancy alive?  “YES” 

When Nancy left her co-worker/boyfriend’s residence, was she with anyone else?  “YES” 

When Nancy left her co-worker/boyfriend’s residence, who else was with Nancy?  “CAB DRIVER – REMEMBERS RED BAG”  

Oh, word? 

Does the cab driver still have the bag?  “YES” 

Holy frack! 

What will the cab driver tell authorities is in the bag if they were to ask him/her? “COCAINE, LOTS OF CASH, FIREARM” 

If authorities ask to view the firearm the cab driver found in the red gym bag, what make and model firearm would they be looking at? “COLT BRAND – FUZED WITH ROCKLAND CARBON PLATED BASE” 

Was there any ammunition in the red gym bag? “NO” 

Odd.  Why bring the gun and not the pieces that actually do the damage? 

I smell a setup.  Follow me for a second, here. 

Reports say neighbors reported seeing Nancy’s green 1984 Volvo in the usual parking spot that morning.  What time did they claim to have seen the car in the driveway?  “7:10 AM” 

Reports say BOTH her green Volvo and Steve’s car were in the driveway.  Is this true?  “YES” 

Reports state that at 6:30 am on April 29th, Steve was a gas station where he was employed.  His 2 small children are asleep in the car – the engine running.  When the customer noticed a fire in the dumpster near the car, the articles state rather than contact the fire department, Steve put the fire out himself.   

Steve and the kids are seen at the gas station around 6:30 am.  His car and Nancy’s car are seen parked in the driveway of their home 40 minutes later.  If he was working, he would probably be finishing a shift that ended at 7 AM to be home by 7:10 AM.  But then, why tell Nancy she could pick up the kids as late as 4:30 AM from his residence the evening before? 

*Was Steve on the clock at the time a customer alerted him about the fire in the dumpster?  “NO” 

*If the red gym bag was left in the cab, what was burning in the dumpster at the gas station? “CLTHES, SHOES, -BURIED HER NAKED” 

*Did Steve start the fire in the dumpster? “NO” 

*Who started the fire in the dumpster? “ACCOMPLICE – COWRKR/NEW BOYFRND” 

Set…her..up!  This is how we know: 


*Would an autopsy have revealed any traces of cocaine in Nancy’s system had her body been found within the first few weeks of her disappearance? “NO” 

*Steve knew who Nancy was with the evening of April 28, correct? “YES” 

We know this because Steve and the kids arrived there in the first place with the cab.  Why did he not just drive his car over to the sex nest?   

Also, I would like to know what her day was like, the day before she disappeared.  Where was she before she headed over to the new guy’s pad?  A girlfriend’s house?  Work?  Did she tell anyone else she was going to leave her kids with the violent man she had just separated from five weeks prior?  Girls talk about new cock with the rest of the hens.  Would anyone else at work say she mentioned a new guy?  Why not when he works with them?  That is juicy for a workplace. 

*Did authorities ask Steve if he was aware of his wife’s whereabouts that evening before she was to pick up their two children?  “YES – SAID DID NOT KNOW THE LOCATION OR WHO SHE WAS WITH” 

*What questions were given to Nancy’s coworker/new boyfriend during the polygraph exam that he showed no signs of deception?   Excluding the base questions.  Having been the last person to have seen her alive, I would think he should be the number 1 suspect.  After that, the documented abusive husband who is not happy about the recent separation is suspect number 2. 


Makes sense.  What else? 


Again, that makes sense.  But still, something is off.  

There should be a lot more questions, believe me.  How long have you two been fucking?  How long have you worked with her?  Were you aware she was married?  Any one of those three will trigger the machine unless he truly had no knowledge of Nancy’s husband prior to the evening Nancy disappeared. 

Without a body, you cannot prosecute a crime, because there is no evidence of a crime at this point, right?  Just a missing woman and a bunch of holes in the explanation of events.   

h, and at what point did Steve decide to stop speaking with the police after just a few days?  Don’t police decide when they are done asking questions when you are a suspect?  Did he lawyer up or something?  Did he just vanish?  Why give a co-worker/boyfriend a polygraph and not Steve?  Her husband is the one with the documented history of domestic abuse-not the new guy.  Even without knowing the location of the body, there are enough holes in all three stories, Steve’s, The Work Cock, and Steve and Nancy’s three-year-old who told police a completely different story altogether to suggest intentional deception.  Intentional deception means covering something up. 

Both Nancy’s car and Steve’s car were parked in their driveway.  Who got Nancy’s car back to their home?  Let’s pretend she left co-worker-cock at 3:30 am like he told police she did.  Let’s also pretend she was so tired, she completely forgot to pick up the kids at Steve’s, house/apt/whatever, and drove straight home.  Then, what did she do?  The reports say the house was clean.   


Are you joshing me? Perhaps, a simulation based on what I would really go through if I were to look over a cold case? 

If not, I CAN find her.  Mark my words.   

Her bones, anyway. 


Yep.  Let me do this really quick.  Name still Nancy Lyn? 


This morning? 

No problem.  An hour and a half.  Here we go. 

6:33 am  MTN 

***Opening Google Earth. Searching for Littleton, CO.*** 

I divide the screen into four quadrants, ask which quadrant location of the body, then zoom in on that quadrant and ask again. 





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