01-05-2023 Reverse Pendulum Time!

It is 4:20 somewhere.

Man, what a great day. I am all enlightened and shit. Without the ‘woo woo’.


This new pendulum board works like a charm.

Heard. And that is a good point. How would we know if it is working the way it is supposed to work?

What does it feel like?

It feels like it is raining everywhere around me, say a 5 feet radius of my body and there is nothing but love and warmth in the spot where I stand.

I feel all Neo-ish. Matrix ‘Neo’. Not SS ‘Neo.’

Me first.

**grabs pendulum and new encrypted board.**

Here we go.

Answer 1: “YES”

Do I get to know what the question was?

Yes, but not for anyone else to know. Just you, okay?

Okay. Tell me and I will not post it.

Let the next two songs give the clues.


Oh, brother. He is scared. Or else why bother sending it to me?


I gotta hand it to the old man. Who knew he had it in him to obtain the learning to send that to me. I cannot wait to learn!


Next question, hun.

Pendulum poised.

Answer 2: “YES”

Do I get to know what the question was?


Alrighty then. Moving on. My turn.

Answer 1: “YES”

What was the question?

I asked if both CHF STPN and myself had procedures to prohibit having children at some point in our lives.

No shit? That is the question you asked?


Years ago, at age thirty-three I think, on the way home from work, I met a cutie on the Metro Red Line named Andrew. We exchanged numbers. The first night we had a ‘Netflix and chill’ date, we fooled around. Not five minutes into it, POP! Really, bro? Before I had the chance to tell him where not to ‘POP’, he popped.

The moment it happened, I knew. I do not know how I knew. I just knew.

A month later, I tossed up my dinner while I was smoking a doob with my friend Mary in my building. The first thing Mary says is, “You pregnant, or something?”

Holy shit. I had better not be!

I was.

A few weeks later, I was in the E.R. bleeding and getting another pregnancy test.

Negative. Phew! This was not the time. Everything in me knew it was best. Never saw Andrew again.

After that, I took better precautions and had an I.U.D. inserted to prevent pregnancy until I have it removed. Nasty cramping for a while, but then no period for a few years! That was awesome!

My I.U.D. was removed two years ago. About a year after I arrived in Socorro. To tell you the truth, I am not sure why I did. Something just told me it was time to have it removed. After all that time, my body needs time to get back on track with regular menstruation. I read it can take more than a year for a woman to become fertile after having an I.U.D.

Let me finish my apple real quick and then I will spark the rest of that doob.

Roger, that.

And then, I guess, turn the heater down?

Okay, I have one follow-up question to that last one.

Answer 2: “YES”

Yep, that’s what it felt like. Thanks a bunch for confirming what I somehow knew already.

Your turn.

Not for us to know over here?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Guess who is manifesting their dream job?

I give up.

When I sat down for tonight’s session, I have no idea how a window directed me to an MSN page with a website and a bunch of links to government pages like the one to the left.

After bookmarking them, I continued on with my other work for tonight’s post.

An hour later, after sitting back down coming from a potty break, I see my mouse hovering over the tab showing this:

Knowing I did not leave the screen with that highlighted, I took it as my sign.

Let’s do this, shall we?


***Questioning for Nancy Lynn begins next post!***

No interpretable data out, no interpretable data in. As above, so below.

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