12-22-2022 Just leave the game if you do not want to play.

Moovies r ourr bredcrums. Butt,, leffft bye whomm?

‘Total Recall’ a movie where the antagonist is hiding the secret of providing air FREE to the citizens of Mars.

Today, the Elite hide the secret that the pyramids provide the capability to provide ENERGY to the citizens of Earth.

‘The Terminator’


‘Don’t Look Up’

‘The Truman Story’

‘Gremlins’: “You not ready.”

‘Spiderman’: ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’

‘Deep Impact’ and ‘Armageddon’

‘They Live’: “We have one that can see!”

Social Security Numbers identify the time travelers by birthdate. C.I.A. tracks every human born on a date that adds up to 33. Flagged by levels of awareness of the truth. There are ten levels. 10 being fully and completely aware of Yashusa simulation/matrix.


” The Dali Llama?”


‘The Matrix’. “No,” and Neo puts up his hand to stop the bullets.

That is what I did today. I said, “No.”

Things change when ego is not part of the plan to get to where I want to go. the view is incredibly different. Serene. Clear. Tons more quiet. Allowing in as opposed to pushing away.

For example, three doors. No more will I worry about the collateral damage that could occur behind the other two doors. What is behind them does not exist, to begin with. Only what is behind the door I chose to walk through.

Just decided I did not want to play anymore. When you give up during a board game, you get up and walk away. The rules and guidelines used in the game no longer apply to you. They have no bearing on what is going on in my life, right now. Two minutes ago means nothing. Neither does the next few minutes ahead. They do not exist.

What does exist, is what is in front of me right now. This is what is important. I choose where to go from here now that I know there was nothing ever really holding me back. Just a bunch of talk about how other forces tell us there is some other reason we cannot ______.

Never are we told we already can, we just have to remember we can.

Never will I remember I am a pilot. I know I am not a pilot and never have been. It is just in me that I know I am not a pilot.

A bat-shit crazy witch with powers like telepathy and telekinesis?

This, I know.

Before I could gain access to the knowledge of how to use these ‘gifts’, first I need to leave the game. You see, it is the game we all live in that tells us magic is not real. We grew up believing it. We grew up to do things we did not understand, but we did them because everyone else did them. We just assumed it was right. Even though so much evidence suggests some other way out crap is what is really going on, it can’t be real. We saw it in a movie. Fantasy. Make-believe.

However, I escaped the matrix by using the clues given to me in all the movies they gave us to program into all of us just how improbable the truth really is. When buildings and shit began to change day to day, beginning almost two weeks ago, that is when I knew so many of us are correct. This is a game.

Learn how to play it and see if you are happy with the programmers and the rules they laid out for this particular simulation. Find out which rules are kept from us or made so unattainable because of the distractions humans incur every moment of their lives.

Pendulum work told me this was all a game.

Who is at the wheel when I pick up the pendulum? Why is the energy different at times. Seriously, sometimes my pendulum is dyslexic, and sometimes it has O.C.D.

One day, I asked who my Operator was. I got a name. LEW. Right away I have a picture of this man in my head. He is standing by a water cooler. He is wearing a huge ring of keys on his belt loop. For some reason I remember these keys. Mid-fifties, I would venture a guess. Salt and pepper, short hair, but long enough that his bangs hit the rim of his huge glasses. Mustard yellow-faded pollo shirt.

There are a few different people who man the joystick, so to speak, when needing to speak with ‘Source’, ‘God’, your ‘angels’, The Universe, your Higher Self, etc. Once you truly believe this and know it is what is in front of us, then you are officially Neo’d out.

three of clubs

three of hearts

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