08-01-2022 “Archangel Michael, what am I currently manifesting?” “R T M N”





Not once have I asked what I am currently manifesting. After swiping past a YouTube video with ‘What are you manifesting?’ in the title, I realized I can just ask my guides using the pendulum.

“Archangel Michael, our awesome guardian angel, what am I currently manifesting?”

After a few spins in a circle, I get “R T MN”.

“The right man? I am manifesting the right man?” “YES”

I began to cry.

Fuck. Finally.


“Archangel Michael, what is Chris currently manifesting?”

“O L D H A B I T S B R O K E N”

“S T O P P D M T H A N D A L C O H O L”

Tears again.

I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it. I always knew you would do it.

“Q N T X O R T O N R T V W D E T A I L S”

Further use of the QN TX is like receiving a 5D text message from my twin. Or in this case, if someone Chris is with would like to get a message to me, this is how it would happen. That message there is letting me know his dad says the details I gave police about Maureen’s white Volkswagen van being left abandoned near a train station and stripped were correct. The police also found the same tape and thin yellow rope I described, in the van, that they found in the car of one of her assailants.

“T S T T I M E”

WOW wow wow high pitch squeal in my right ear! Turn it down, please.

“Okay, I am ready. Wait, who is administering the test?”

“P O P S”

“Got it. Okay, ready. No wait. What is it on?”

“S T V N P O P O W I W I L L T S T U R G E N R A L K N W L G O F -“

“…of police tactics and procedures. That makes sense.”

“S T U D Y P M “

Don’t just learn abbreviations. Learn proper procedures, because legalities are important. You will be given many case files and reports that will contain all this type of shit. Get started now familiarizing yourself with the basics. We do not want to see you stopping every few minutes to Google the meaning of this or that your first day on the job.


“So, that’s what circumstantial evidence is! I am learning some very cool shit. Flashcards. Definitely flashcards for these:

“I A M S O P R O U D O F U”

“Wait, really quick. I forgot to ask yesterday. How did Chris’ father know I made him the other night at the bar?”

“W H N P R T N G W Y S H E S A W U S T A R T D N O T I C N G H O W M U C H I L O O K L K M Y D A D”

“Ha-ha! Yep! Fricking adorable!”

I like him. I would love to try another game when we are all outed and on a first basis.

Oh yeah! I forgot to send post these two days ago.

The next ten screenshots are of text messages I sent to myself of Maureen’s whereabouts the day she disappeared.


Trip out, huh? I am dying to finally speak with someone about this situation.

This is completely off the subject, but want to hear something a little sad I noticed some years ago and again just now?

A moment ago, I logged into my dummy Facebook account to get to my father’s page. Looking for the picture of the two of us taken on my 40th birthday, I scroll through his photos. 749 friends, family and clients.

Still scrolling looking for that picture of the two of us.

He sure loves The Dodgers. Loads of pictures with him and the fam at Dodger games.

Now just scrolling to locate any picture with my face in it, amongst all the others from past and present. Lots with him and his wife, stepmother Susan. Lots of his other three girls, my half siblings whom I know, but I really don’t know.

Lots of band gigs with pals, selling cars at Rydell…but, not one picture of his eldest. Not even a picture with the both of us taken at a family get together. Nothing.

Out of sight, out of mind. I totally get it. We never see each other, so how can I be in any pictures? The new wife did not like that her new car came with a hitch and a trailer. (I was five.) It made her new car look shabby. Remove the hitch and leave the trailer. That way the car can look good to others again. Sound familiar to anyone?

Due to the lack of knowledge of my existence with most of my father’s friends and co-workers, I was able to use it to my advantage one day, when visiting him for lunch years ago. Dad was working at Rydell Chevrolet somewhere in the valley. (San Fernando Valley.) I was to meet him there. When I walked into the Rydell showroom, I spotted the receptionist desk and headed over.

“Hello, how may I help you?” she asked most pleasantly.

“Hi. I am the illegitimate daughter of Bob Torres and I have come to confront him. Could you get him for me please?”

“Um yes, just one moment please.” The look on her face was priceless!

The nice lady gets on the intercom and pages my dad to the showroom. A few minutes later, a nicely dressed cute white dude approaches me. “May I help you?”

“Hi. I am the illegitimate daughter of Bob Torres and I have come to confront him. Could you get him for me, please?”

“Yes, um, I believe he is with a client at the moment, but-“

“That’s okay, I’ll wait,” I cut in, then grabbed a seat by the hot, purple Challenger looking like she is buck-ass naked on the showroom floor.

The cutie whispers something to another salesman and then disappears out of the office. Moments later, my goofy dad comes out to greet me with an enthusiastic, “Hey, Chris! What’s shakin?!” I wrap my arms around him for a huge, overdue hug. It was another two minutes or so before his colleagues understood I was just fucking with them. Dad proudly introduced me as his eldest. Comments about the resemblance are thrown into the mix. His desk has the standard couple of family pictures, sans Christina yet again. I should frame this one and send it to his office to put on his desk.

Nice, huh? Before he left, Chef Chris found that picture of me in the clock out snaps. I made him send me a copy.

Dad is my favorite dude on Earth. He will always be my favorite dude. His soul will always be my favorite. But his human actions…or rather lack of action, not my favorite. Not when it came to getting to spend time with him my entire life.

Mom told me this song reminded her of my dad and me. She told me this when I was, like, ten or twelve years old. I did not understand what she meant until much later in life when I finally really paid attention to the lyrics.

“You ARE the father!”


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