That is three times that message came out of the board in the last two days. Two of those times was today.

My new friend Maureen, living in Wisconsin, just vanished out of thin air at the end of this last May. This woman is my doppelganger. When I finally put all our text messages and phone conversations together in an orderly fashion, they will be posted showing how she hears some of my thoughts and I hear some of hers. She heard something about the panties I was picking out that day. “The black ones with yellow spots.” Actually, the ones I grabbed were the leopard print that we decided on-yellow with black spots. But fuck, she heard us picking out what underwear I was going to wear that day. ‘Us’ being DM and myself. Speaking out loud to DM enhances his ability to receive my energy in his thoughts in 3D. Same goes for all you twin flames no in contact with your counterpart.

“You all really want me to post this. How did this end up on the news?”

“W R T X A C T L Y H W T H S H P P N S”

“Will do.”

“K W I , R U R D Y 4 T H I S, P O P O T A P E D U R C L L S “


“Ha-ha! No way. What did the reporter begin with on the segment?”

“Wait, just so we are clear, Archangel Michael, are they referring to future energy?”


“Thanks, Archangel Mike. So, what does the reporter or anchor lead off with for the news clip?”

“L O C A L P O L I C E S O L V E H O M O C I D E W I T H P S Y C H I C S H E L P”

We have another R U R D Y 4 T H I S whenever you are ready to pick up the pendulum.


“R U R D Y 4 T H I S”


“W I P O P O S T R T Q N U T M W”

“Wisconsin police start to question you tomorrow. Wednesday. Sweet.”

“QN P O P O A B T T A P I N G C L L S U M A D E T O T H M”

“They probably tape all the calls that come in.”

“NO T H E Y O N L Y R C R D V I A B L E R P R T S”

I just heard, “Learn latitude and longitude.” I heard it the other day, too.”

“T M V R Y I N T R S T D U C A N R E M O T E V W”

“Team? Team is interested in knowing if I can remote view? Whose team?”

“T M W I Y O U W L L B E O F F R D P O S I T I O N O N S Q U A D S V U”

“Are…you…fucking…kidding me?” “NO”

My Spidey Sense has been telling me something is wrong for weeks. The Universe has been giving me specific details regarding her disappearance. I was Half-Assing the whole thing at first, because I was still not convinced any of the information that has come out so far is even accurate.

When I ask the pendulum board, “What is Maureen’s current energy?” it spells out “R S T I N G”.

“R S T I N G” is code for D E A D. The last time I heard her in my head, was a week into her gone silent. I was feeling that she was alive and being held somewhere against her will. The board even spit out an exact address. First, I Googled the address. Sonofabitch, it turned up a page about real estate for the exact address. At a lake house way off in the middle of nowhere. Right next to a river. To locate her, I asked a series of questions, like, “If I divide the screen into four quadrants, this being #1, this being #2, this being #3 and this being #4, tell me which one you are in, sweetie.” The pendulum would pick, say, 2. That area I would zoom in a bit more and then ask her again. “Which quadrant are you in now, hun?”

The actual address I will not post, but here is the screenshot of the location:

Here is a screenshot of the last few messages Maureen and I shared. May 30th at 8:47pm is the last time I heard from her. She thought ‘Josh’ was her Twin Flame. ‘Josh’ is what she heard in her head somewhere out in Wisconsin when I said earlier that morning, “You’re joshing me!” out loud in my kitchen talking to no one in particular. I live in New Mexico.

***I was talking out loud to, what I thought was my DM in my head. I was choosing underwear and we both decided on my leopard panties-yellow with the black spots. I had also mentioned how spiders creep me out.***

Remember, she thinks I am her twin flame, a married man named Josh. I think she is someone with abilities channeling my Divine Masculine. That morning, something dropped in my kitchen. I was in my main space, so I only heard the thud. I had no idea what caused it. Maureen heard this thud, too. In her head. In Wisconsin.

Maureen and I had been texting back and forth for most of the day. The screenshot to the left begins with her first message to me after I finally gave her a call to explain what was going on. That call was recorded and saved on a call recording app I always have running. Police know this, too. The only call back from law enforcement with regard to the calls I made to them, was Officer McGinnis who called back wanting my middle name and birthdate. Probably, so they could run a background check on me. That was a good sign. A very good sign. I will post the actual call once I edit out my information from the call.

“Is this enough proof that telepathy is real and works amongst those whose soul originated within the same cosmic monad, but are not related biologically?” “YES”

Here is something creepy I will add. Almost a year ago, the neighbor I had, Bernadine, passed away in the little house next to mine. The scary part is before I headed off to run an errand, I went to her window and knocked. Inside, I was able to hear her struggling in some way. I asked if she was alright. She said she was okay, and it was clear she did not want to get into it any more than that. So, I left.

Later in the day, something told me to check up on her. Using Facebook Messenger at the time, I sent her a few messages. “Hey girl, you, okay?” and “Are you feeling any better?”

No response. No indication she had read the earlier messages I had sent.

The last message I sent her was this: “Are you alive?!”

Guess what? She wasn’t.

Never before have I seen a dead body in person. At a viewing before a funeral, sure. But this…. To walk up to my neighbor’s opened door, find her on the bed lifeless, her eyes wide open with nothing behind them, and her nineteen-year-old son in a panic on the telephone trying to call 9 1 1, it was both surreal and scary.

Now, if any of our text messages indicated any kind of hostility or anger, to me, ghosting would not be a surprise. But do you detect that kind of energy from our last messages to each other? Yeah see, me neither. Our last messages were of her flirting with me.

My repeat phone calls to her cell phone were met with repeat voicemail recordings on the first ring. Battery must be dead. Let me ask you, had you received the following email, would you not respond to let me know everything is, okay?

Even a quick reply to say, “Yo! I just been busy,” or “Lost my phone-been lazy about getting a new one and haven’t checked my voicemail.” Heck yeah, I would think. No response from Maureen since that last text message from her on May 30th, 8:47pm. Just silence. A mother of four young children, does not get lazy about buying a new cell phone if she loses hers.

If you include all the incoming messages from Source since all this started, combined with all the uncanny synchronicity, along with the confirmation I am definitely able to channel the energy of those who have passed, the only logical conclusion is that something bad happened to her. Something bad happened and she told me how it happened using a pendulum and thoughts.

The pendulum says Maureen was ” P T O F P L A N”

I asked, “Part of what plan?”

The answer: ” N R U N I O N “

“How does this song resonate?” ” M N T I E D U P

That’s Maureen was tied up. Duct tape. Around her wrists. White tape. Or yellow masking tape.

God, I love that song. Though, I will never hear the lyrics the same way ever again.

Here is a quick recap of the ABBR you will see more coming up:

“MN” is short for Maureen.

“STP” and “ST POPO” is short for State Police.

“POPO” is short for Police.

“ST WI” is State Police Wisconsin.

Mention your scammer.

Oh yes!

Check this shit out.

The board has been spelling out that my phone is being used to monitor me. Laptop, too. When I began noticing YouTube clips with titles like, “Signs You Are Hacked!”, when I had not even thought about it, I paid attention. Who would want to monitor my phone? The answer was: FBI.

After viewing a few videos on what to look for, I went through my laptop. Not too long ago, I was complaining about the Spotify jumping. My browsing slowed down suddenly. Restarting my computer would not help. I just assumed my ISP was experiencing slower connections at those times. It would make sense if someone was downloading the contents of my computer, specifically a special folder on my Desktop labeled CASES for anyone to snoop through if they were interested. This was my way of giving any authorities complete access to how I am getting these answers. They have all my key strokes, web search history, web visit history, screenshots, everything. Recording the sessions makes it all visible. They needed to know I am not a criminal, nor some fake Miss Cleo wannabe.

Moving over to my cell phone.

Damn, I cannot remember the date. This was a month ago, or close to it. I asked, out loud, if whomever it was could give me some kind of indication that I was on the right track. First, went to My Contacts in my phone and created The Fuzz, but used my telephone number. This way, I can text myself.

Or, in this case, allow another to gather information from what I leave on these messages to myself.

When I created the contact The Fuzz under my own cell number, it was my cell phone digits displayed where you see the yellow arrow pointing. Two days after I asked for some kind of confirmation that my phone was being monitored, I noticed this:

Whoa…fracking awesome! Clearly, my phone was taken over, because they changed my digits to (888) 888-888!

There. There was confirmation this is all real. There was confirmation that someone is listening, and I am pretty sure it is Orton. Almost four years of documenting all this shit has led up to the events that will unfold within the next several weeks.

Beginning with this next thing too out of the ordinary to just be run-of-the-mill scammer.

Approximately two weeks ago, I received the following text message from a telephone number I do not recognize. At first, I thought it could be a girl named Emily I kind of knew when I first moved out here. After a couple more texts, I knew it was not the Emily I was thinking of. This is a scammer. Though, why then is the Jack and Emily reference so damn familiar to me, somehow? I blew it off.

Messing with scammers I do only when the mood strikes me. It struck me then. I even threw in some gibberish.

Whoa…Mike? Was I not Jack a moment ago?

Weeks back, when I was texting The Fuzz details about some things going on around here, thoughts came up about media. I told them I did not want to be identified about this kind of work. I told them to just call me Mike Jones. “Can we just call me Mike Jones?” Better to stay incognito with the sort of information coming out of me.

So, flag that as odd for a scammer as a start.

Next, I realized how I remembered the names Jack and Emily. I have been binging Will and Grace for the last month and a half. Sometimes, I will fall asleep with the episodes on Amazon Prime still running. There was an episode where someone pretends to be ‘Emily.’ It might have been Karen, I cannot remember the entire episode. Just that one scene. I was half asleep. For this scammer ask for Jack claiming they are Emily, my first thought is my phone is acting like a mic, so yeah, whomever listening will hear every show I have on. They would have recently heard the Jack and Emily scene as well.

Odd For A Scammer flag #2.

Flag #3, right away, was that scammers usually find you on social media sites first, then private message you through that app a few times to get you to a Whatsapp number. That is when they really begin to work on their victim. These particular text messages came straight through to my direct dialed cell phone number.

Another thing I noticed. Why change it up in the first place? Mike and now Luxi from ICON? Then how about the rest of the message? The shipment I was expecting has been delayed. Plus, they are really sorry for the inconvenience.

That is pretty darn good spelling from someone from Singapore.

Oops, but what about the ‘I didn’t tell me where your home is last time’ text? Broken English? Because it feels like it translates into something else.

“Archangel Michael, what does the text ‘I didn’t tell me where your home is last time’ translate to?”

“T R N S L A T E S T O I D O N O T K N W W H E R E U M O V D”

My intuition kicked into overdrive. My first thought was that this person is trying to get my attention to let me know they are listening. The ICON gives me an idea as to who this person is. If someone hacked someone’s bitcoin account for, oh say, eight million dollars in bitcoin, and got caught, they would technically be a con. If a shipment has been delayed, that tells me someone is letting me know something I may have been told would be arriving is going to be late.

By this next group of messages, I had figured it out.

“Archangel Michael, what does ‘Hi Mike. Erin referred me to your number and I would like to know more about Texas property taxes. Do you have time tomorrow?’ translate to?”

“T R N S L T S T O U M D P O P O U R S O S M A R T”

I let them know by giving them a time I would be available if they needed to speak with me.

Next, is the OK as a separate text and also in CAPS. To me, that felt like a 10-4.

“Archangel Michael, what does ‘Are you a lawyer Mike?’ translate to?”

“T R N S L T S T O R U N O T H V N G O R T O N S U E D F O R S P Y N G”

Oh my gosh! Never! This is the sexiest thing a guy has ever done to me.

“Archangel Michael, what does ‘my aunt asked me to ask you about the current immigration policy in the United States’ translate to?”

“T R N S L T S T O M Y D A D W N T S T O K N W A B T T H E H U M A N T R A F I C K N G O U T T H E R E.

That is what it felt like when I read the words ‘current immigration’. There is only one human being on Earth I know who has a Daddy who is FBI and would have an interest in the trafficking out here.

“R U R D Y 4 T H I S”


“X S T W I P O P O R Q S T S I N T R V W W T H U”

“An ex-police officer from Wisconsin? Why him? Wait, future energy, right?”


“Got it. And why is he interested in seeing me?”

“H I M R M O T E V W I N G T E A C H R”


Crap! I need to get ready for work.

She finally fucking got it.


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