05-23-2022 “We weren’t allowed to tell you. You had to figure it out.”



First of all, I wish to thank whoever is responsible for leading me to this particular channel for our writing jams. Benedict Cumberbatch through the entire thing. Love it.

Go ahead. Tell them.

The other day, out of the blue it hit me. So, I asked: “Did Kieran get vaccinated?” YES

There. Right there.

No way would my other half’s human self get the COVID vaccine.

Kieran getting vaccinated does not surprise me. He lives in a world of business. During COVID, there were lots of restrictions for those who worked-especially in the restaurant industry. He would know that getting vaccinated was what was best for him and those around him. A good, good man.

Now, my other half…


I am getting there, butt.

First, let us begin with what I was led to last week:

This is pretty fucking relevant right now, wouldn’t you say?

Chris was let go of his job at tech because he refused to get the regular COVID testing the school required. This happened some months back. Our department was told to get regular testing as well. It was never enforced. It was forgotten. Good thing, too, because I was damn sure not going to get vaccinated. But Chris, he left. I asked if he has been vaccinated and the answer is NO.

Chris knows. He receives downloads as I do. He is tons more awake than I am. When I would ask him to teach me some things, he always turned me down. The vaccine is a way of clouding any messages coming in. I know this. Chris knows this. That could only mean one thing.

Having lived Living in Los Angeles county for damn near my entire life, the off-grid life has been so appealing. No social media to keep frying our brains. No mainstream media doing the same.

Using our divine given gifts to help bring closure to families and catch some worthless rat bastards has got to be the best job anyone could ever have. To get paid for doing something you love just like this has got to be a dream come true.

The song playing on this channel…for the first time, I hear lyrics. They are low and in a whisper. She is saying, “Don’t you see? This is who you are meant to be.” (Track 11 Subsets – No More Hiding.)

These beats help a bitch focus longer than fifteen minutes at a time.

Chris knew I was a witch before I knew I was a witch. He told me he was a witch hunter. I was, like, “So?”

He referenced another chick who expressed a bit of fear or something, but I was not impressed. I knew something was up with me but had no idea I was a witch.

Chris was ‘told’ about the COVID release before it was released. ‘Told’ means through downloads. He told me this. Chris spoke of a few astral travel events he told me he encountered. Waking up with bruises that were not there the night before. Thought it was all a dream. But then, how did the bruises get there? He was probably thinking, “Who the hell would believe me?”

“Does Chris really believe I trusted his stories about astral traveling?” YES

“Has anyone else close to him believed his stories about astral traveling?” NO

“Was I genuinely bummed when I asked him to take me to a portal nearby and he said, “No.”?” YES

“Chris wonders if I still have his book he lent me called The Lost Book of Enki. Do I?” YES

“Chris wonders if I am disappointed with him?” NO

“Chris wonders if I am dating anyone.” NO

“Chris wonders if I am fucking anyone.” NO

“Chris wonders if you could still love him after he left you high and dry?” YES

Chris, who is reading this blog, wants to be sure you, know for a fact, that he is your divine beloved, destined to do wonders for humanity after having found true, unconditional love within himself.

a. You are not vaccinated and I know your reasons why. Yes, all of them. Well, most of them.

b. I always felt safe when in your presence. It was physical safety I could not explain.

c. We like all the same kinds of shit.

Bro, I just had a quick question. So like, what if I glance at the clock and I SEE 3:33. Does it matter that it was really 3:39 and I am in need of reading specs? Because I saw 3:33 as bright as day. Did I fuck up the message by leaning in closer to see it was really 3:39? Not the special 3:33 I thought I saw?

a. Keep calling him ‘bro.’ We all love how much he hates it up here. Good work!

b. Do you even remember what it was you were thinking at the time of you seeing this magnificent 3:33 so you know what message you were about to confirm?

I…I got nothing.

Then don’t worry about it. You see what you see at just the right time. At just the right moments. If you missed this particular message because the green is that good, we know how to get you with another sign.

Humans do not understand. ‘Angel numbers’ represent what you are feeling at the time you truly begin to notice them. Not all angel numbers mean exactly the same thing. You will see these numbers upon necessity. This depends on where they are at along their spiritual journey. Not many will discover and believe, that this is all a simulation. The game changes a bit, but the goal is the same.

“Chris wants to know if you would have slept with him that night watching ‘Passengers’ and ‘Savages’.” YES

There was more after that YES. I let the pendulum be Christina for just this next part: We call this reverse pendulum. It is a way for the 3D parts of us to communicate with each other while we are still healing.

” I W A S S O T U R N E D O N A L R D Y T H O T NO W A Y C L D

C H R I S D I G M E “

There is more.

There is?

Yep. Keep going.

” R A D M A N M E E F G T A L K N G T U U R T N W “

” A S K A B T G P A J O E G O A H E A D A S K “

” G O T I T N O W ? “

” I E V N M N C H I N D H I S N M 2 U “

” U N V R P A Y A T T N T U T H E S M L L D E T A I L S “

” J K B U T NO T R L L Y “

” Y E S I S T L L H A V E Y O U R C A R D I P R O B L Y R E A D I T 1 M L N X S “

“Chris, did Justin try and talk you out of me?” YES (the swing was powerful.)

What a dork, Justin.

“Anyone else?” ” R O Y A N D C I E R A “

Haha. Ciera is the bartender chick who I tried to tell was about to fuck a married man, but she took his word over mine. Like, the asshole completely forgot the entire night before when he showed me his black silicon ring and explained how he and his wife are in an open relationship. Ciera went with his explanation. Things have been weird between us ever since. I avoid her as a bartender if I can. No personality. There to work. I get it. Her vibes have always been a little weird after a certain spot of time. I cannot put my finger on when our energy changes. It felt like jealousy, but I never understood why.

She wanted my cock. I turned her down. More than once.

No shit.

Your roommate Roy, Mr. Alaska, as I like to call him. This Narcissist prick mentioned he was from Alaska one hundred times in the hour or two we were forced to endure his company that night. Drunk, stoned, babbling all about himself. Not sure what his beef with me would be.

” L D A N D U C A U G H T H I M N I T “

Lied about what? I do not remember lots of the conversation.

” E F G E V R Y T H N G W E B E E N T H R U T H E S M

Suddenly, an image of a picture Chris once showed me popped into my head. He is sporting a cool pair of shades and a cast on one of his wrists. Broken bones…holy shit. My wrist.

My wrist, bitch!

It happened to Christina first, so technically it is her wrist, bitch.

What year did it happen?

Fuck, I can’t remember that far back. I can’t remember the number of hours I worked last week.

Dear, God.

She has her work app. She will be just fine. Have some faith in my girl.

Come on, baby. Do what you do best.

I texted my very best friend in the world, and boyfriend at the time, Derek.

Okay. Before I post the answer, you all tell me what year did Chris break his wrist and which wrist it was. Deal?

Deal. Ask.

“What year did Chris have that white cast on I saw in the pictures? Each digit one at a time, please.”

” 2 0 0 9 “

“No way. How old were you?” ” 2 4 “

“Was it your right or left?” ” L F T “

I broke my right. The board just said I was 35.

We are all waiting.

Oh. Right. Hang on.

The ? was supposed to be ! after the word ‘correct’.

2012. That is my wrist.

Both you bitches relax. If you really want to get technical, it is our wrist. Get over yourselves, already.

Let us continue putting both your 3D selves on blast because you now know for a fact he is reading these every single time you post.

“Chris got scared because he started to see just how alike we are, huh?” YES

“I was one billion percent convinced I could not be lucky enough to land him and took his silence as the confirmation. Yes?” YES

This Alexa ad that played…”I only have eyes for you” song was playing. And a cute, old couple dancing.

Then this:

“What goes deeper than I know?” “K L L R S A S S N M N T “

Divine Masculine is the energy reminding you what it is like to be organized. Just complete the tasks on the list we write out for you. The more you fight, the more he both likes it and doesn’t like it. It comes with our dynamic. Learn to work with it. Keep your energy with loving vibration always. See love in everything around you. Everything. Send it right back to those you come into contact with. Know it is all for a reason.

” Q N T M E O V R “

I feel like you have more questions.

I do, but later.

****STAY TUNED****

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