04-17-2022 Pendulum Q & A



AA = Arch Angel Michael C = Chef Chris (TF) K N = Kieran (Catalyst)

The hardest brain teaser I have ever had to conquer will forever be the ‘Which one is my twin and which one is my catalyst?!’ You have no idea the relief I felt after having finally figured it out. The truth that I did not see before is that the label means nothing. ‘Twin Flame’ or ‘Catalyst’? It does not matter. I am following my heart and we are headed toward true love, regardless of what is written on his nametag.

Damn, I hear this song so much. I love Sting, but I am starting to fast forward to the next song when it pops on.

“Why do I hear this song? I have an idea, but I want to be sure.” ” AA K N B I S X U L “

Yep, I had it right. I wonder if you-know-who likes to play on both sides of the fence, too?

“So, do you?”


Woo hoo! Look at her swing!

I always wondered. At first, I thought Chris was gay.

You did not. Did you?

Yep. But, that did not last long.

Why is that?

I’d seen you flirt a little with girls. That means girls get your dick hard. That means you are not gay.

I am glad we cleared that up.

How on Earth did I get so lucky? Getting a bi-comfortable guy, on top of all the other awesome gifts he comes with already, has got to be the biggest score in my entire life. Homophobic men stall out my engine. Plus, they are morons. Half of them wear the badge with pride in public, then sneak off to a dude’s house later to ‘watch the game.’ My favorites are the guys who do not know that overcompensation is a major indicator that they are lying. “That’s disgusting! No way would I ever! That is not right. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” Seriously, the jack-ass who coined that phrase could use my foot up his ass.

“Arch Angel Michael, will any true pair of twin flames have the same sun sign?” ” AA NO

“You guys have been playing this a lot in the last twenty-four hours. Is there a reason I am hearing this song now?” ” AA D W N L D S “

Oh, that’s right. We will get to those tonight.

“What is the number of codons in the average human being’s genetic code?” ” AA 2 4

“Will the number of codons in my genetic code be the same as the number of codons in Chris’ genetic code?” ” AA YES “

“And what is the number of codons in our genetic code as of now?” ” AA 3 2 “

“Did you all lead me to that Delores Cannon video for a specific reason?” ” AA YES “

What sticks out in your mind from when you watched it?

The guy she talked about who found out he was a ‘Keeper of Secret Knowledge’.

“Wait, so am I a Keeper of Secret Knowledge then?” ” AA YES “

“That is why we were given the divination super powers, huh?” “AA YES”

” AA T H A T S O N E R E A S O N”

A little bit ago, I stumbled upon this one YouTube video that was different and tons more intriguing than “Big Changes Coming! Are you ready?”

Do I have Dark Powers?! Hot Diggity! Let’s find out!

First, using my pendulum, I asked if I have any dark powers. The answer: ‘YES’. Next, I asked if I was supposed to see this particular video to watch it. The answer was ‘YES’ again. Sometimes, the answer is ‘NO’ when I ask if I was led to a certain video for a reason. If it is a ‘NO’, I keep scrolling.

Then, I asked which of the two piles to pick. They gave me a ‘ 1 ‘. Guess what? The cards and reader say I can do magic!

We have all been telling you that! For two years straight, you have been hit with signs, all the flippin’ feathers we can put in your path, and hit you with a song all that time that literally tells you ‘You Can Do Magic’!

Someone just referred to me as a crazy bitch with that last song.

Because you are a crazy bitch. A crazy bitch I love more than I love myself.

Awe, how sweet.

“What is coming out on the GHOSTVOX app I just downloaded? It sounds like Bumblebee from the live-action movie ‘Transformers’ talking to Shia LaBeouf.” ” AA C M E C A N H E A R U”

“You always could hear me. Err, or did you mean Chris Chris can hear some of my thoughts now?” YES

“No way…Give me one example of when Chris heard me in his head recently…in 3D…”

” P K N G T M S P O O L “

Picking teams pool? That was two nights ago at the bar!

I wonder what his first thought to himself was when he heard it. Any chance he thought he was going nuts? I sure as shit did when it started happening to me with Kieran’s thoughts a few years ago. I even went as far as to let my mother convince me that going back to the hospital psych ward and getting doped up again was the best decision for me. After spending one night, I left. There was no need for me to be in a hospital. I was not sick. I knew it. The problem was I cared if other people thought I was crazy when I most certainly was not crazy.

That was over three years ago.

Today, I will confirm I am definitely crazy. Today, I could give a shit what anyone thinks.

That last line made this entire twin flame shit show all worth it.

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