04-14-2022 Me: This is going to trip him out. DM: I know. Let’s do it!

***12:34am Smoking a doob***

We are getting rid of the ‘My Turn’ spot we added to the pendulum board. Instead, I programmed the pendulum to give me the first initial of the name of the energy answering the question. If we get an ” A A ” first, I know the answer is coming from Arch Angel Michael. (He is our Guardian Angel.) If we get a ” C “, I know Divine Masculine is answering the question and so on. We are keeping the question mark ” ? “. It is cool.

With one exception.

“What exception?”

” C N O, D M “

Awe yeah…Someone is standing in their power. If I had a penis, it would be standing straight up right now.

“How does the song ‘Edge of Seventeen resonate? I never have been able to figure it out.”

” D M H M S M A S T E R B A T I N G”

“Wait, what? Who, Chris? Like, right now?” YES

“Is that why Britney popped on just now?” YES

Ha-ha! That’s why I am feeling those little hits of arousal. And these slight waves of sensualness. I am quite sure that is not a word, but I do not know how else to describe it.

“What is he thinking about?”

“I A M T A K N G U F R M B E H I N D “

Holy shit! I am so revved up right now, that I cannot even find the right emoji to cut and paste to the post.

Are we going to do this?

How do you want to start?

The back and forths.

The whats?

You know, the contrast in answers from Kieran and Chris. Oh my God, we just thought about this. How could you forget so quickly?

She has the attention span of a fruit fly.

Hey! You dorks forgot, too. We are all in this together, so suck it.

Are you stoned?

I am trying to be! But, someone wants me to go back and forth with some contrast, or something, with this post.

Nut. You are a nut.

Oh, wait! I remember now. Here we go:

Wait, real quick. What was the first message to come out on the board when I sat down at work this evening to do some writing? Remember? You remember…Come on, tell me again, please?


” M Y C O C K G T H A R D W T C H N G U S U C K O N L O L L I P O P “

That’s the one! I brought that Blow Pop to work just for the sole purpose of making sure he saw it in my mouth.

“Dude, the song ‘Witchy Woman’ is only on the playlist once. I hear it at least once a day, if not twice a day. Why the constant reminder?”

” A A M K A D I E L K “

“Arch Angel Michael, is that correct?” NO

“What letter is incorrect? No need for the A. I know it’s you.” ‘ D ‘

“Just the ‘ D ‘? So, what should it be instead?”

” M K A M F P O T I O N F O R J O E D A V I D A L R D Y “

” From the tone, my gut tells me the ‘ M F ‘ translates to ‘mother fucking’. Would that be affirmative?”

” A A Y E S M J “

That answers my question as to why I keep hearing ‘Witchy Woman’ by The Eagles and, probably, ‘Love Potion #9’. And here I thought someone put a spell on me or some shit.

I keep hearing an exasperated, “Jesus Christ…”

Just do this. You have stalled for way too long on this. We can only do some much from up here. You have to have the will to try something this far out of your comfort zone.

Well shit, you think?! I am being told I have the capability of concocting a magic healing potion that will help my friend and neighbor with his chronic headaches!

Why is that so hard to believe? Val told you she does the same thing for her family and friends. You told her she should sell her products on Etsy. Does any of this sound familiar?

Sigh. Yes.

Christina, you have the same abilities. And a couple more to boot. You can do this. You don’t even have to try. Just do it.

You guys will tell me everything I need? Every step? I do not want to feel like I do not know what I am doing. Besides, how narcissistic can I possibly be to think I have this many gifts that so many others do not? That I have the capability or power to do this?

Grab the pendulum for me, please hun.

” D M G O K ? “


“Grandma has the conn?” YES


“Hi Grandma.”

I just heard, “Hi Mija. Are you ready to listen?

I cannot stop smiling right now. This is truly amazing.

“I am ready.”

” M K A L S T “

” Got it. Pencil poised. What is the first item?”

” J A S M I N E, N A M E O F J O E D A V I D S C R B D , L N G D L E A V S, O L D


Who, the fuck, interrupted to laugh?

” C H R I S A K A D M “

You turd. This is serious. My friend is in a lot of pain every day of his life.

” D M T H N W H Y A R E U S T L L L A U G H I N G ?”

Why, oh why, did we not record this particular session? You all have to see the pendulum choose these letters as I merely put down and lift the pendulum.

But, he is right. I couldn’t breathe. We just now stopped laughing. That last answer came out twenty minutes ago.

“One more quick message and then you let us finish this, please, okay?”

” D M L O V E U “

“Okay, Grandma. Is the ‘ O L D ‘ supposed to be there?” G NO

“So, we have J A S M I N E, N A M E O F J O E D A V I D S C R B D , L N G D L E A V S. What is next?”

Do not forget to write about the my ass thing.

I won’t. Leave me alone right now.

You are laughing again.

So are you!

“I’m sorry, Grandma. Please continue. After the ‘learn good leaves’, what is next?”

” J O E NM “

“Wait, ‘NeverMind???”

My pendulum comes to a complete halt when I pick it up!

She gave up on you. You just did not want it bad enough. That is a shame. Now, some poor soul next door to you will live with excruciating headaches on a daily because you just cannot seem to focus on a single task like getting a few piddly ingredients together for a healing potion. Sheesh.

Are you finished?

Grab the pendulum for this response. You should turn the camera on, too.

Bite me. You just get the pendulum. Not the camera.

Suit yourself. Ahem.

‘Ahem’? Seriously?

Grab it…

What if I don’t?

If you do not grab the pendulum, I will make sure that the very next message that comes out of the pendulum is my message. Regardless of what question it is, regardless of who you want to answer, and regardless of the amount of time that goes by before you ask the next question. All that will come out is what I am about to blast you with when you asked, “Are you finished?” just now.

Well, hot damn. Let me roll up my sleeves. Okay, shoot:

” M Y D E A R Y O U L I S T E N T O M E N V R A G N L G H A L L H A R D A NO

A J K”

You forgot your retort, didn’t you?


I need to crash anyway. Night ya’ll.

****STAY TUNED****

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