03-17-2022 What do my repeating numbers tell me when I see them?


Oh and for any new readers, anything in the quotation marks AND italics, indicate I actually used my pendulum to get the answers.

Green. Can we make me green today? It is Saint Patrick’s Day.

Heck yeah we can, love. Okay, ready? Say cheese!


I dunno, babe. It seems a little light.

Bold maybe?

Let’s see.

Now, say blow me!

Blow me!

Yay? Nay?

I like it better. Just for today. Then, we go back to blue font.

Your wish is my command.

“We blew it.” “Pennywise, man. Pennywise.” Random-ass thoughts, no? They just pop up out of nowhere. My entire life. We finally just decided to start writing them down when I think about it. Oh, I also heard, “The masonry is beautiful.”

Oh yeah. I had Disney songs stuck in my head at work day before yesterday.

Which ones again?

Bibbity Bobbity Boo and from Pinnochio, “I Got No Strings.” Just out of the blue. A couple months ago my mouth opened and out came, “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly. I guess she’ll die.” It still happens once in a while, but it only happens at work. I will also hear, “Well, blow me down!” like Popeye. Crazy.

However, with the Disney songs…something told me this time is was deliberate.

“Dudes, is Kieran deliberately singing Disney songs to see if I hear them?” YES


They know why I call them that now. That is all I will say for now. We should tread lightly on that subject.

Twenty minutes ago, my eyes caught a glimpse of the time: 3:44pm.

We discovered yesterday that when I see 44, that is an “O L D L V R” who is saying ‘hi’ to me. An Ascended Master. Sticking with me along this side of our journey.

We also figured out what it means when my left hand suddenly makes that sign. I cannot describe it other than it reminds me of the circle game. It means I am “R T O N T R K” with whatever thought I had at the moment my hand threw the sign.

(The wind is crazy today. People are talking about how the weather seems extremely out of the ordinary. Just two weeks ago, it warm enough to not need a jacket. Then one of those days two weeks ago, it started snowing in the middle of the night. And this wind today? It popped up out of nowhere. Nice and warm one day, cold as fuck the very next day. Odd.)

Getting back to the numbers…


“I see 555 lots lately. When you guys poke me to see a 555, what are you telling me at that time?” M O V N

“What does it mean when my eyes see a 22?” H I OS P R I N G I L O V E U

“It means ‘hi’ and ‘I love you’ and ‘Oh Spring’? Or does the ‘O’ not belong there? The ‘0’ does not go there?” NO

Here is where things get interesting.

“I saw 11:22am today. What did that mean? I cannot remember what I was thinking at the time.” O N M Y W A Y

“It means ‘ ON MY WAY’? Who is? You? What do you mean, ” ON MY WAY”? On your way from where?” M Y P L A C E

He has never been this vocal with the pendulum. The energy on the swing is way different, the last week or so, too. It is now a feeling of determination. Not a nervous and unsure swing. It is weird. I do not know how else to explain it.

“Where is your place?” M

Wait, M? You do live in Manhattan Beach like I thought I heard up there.

It was about a month or two ago, I thought I heard Kieran tell me he moved to Manhattan Beach.

Then this came out:

“O N L Y N M P S T”

“Huh? I don’t know what you mean, babe. Does that N M mean New Mexico?” YES

O N L Y N M P S T. What is the P S T about?

Oh wait, I got it. ONLY NM PST. Translation: “You only have a New Mexico post office box?”

I have an address, too. Why, did ya need it for something?

Throw me a bone here, babe.

Ha-ha. You said ‘bone’. Okay, I will spill my address on your next video, if you feel it is in my best interest.

Oh, it is.

Let me ask anyway. You know, just to be safe.


“Yo, hello up there. Is it in my best interest to somehow squeeze my address into his next video?” YES

Wow. You should have seen that sucker swing.

I told you.

Yikes! Okay, I will make a video and upload it in the next few hours.

“Anyone know how fast the wind is blowing outside my front door right now?” 6 1

It sounds pretty cool. Stormy weather has always been a turn on for me.

***10:04pm MTN***

“What is my friend Eli?” N E P H I L I M

“What are the nephilim?” M T N P P L

“Mountain people? No, M MOUNTAIN PEOPLE, right???” YES

“Are the nephilim a half alien, half human race?” NO

Some twin flames experience crazy weird physical changes, like eye color changing.

“Have Kieran and I experienced any physical changes like that?” YES

“Really? Like, what? What is one physical change either have us has experience because of this connection?” P E N I S 7 8

Did our pendulum just point at those letters and numbers? In that order??

It did.

“Am I to understand that we have just been told Kieran’s rocket size increased from 7″ to just a little over 8″?!” YES

Ohmigosh! Why? Why did it need to get bigger? I would have totally been happy with any size wiener he had in that package.

Ha-ha! I just heard, “These are the measurements required in order to ensure the successful conception of your starseed.”

Just when I thought things could not get any better…

I feel like kid who just found out she is tall enough to ride the BIG KID rides!

The only thing I was going to say, was that I have developed a few new concentration faces I make the last few years that Mom says I never used to make.

“The song ‘Temptation Waits’, what does this song mean?” Q N

“Question? Sure, babe. What’s your question?” C H R I S T I N A O K I P L M P M


Um, that spells out, “Christina, is it okay if I plan an evening arrival?”

Can you believe this? We are actually having this conversation using a pendulum board. Wanna record some of this? All this is tons more dramatic when people can actually see the pendulum dart at each different letter on it’s own.

Had it been up to me, we would have been recording each and every post with a pendulum session.

I did at the beginning, remember? But, without internet service at the time, it was running out of my hot spot allowance too fast by uploading the videos.

Oh, that’s right. Are you up recording some of these posts? With the questions you ask at times, it is better that others can see the magic work for themselves.

I totally agree. Excellent idea, babe.

Seriously, our children will never know my name.

Sure, they will. At some point in their lives, they will have to check our mailbox. One of them is bound to read the names on the stack of letters they are bringing in.


Say, do you ever feel like Harry Potter when the words are coming out on his paper?

That is exactly what this is.

“Blind as a bat.”


I just heard that thought. I have no idea to whom it belongs.

“Who was responsible for my hearing that ‘blind as a bat’ a moment ago?” S H V A

Never met him. How the hell am I hearing his thoughts?

Babe, you are such a girl with making me add this song to the playlist.

Yes, I was the one with the pistol to your temple.


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