03-10-2022 Wanna play “Betcha Didn’t Know”?


Sure. I have never played it. How does it go?

It is a little like ‘Never Have I Ever’. I’ll start and give you the steps.

Gotcha. Go ahead.

Betcha Didn’t Know I used to wear braces.

I did not! Wait, real quick.


“Spirit, did Kieran ever wear braces as a kid?” YES

Ohmigosh. When I was in third grade, I went through this weird phase of wanting braces. Or at least a retainer. So, I used to peel the red stuff off the twisty ties that I had on my sandwich baggies and place the thing silver wire across my teeth to make it look like I wore a retainer. It seemed cool to me. Don’t laugh.

Too late. That is almost as crazy as trying to pee in a urinal when you have no penis.

I was in the second grade. So what if I wandered into the Boys Bathroom and saw the white statue things along the wall and wondered what they were for? So what if something told me to try it? To this day, I am positive it would have worked better had I had a spout like you guys do.

Your turn.

Betcha Didn’t Know you can roll a joint that is nothing but resin out of a marijuana pipe and it will smoke just like a joint. And the doob takes ten times as long to burn because it is resin.

I did not know that.

Yuppers. I confirmed this twenty minutes ago. We are out of weed until tomorrow, so I decided to try an experiment.


Indeed. A cool, chill light buzz for this post. I still trip out on the fact another human being can make a plant illegal.

Some poisonous plants are illegal to own.

Oh yeah. That’s right. I never thought about it like that.

Stacey’s mom has got it going on.

Where did that come from?

I don’t know. It just popped into my head.

Well, now it is in mine, too. Along with:

“Burgundy. Plaid. Ronald Regan. Burnt toast. Allow me to introduce myself. You love me, don’t you? Kiss my socks. Burn it, baby. Please come here. Turn me loose. Goodbye Queen. Turkey salad. Dinner with me. Blow me. Kiss me. You suck. Yes, you do. Turn around. Whatcha drawing? She did this all by herself. Love and let love. The riddles began years and years ago. Signs. I always saw signs. Something always seemed a bit off. Not quite right. Not quite true, but we were expected to believe it anyway. We were told to obey, or else. We belong to a long like of-

***03-10-2022 12:46pm***

We are going to jump back in, but starting on a specific topic.

About an hour ago, I was getting the feeling Kieran has some things he is afraid to tell me. He either thinks I do not already know when I do, or I do not know about it. Two things came out. I will clarify them here so that there is no confusion whenever he ever reads all this.

My turn. Betcha Didn’t Know I know you are attracted to men. I also Betcha Didn’t Know that I have known this since forever ago. You can give me your ‘trying-to-bullshit-me’ face all you like. The air is there and always has been. Even other women knew it at the bar when I asked them. Lots of the men at the Hermosa Saloon are playing with dudes on the down-low. If Kieran read the blog and/or followed my Quora feed, he would know I find that quality in any man extremely sexy and attractive. It would not be anything to worry about telling me. If anything, I would think he would be excited to tell me.

Hold on, I have one more.

Betcha Didn’t Know DM says the second thing Kieran is afraid to tell me, as of now, is that he has a girlfriend. Like, right now, right now.

Dude, why be afraid to have a girlfriend? From what I understand, your current ‘thing’ or situation, is equivalent to what Art is with me. Art and I have a connection. A part of me loves the guy because I know his soul.

And yes, two Sundays ago, Wayne, Art, and I had a great time at the bar, went back to Liz’s pad, we drank more, and Art and I ended up in the sack.

The difference between Kieran’s situation and my situation with Art is that while we were partying that night, I was remembering all the reasons I never, ever, want to know this man any more than just ‘Hi’ at the coffee shop if I happen to go inside. His laziness is indescribable. The girl’s room, his room, the entire house is a mouse and roach-infested pigsty. Unsanitary in every way possible. Though he is off probation, he is still drinking at home around the girls.

Oh, and the sex. Why even get on the ride, if you already know that ride won’t be much fun?

So, yeah. Big mistake. Huge. I left after I had sobered up, leaving him snoring in his waterbed.

I will never go back to that house. There is no need to ever go back. I recognized it the moment I got dressed and left that early Monday morning. I would rather be alone, celibate, and happy than to rekindle anything with anyone where I was not happy.

Kieran will one day enlighten himself to this phenomenon and jump on the bandwagon of being a self-sufficient human being all by himself, both physically and emotionally, and then begin to move toward his true destiny and purpose on Earth. When will that happen? I have no idea and I don’t care. So long as the Universe does not send him back to me for Union when he still has co-dependent issues that are prohibiting him from leaving a relationship that does not make him happy.

Our soul contract has stipulations that we have one single, long physical separtion. None of this multiple separation bullshit.

We come together when we are right with ourselves first. Not before then.

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