02-25-2022 Damn it! You are the dork face! Not me!


Is dork face one word or two?

I was going to ask you the same thing.

It doesn’t matter. You are a dork face.

No, you are and you need to grow up.

Get used to this. Change sucks. Change hurts. Get past it already, Christina. It is no fucking big deal.

Why are you all cussy right now?

Because I am sick of your baby-babbling bull shit I hear in my head about trying to quit this or trying to quit that and oh what a piece of shit you are if you don’t quit that. I am TIRED of it, already.

What time is it? Don’t you need to get ready for work?

2:30 and yes.



I love you. We are going to do this. Quit whining.

Okay. I love you, too.

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