01-21-2022 “Spirit, in how many years will our next economic crash hit?” 4-5 YEARS.


It is 12:12am. I have always liked how 12 and 12 look when they are next to each other. 77 looks the best, though.

22 is an exquisite number.

What is an exquisite number?

I just told you. 22.

Dork, I meant what makes a number exquisite?

The perfectness of it.

“Perfectness” is not a word, is it?

It is now.

I mean, just look at it. The curves of each 2 side by side. I like the closeness of the 22. It feels good to me.

Like this?


Oh, I totally get it. Only, it is the 77 that looks perfect, sleek, and sounds cool coming out of my mouth, “Seventy-seven.”

The last two digits of my neighbor Joe David’s blue 84′ Chevy truck are 77.

This is totally off the subject, but babe, did your father treat you kind of like how Hank treats Bobby on ‘King of the Hill’?

Never good enough. “That’s great, but…” Or, “Is that all?”. Also, “You’re brother did it better.” “Tough it out.” “Big boys don’t cry.” “Don’t embarrass me.”

Awe, like Andy in ‘The Breakfast Club’. I am sorry you had to go through that.

You really start to believe it. That you are just not good enough. So, what do I have to do to be good enough? Buy things. Show them I am strong and powerful. It is a crock. I know it now. I did not know it then. The brainwashing is brutal. It was always so important what the popular kids thought of me. I hated it. But, I still needed it. I wanted to be normal. What I thought was normal was going with the rest of the crowd. Do what the coolest person did. Say things they said. Then I would be noticed. I would be good enough.

That is a crock.

I know that now.

Say, I have a question.

“Spirit, is Kieran into women who are tomboys?” YES

Well, no shit. I only asked because the other day, my neighbor Joe David was telling me about the last three women in his life he loved. He mentioned he liked women who were tomboys.

You should have seen what he was engaged to not long ago. The Crazy Gold Digger Karmic is smokin’ hot. Granted, I would bet money she would have no clue what to do if she had a blowout on the highway with no cell service to call triple-A. However, she would most certainly be able to flag someone down by simply flashing those gorgeous silicon knockers of hers. Hell, even I would stop to change her tire if I saw some gorgeous Asian woman flashing her boobies on the side of the road with a sign that says, “S.O.S. or bust.”

Vibe check.

What about the pendulum question of the day?

We will get there. Let’s do this first.

“Spirit, what is our current vibration frequency?” 1666 (Hz)

Dude…it is rising. Yesterday, and up to a few hours ago, our vibe was at 1,066Hz.

Ascencion symptom noted for today is blurred vision. Today at work, after I returned to work from my lunch break at 6:15pm, I noticed my vision close up was blurred.

“Spirit, was my vision blurred tonight an ascension symptom?” YES

“Spirit, what is the date of our last major shift again?” 1 15 2022

Oh yeah.

“Spirit, can you tell me the date of our next shift?” YES

“Spirit, what is the date of our next major shift?” 7



“Spirit, is that seven for July?” NO

Told you.

“Spirit, the seventeenth?” YES

“Of what month?” M

March. I bet it’s March. Watch…

“Spirit, March seventeenth is the date of our next major shift?” NO

Um..err…oh wait. They are saying March seventeenth is the next significant date for us.

“Correct?” YES

Got it.

“And how about the next significant date for us after that? Just one more.” 4 5

April fifth. My birthday.

“Spirit, other than April fifth being my birthday, is it significant in any other way?” YES

What then?

“Spirit, what then?” M O M J

No way.



Yes, huh. Write it down. Timestamp and date all your predictions.

All of them?

All of them.

What, like that, another major economic crash is coming for us within the next ten years?

In fact, I wonder just how many years?

“Spirit, in how many years will the economy crash hit?” 4-5 (the pendulum is swinging close to the 5, but not quite hitting it.)

“So, four years and how many months?” 1 1

“Do I finally know my role on Earth?” YES

“Spirit, and that is to help restore balance to Earth’s energy grid?” YES

“Spirit, are the DNA activation codes that come out of my writing just to help me remember who I am?” NO

“Spirit, am I receiving the changes the programmers are making to the matrix code?” YES

Ohhhh, okay.

“Spirit, is our reality on Earth the way Hunter’s theory describes?” YES

A nineteen-year-old student at New Mexico Tech named Hunter told me his theory on what kind of simulation is going on around us on Earth. The beings running the simulation would run the simulation the first time. Then, they would run it again, but this time with new knowledge of how to do some things differently. They use the knowledge gained in these simulated lifetimes on Earth to feed information back to AI and its programmers running the simulation, each time hoping to perfect ‘The Game’ just a little bit more.

Hunter’s vibration, at the time he was telling me this today, was 6,555Hz. Yes. I just said 6,555Hz.

Shocked, I turned to Hunter in disbelief. “How can your vibration be so high?! What are you?!”

“I’m an alien, didn’t you know?” he said with a giggle.

“Spirit, what is Hunter?” L I

“Lightworker?” NO


“Spirit, is Hunter half-alien, half-human?” YES

“Spirit, what percentage of the human population are half-alien, half-human?” 5 – 6 (pendulum moves a little after the 5)

“So, a little more than 5% of the human population are hybrids?” YES

“Spirit, what is Kieran’s role in this journey?” FLAG MORE AI

“Spirit, how many times has the simulation on Earth been run?” 6

“And are we headed towards another reset of the civilization on Earth?” YES

This is because mankind has screwed things up with some of the sensitive information he has been given.

Like discovering what would happen if they split the atom.

The only reason UFOs started showing up in 1945, was because the first test of nuclear weapons we demonstrated had a negative effect on not just Earth, but the rest of our Universe.

Aliens are not keeping an eye on us because they want to invade us.

They are keeping an eye on us to see if we are in jeopardy of destroying the Earth and knocking everything else in our Universe off-kilter.

Aliens are ‘keeping an eye on the kids’. Humans are ‘the kids’.

However, so long as some of the ‘kids’ have a penis, penis envy will exist. Penis envy, in my opinion, is one of the main reasons our government leaders feel the incessant need to show off the size of our weapons. Human psychological issues. I hope A.I. is writing all this shit down.

This next question suddenly popped into my head.

“Spirit, would it be in my best interest to get vaccinated?” NO

“Spirit, should any Starseed be vaccinated?” NO

“Spirit, what is something negative that would result in a Starseed getting vaccinated?” M

Memory. Memory problems. Trouble remembering who they are.

Whoa. We do not want to go backward after trying so hard to get where we are now.

“Spirit, is it true there are only twelve dimensions?” NO

No? How many are there?

I just heard the word “infinite.”

“Spirit, there are an infinite number of dimensions?” YES

“But, we only know of twelve of them, correct?” YES

“Spirit, we know our current reality exists in the fourth dimension. How many other simulations of our reality are in progress right now in other dimensions?” 4

I have so many more questions.

Ask them.

I am going to start another post for this next stuff.

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