01-10-2022 Top Questions Asked By Twin Flame Noobs.


Really, Christina? Noobs?

What would you call them?

No wait, I got it. How about The Beginnie Twinnie? Or, I know. Just-Woke-Up-To-This-Shit-And-What-The-Fuck. Or how about, “I volunteered for this?!”

Before we get into this, let us begin with our Pendulum Question of the Day, shall we?


“Spirit, does Alec Baldwin feel any remorse for shooting Haylana Hutchins on the movie set?” YES

How could he not?

Relax. I just wanted to see if he is truly a rat bastard. Listen to this:

“Spirit, could her death have been avoided?” YES

“Spirit, was Alex Baldwin responsible for any other part of her death other than the fact he pulled the trigger?” YES

“Spirit, were there specific safety measures that Alec Baldwin avoided prior to shooting the scene that could have prevented her death?” YES

That is why I asked if he felt remorse. If the answer was “NO“, he would be on my Shit List.

Stages of The Discovery of Being A Twin Flame – or as I like to call it, Twin Flame Noobness.

A twin flame noob, to me, is someone who woke up to all of this within the last year. They will binge-watch tarot videos on YouTube and Tik-Tok displaying titles such as, “Who is your next relationship?” and “When Will You Meet Your Next Soulmate?” With every repeating number they see, they will be jumping on their phone or computer to either take a screenshot or to Google, “What does angel number _____ mean when you are a twin flame?” The songs they grew up with all their lives suddenly begin to speak to them in a different way. Sure, they knew the lyrics, but they never actually listened to the lyrics. Not until now.

Stage 1: Going through the What-The-Fuck? (s)

This is the stage filled with countless phrases like, “That’s weird,” and “That’s strange.” Things like, “No way could this be happening.” “Is this really happening?” “Why is this happening?” “Oh God, I must be crazy!” “Why am I seeing 1111 everywhere suddenly?!” “Is this happening to anybody else?” “This has to be happening to somebody else!” “Is everybody staring at me? I feel like I am being watched.”

First, we go to our one trusted friend. We mention some crazy synchronicity and serendipitous events we have started to experience. We seek some sort of validation that we are not crazy. Perhaps they notice 1111 everywhere, too. But, they do not. They look at you like you are nuts. You realize you will get no answers from them.

Next, we hit the Internet. Google searches such as, “Why am I seeing 1111 everywhere?” “Why am I seeing 333 everywhere suddenly?” “Is there a medical condition reported in women where you feel random pops of arousal out of the blue?” “How is it every song I hear happens to be about what I am going through right now?”

We eventually get guided to links like this:

**Search courtesy of DuckDuckGo**

These links will inevitably lead you to the term ‘twin flame’.

Next, you are guided to YouTube. You begin to see videos like this in your feed that are ‘Recommended For You’. Most of these types of videos are made by lightworkers.

Twin flame noobies are guided by the Universe from one YouTube video to the next. Then from one website to the next. The Universe is helping them learn more and more about their journey on Earth.

Most importantly, the Universe is helping them learn more about their true purpose on Earth. That purpose is to help mankind prepare for the New Earth at a higher level of consciousness.

The long and the short of it is that twin flames vibrate at the highest frequency on Earth. When twin flames find unconditional love within themselves, it raises their vibration to its height. That is when they can truly begin to help others get to the same spiritual bliss they acquired by being on a twin flame journey. Thus, their twin flame mission.

Stage 2: I’m Aware This Is Going On. Now What?!

The realization hits that yes, there is something ‘movie-ish’ going on here and you are a part of it. For me, the question was, “Is there anyone else going through what I am going through? And if so, where can I find them to talk to them?”

The Quora app is where I was first led to finding out what a narcissist was. I had no clue I was in a relationship with one at the time. (The Dildo Narcissist Ex Wesley) The more answers I read from other twin flame Quora users asking their questions, the more information I was able to use to help guide me in some of my enlightenment to all this. The rest of my information, I obtain from the Universe by either thoughts or divination.

Here are some of the most popular twin flame noob inquires I have seen:

What is a false twin? False twin = anyone else you may perceive to be your twin flame. Plain and simple.

How do I reach Union with my twin flame? By doing the work. Doing the work means understanding what life lessons you chose to learn while on your trip then learning them. Learning our life lessons and shedding the layers of built-up ego helps us to remember how wonderful we are already.

We see the love within us and in all others. We reach Union with ourselves. We are whole by ourselves. We are whole without the physical presence of our twin. That is when we feel the pull to want to share our love and experiences with others who seek guidance. (Twin flame mission.) When the ego is stripped from the mind, your soul will remember what true unconditional love is. The love you have for yourself you never thought you would find.

When both twins do this, probably in physical separation, that is when the Universe serendipitously slams their butts back together.

Do the DMs ever wake up? Yes. When the DFs have reached Union within themselves, are working on twin flame mission on their own, and have completely cut the cord with their twin physically, that is when the DMs begin to wake up to their part in this.

How could my twin flame love me if he is still married to his/her Karmic? The fact that your twin loves you has nothing to do with his current married life. Your twin can never not love you. Marriage is a legal situation. You cannot just up and, “I’m outta here!” most of the time. Your twin has shit to take care of in their lives just like you do. Whatever they are going through, chances are you are going through something similar.

The following screenshot is of a twin flame’s answer to a question asked on the Quora app. There are twin flames, some in Union, who share their experiences of their journey.

While Quora is a great place to read about other twin flame experiences, this is not the only place to find answers about what this whole thing is about. Start simple, noobs, and Google search, “What is the purpose of a twin flame journey?” or, “How do I reach Union with my twin flame?”

Oh, and do not pay anyone thousands of dollars to rush Union. You will run into twin flame scammers like this famous couple here, Jeff and Shaleia:

These two claiming to be twin flames in Union scammed innocent people out of their hard-earned money convincing them they could get them into Union with their twin flame.

News flash. They are not twin flames.

Here are two separate experiences I found with regard to Jeff and Shaleia. These are just snippets. The second one is long, so to view the entire thread, just click the link in the caption.

Know this. There is no way to “rush” Union. There is a set date already written in the stars and we do not get to know what it is.

You do.

No, I don’t. And this is just a quick edit. There is no need to add this here.

You know the date, Christina.

NOPE. I do not. Not like you think I know it. No way could this prediction be that accurate. Just like the Harry Potter thing this last Halloween. I am not getting sucked into this again. Let’s just trip out on what actually happens.

Back to what I was saying, Jeff and Shaleia are not the only twin flame scammers out there.

Keep it simple. If you do not know what this whole journey is about, Google it. You will be led to the answers so long as you are willing to search.

Then, trust your intuition.

Once you get the gist of what all this is about, it becomes much easier to ride out that wave.

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  1. Wow! I only read up to the childhood music coming back and it threw me into shock because the same happened to me. Songs i kinda remembered appeared and I had to google the few words I could muster from my mind and when I found the lyrics I was blown away. This always happened strongest when I was trying to walk away, dislike him… one song i found said ‘ we have love to make it through, help us to make it’ this came after a deep purge and I was like no this dude is not ‘mine’. I have had many of these experiences and still I doubt. Even magical ones when we are together and the elements line up with us but Im still doubting, I think.


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