01-06-2022 Twin flame reunion symptoms mixed with more Red Pill.


From what I understand, reunion symptoms begin with the general feeling like something is coming. You are not sure what it is. It just feels like something. The Giggles pop up out of nowhere and much more frequently. Knowing your twin is right there in the room with you all day, every day. The 5D level turned all the way up. Your sense of wonder is now clear knowing. All I feel like doing is smiling.

“Spirit, am I really just sucking this puff bar because what really happened, is some alien race in the future created some bullshit reality, that, among other things, gave us the illusions of fear and addiction?” YES

Hot damn. I knew it. Did you happen to catch the TedTalk video posted on our last post? The video told the true story of a patient undergoing a placebo treatment to remove this huge tumor inside him. It worked! This guy proved they cured cancer using pulsating resonating beats at a specific frequency over and over and over. Why the hell are people forced to pay outrageous amounts of money for cancer treatment, when all we need is energy? How long now has there been an existing agenda to keep the world population poor and under control? Since the beginning? How much longer do we have to keep up the charade?

We are part of the huge team here to help. Others will continue to wake up in the course of the next few years to start doing their part, too. Another splash of lightworkers and Starseeds waking up. The better we share our own experiences with this journey, the better others will understand what they are going through is not a mental illness. It is their awakening. They might be able to brace themselves when the first round of the Dark Knight Of The Soul situations hit and not get hit so hard. It is like having someone with you during a bad trip in case you freak out. They help get you through the ride.

If the lightbulb went off for me last night, I am told it went off with my twin, too. Knowing we know already, and really understanding those few words, you truly have freedom within yourself to do anything you want. Knowing you can. Knowing some things are already yours. Or already mine. Things always seem to pop up at just the right moment, don’t they? One or two more of “God’s Little Coincidences”.

Much more than that. The rabbit hole goes so much deeper.

***01-08-2022 8:29PM MTN AT HOME***

Oreo Kat is playful tonight. I like asking my pendulum random questions like, “Is Oreo meowing at me because she is bored?” YES

“She likes the energy in here right now, doesn’t she?” YES

You finally realize you do not really need to use the word ‘Spirit’ each time you ask a question?

The other day, yes. However, it is easier to show what I am asking when I am specific and write the question exactly as I ask it.

The ‘magic’. It is real. We want others to know it is real, too. When people know the magic is real, they will begin to use it.

“Spirit, is there a difference in the type of twin flame journey that monodic twin flames go on as opposed to split soul twin flame journeys?” YES

“Spirit, there are three different types of twin flames in existence?” YES

“Spirit and those three types are split soul, monodic, and E.T. twin flames?” YES

“Spirit, are Kieran and I split soul twin flames?” NO

How about that? I thought we were.

You never asked if we were E.T. twin flames.

“Spirit, are we E.T. twin flames?” YES

I told you this!

“Spirit, did you guys tell us this already?” YES

“Spirit, spiritually, is Kieran the Danny DeVito to my Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie ‘Twins’?” YES


I wish you were more organized with your journals.

“Spirit, is this why the movie E.T. The Extraterrestrial was my favorite movie since I was seven?” YES

Dude. How did I forget this?

Because you have no clue how to organize your notes or thoughts.

Oh, that’s right.

We are trying to teach you up here.

What alien races? How many are there? Which are we?

“Spirit, what type of Starseed are we again? Orion Starseed?” NO

“Spirit, Pleiadian?” YES

“Spirit, are we Sirian Starseeds as well?” YES

“Spirit, do we consider both to be ‘home’ planets?” NO

“Spirit, where is home?” K R O N Y

“Spirit, Kryon?” YES

“Spirit, Kryon is the equivalent to what Zion was in the movie ‘The Matrix’, isn’t it?” YES

“No? Spirt, but Kryon is home?” YES

“Spirit, is this where our DNA originated?” NO

“Spirit, where did our DNA originate from?” M L I

“Spirit, you are saying our DNA originated from the Milky Way Galaxy?” YES

“Spirit, are Kieran and I the same blood type?” YES

“Spirit, does our blood carry alien DNA?” YES

“Spirit, what percentage of the human population on Earth has alien DNA in their blood?” 7 5

“Spirit, does our blood carry more than one species of alien DNA?” NO

“Spirit, what species of alien is some of the DNA in our blood?” L Y A R

“Spirit, Lyra?” YES

“Spirit, does my mother have alien DNA in her blood?” YES

“Spirit, does my father have alien DNA in his blood?” YES

“Spirit, do Kieran’s parents have alien DNA in their blood?” NO

“Spirit, does anyone else in his family have alien DNA in their blood other than Kieran?” NO

Another trait. I bet if we asked him, Kieran would tell you he always felt different from his family and peers growing up. Never felt he fit in. Maybe the things he wanted in his life are completely different than what his family and close friends wanted in their lives. When I asked if Kieran was the only one in his family that was family-oriented, the answer was “YES“. The others are all about money, status and appearance.


Sirius A and B are where the Akashic records are kept.

“Spirit, do we have access to the Akashic records?” NO

“Spirit, do we not have access because we are E.T. twin flames?” YES


“Spirit, was there an energy in my home earlier draining energy from my modem, turning it off and then back on?” YES

“Spirit, is that energy still here?” YES

“Spirit, are we familiar, this energy and I?” YES

Dude, it feels as if I am taking a long exam by myself and the teacher is watching me from a seat not far behind me.

“Spirit, is there a teaching energy surrounding me within a fifty-foot radius?” YES

It is the energy of our highest Self, babe. The strong, loving, peaceful, badass combination of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. It is like an invisible lesson in organization for the site. The site, this website,

Now, I just missed the snip to show the 12:12am, but when I saw it, I asked this:

“Spirit, are we aligned with the Universe right now?” NO

“Spirit, did I see the 12:12 because I had just typed the paragraph about our higher self’s energy and it was a confirmation of this?” YES

“Spirit, Extraterrestrial twin flames are one soul who travel to other plants and split for a twin flame journey, then leave after their physical death on that planet?” YES

No wonder twin flames have the same mission. That makes sense now. Ooh! You know what else I bet?

This is why I would bet Kieran is a Trekkie. I have no clue if he is or not, but if I had to guess, I would bet he is. He is probably a Star Wars fan, too.

Ahem. Trekker.

Apologies. Derek would correct me, too.

“Spirit, are E.T. twin flames the only twin flames who receive downloads of DNA activation codes from Source?” YES

Being E.T. twin flames gives us some traits to compare with our human lives.

I love to star gaze. Just get lost starting at the night sky.

“Spirit, do we have aliens disguised as humans on Earth now?” YES

“Spirit, have any of them made themselves known to others that they are aliens?” YES

“Spirit, our mission is not just a book, is it?” YES

“Spirit, there is a business in our future, correct? Our own business?” YES

“Oh, but you are saying the business is not part of our twin flame mission, correct?” YES

Okay, now I understand.

“Spirit, this will be a business about mediumship, correct?” YES

“But Spirit, if we are going to have a business doing this, it must mean I am right about some of this shit, right?” YES


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