01-05-2022 Is Light Language the equivalent to the missing computer code in ‘The Matrix?


Are you maturing a little? I feel a maturity coming from you. Not so loud and eager to speak.

I know. What the hell is wrong with me?

CenturyLink will be here tomorrow to install a jack and modem to finish my Internet installation. We are way grateful for that.

Whenever these downloads come through, they are absorbed into our soul with every stroke of the pen. These DNA activation codes fill in the missing code within us that we need to help us remember who we really are.

The codes in green look like some of the codes on the left. Similar.

Two things caught my eye today that I thought odd. First, was opening the Quora app and saw this question:

Then, upon opening my YouTube page, I see this:

Who the heck is Jordyn Jones? And why would I care that she got her own apartment?

“Spirit, this video is DM dropping hints that he and The Crazy Gold Digger Karmic finally broke up and he moved into his own place, isn’t it?” YES

“How long ago did he move out? Less than six months?”


Six days ago he moved out and into his own place? Good for him.

I had no idea he and The Crazy Gold Digger Karmic were even still living together. Unless he shacked up with someone else after he got rid of Crazy Gold Digger Karmic’s ass. Either way, he is moving toward union within himself if he has reached the point where he would rather be alone than in a crappy relationship. Right on, baby. We both conquered that lesson.

Check out a couple of neat videos I just found.

Cancer cells destroyed with resonate frequency pulse vibrations

It’s been a few months since I watched one of these tarot videos, but this adorable reader was ‘Recommended For You’. Yes, it hit home. What stood out the most was said she felt a run-in with the police is coming. Maybe FEDs. I wrote it down in my journal. Wouldn’t that be some shit if she was correct?

A while back, I went to the local police to give them a description of some stuff I ‘saw’. I told them I could be wrong, but to please keep my name and phone in case something ever comes up. They did.

That is the only legal thing I can think of I am involved with. My DWI thing is still officially open because while my attorney did file the motion to dismiss all charges, the state Attorney said he did not have it. My attorney says she can email it to him. But, they have to push this back another few days so he can have a chance to review the motion. We’re almost done!

The energy feels strong today. Confident.

And a smidge sneaky. It feels like there is something going on that I do not know is going on.

Have you ever shaved your legs?


Did it grow back in twice as thick and scraggly like it does us?

I didn’t notice a difference.

I decided I am going to go for it. I will be able to finally cross it off my Bucket List.

Cross what off your Bucket List?

Getting waxed.

No shit?

Is it both bikini waxing and Brazilian waxing? Or am I confusing the Brazilian with the Blow Out?

Brazilian Blow Outs, Bikini Waxing.

I gotta try it at least once, babe.

I am down.

If I pass out due to the pain, put a small pillow under my neck and play on your phone until I come to. Easy peasy. I draw the line at fake tanning. No self-respecting Latina would get a fake tan.

This song is so cheesy.

Dude, I do not know about you, but I am feeling very grateful right now. Happy to be alive. Aware. Able. Healthy. Loved. Magic. Sweet!

“Spirit, am I ‘Josie Grossy’ played by Drew Barrymore in the movie ‘Never Been Kissed’?” YES

So, I’m the dork and Kieran gets to be the hot teacher?

Christina, I am the hot teacher. And you are a dork.

I never did have any fashion sense. It’s Eliza from ‘My Fair Lady’ all over again. It is just a little too close for comfort with that white outfit of hers.

I love ‘Never Been Kissed’.

Same, here. I get goosebumps at the last scene every time I see it.

Have you

nope. You?


Then that’s it. We will be each other’s first real kiss. The kiss that will tell each of us, without words, that the connection within us is undeniable. Written in the stars.

Hey babe, you’re not…I mean, are you-

Yes, I am a little. I know you are scared, too. Do not pretend not to be.

Oh, I won’t lie. I am scared shitless.

Three times today, I heard, “Make you a shopping list.” The first two times I heard it, I was like, “What? No way.”

But, you are serious, aren’t you?

Yeah. I am curious.

Curious about what?

Curious to see what you are going to put on the list.

Roger that.

Okay, so it is a list of things I would like written out like a shopping list, correct?


I am going to need a few minutes. Okay, done.

  1. hot water on demand when washing at any sink in the house.
  2. enough hot water in the hot water heater, so that if I want to scald myself in the shower for half an hour straight, I will know I will not run out of hot water.
  3. A garbage disposal. I miss those.
  4. A bathtub. Preferable one where I can fully submerge.
  5. A grill in the back yard would be awesome. I love grilling and barbeques.
  6. The matching set of Lotion, body creme and body spray from Bath and Body Works.
  7. A set of hot rollers would be great! I want to grow my hair down to my butt.

That is all I can think of. Having any of those would be an amazing gift, hun.

You are kidding. That’s it?

Oh, and a dungeon. Please and thank you, sweetie.

That’s it. See? Everything on the list benefits the entire family.

Oh, and a new roach clip. I have yet to find a good roach clip for my doobs.

here it comes writing this out

savage babe this is going to be so tight. never can you have imagined going through what we are going to begin here shortly? wild ride this is going to be a wild ride.

Notice that the categories of our porn time changed, too? Back to straight amateur scenes.

Another shift, maybe?


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