12-28-2021 “Spirit, what percentage of the human population are lightworkers?” 84


This idea was genius.

I know, right? Here we go:

**A song about impending union**

First, the synchronicity so far for today is seeing 4:14, 5:15, 12:12, and 10:10.

**A song letting us know there is more going on that we do not see**

***Question of The Day***

“Spirit, was Elvis circumcised?” YES

Sophia Stewart = Lightworker? YES Starseed? NO

Sophia Stewart is the author of ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Matrix’ movies.

“Spirit, are all lightworkers starseeds?” NO

“Spirit, are all starseeds lightworkers?” YES

“Spirit, what percentage of the current human population are lightworkers?” 84

“Spirit, are all starseeds on a twin flame journey?” YES

“Spirit, are all twin flame pairs intended to wake up to their journey in this lifetime?” NO “Some are here just for Earth school”

“Spirit, how many twin flame pairs successfully reached Union in 2021?” 6

“Spirit, how many twin flame pairs will successfully reach Union in the year 2022?” 6

“Spirit, is the number six significant or something?” YES

“Spirit, what is this high pitch in my right ear just now!?” “EARTHLING RELAX”

“Spirit, are downloads coming in right now or something?” YES

They have been coming in for the last two hours, Christina.

**To be honest, I have not yet figured out what this song is about**

“Spirit, what percentage of the human population can heal another human’s ailment simply by touching them?” 6-7 (six and a half percent of the human population)

“Spirit, are Kieran and I part of that six and a half percent?” YES

“Spirit, of that six and a half percent, what is the percentage of that group of healers who know they have the gift to heal others?” 5

So, five percent of the six and a half percent of the human population who can heal others do not even know they can do it.

“Spirit, is Kieran aware he has this superpower?” YES

Probably a secret.

“Spirit, is there a portal for time travelers to access in New Mexico state?” YES

“Spirit, more than one?” YES

“Spirit, any in Socorro?” YES

“Spirit, more than one in Socorro”? YES “4”

“Spirit, do I live within a five-mile radius of one of these portals?” NO

“Spirit, how about ten? Do I live within ten miles of one of these portals?” YES

“Spirit, any chance you would lead me to one of them?” NO


I will get to the parallel universe thing in a second. Thank you for the reminder, sweetie.

This was my Post It for you.

“Spirit, does legit video evidence of time travelers exist on the internet?” NO

“Have any time travelers been caught on tape?” YES

See how those two questions look like they ask the same thing? I thought they did until I received the opposite answer.

“Spirit, if I watch one of those ‘caught on tape’ videos on YouTube, will you confirm or debunk the segments on time travelers for me?” YES

Sweet! That will be cool.

You know that you already know.

Sonofaquack! The lightbulb just went off in my head about why the song ‘All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You’ song resonates. It was driving me nuts. This song was playing so much on our playlist a few months ago. Had no idea why. It is a song about a one-night stand that turned into a pregnancy. The lyrics indicate the couple ran into each other one day years later. He sees her with the little boy who also happens to have his eyes. She tells him he was able to give her the baby her husband could not, thank you, but I love my husband and can we please leave it at that? Great video, too. Heart is amazing.

There was a time I thought this song could very well resonate with me. Kieran could most certainly fly into town, stop in for a quick bang, then toss in the ‘let’s just be friends’ conversation if he wanted. At that time, I also was watching lots and lots of tarot videos. (Never a good thing to do. ) The energy always pulled up cards indicating someone from my past would show up and offer something I would not like. “Bread crumbs” was the word one reader used. Thinking I correctly put two and two together, I rode the ‘so this is what is going to happen’ wave until knowledge from within knocked me off that wave.

The Universe was playing this song rampantly to let me know Kieran had some baby mama situation he was dealing with. At first, the only song to give me that indication was ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. That song landed on our playlist two years ago. The thoughts I had at that time, I just assumed Kieran had a son that not a lot of people knew about.

But, who knows? I could be totally wrong about all this.

**A ‘someone gets caught cheating again‘ song**
**A ‘Just found out I’ll be a daddy’ song**
**No lyrics, but I hear it lots. Not sure why. Unless there are Tears being shed or are going to be shed**

Believe me, at the beginning of all this, I figured I was reading into things too much when listening to music. However, when I noticed that certain songs were playing multiple times within a short time frame, that was, to me, an indication there were messages behind the song. Maybe even a hint as to the time frame of events happening of which I was unaware.

(Why does stretching feel so good? I cannot wait to one day join a yoga class.)

No, I do not owe money to anyone. Why do you keep asking?

**”Be yourself, no matter what they say.” **
**Lesson learned!: Ending of casual sex encounters**

I feel like there is a bell we should be ringing every time this happens.

Congratulations, baby! You stood firm and did not sway, whence temptation came calling your way.

Only because you did first.

Oh, it was easy for me. For the first half of last evening, my buddy Fate and I were having a cool time. (His parents were hippies.) I was horny as fuck. Crazy weird coincidences popping off right and left. As our conversation continued, I am learning so much from him with regard to understanding what is really going on on Earth. But, it started with a single comment he made that turned off the “I’m horny!” in me at that moment. It never came back on. What the comment was, I cannot remember.

This morning, I took inventory of all the reasons ‘it’ did not happen and why it was never going to happen.

The bar is set way too high now. Any human other than my twin will never measure up. My motto has always been to never settle for less. It was last night that I remembered that I would much rather be physically alone than in a relationship with someone I did not want to give my all. I would rather pop on some of my favorite porn sites and masturbate for half an hour than have casual sex with a friend or less.

Sex, to me, is overrated unless you are in love with your partner. The crazy part of that? I never used to think that way. For some reason, I do now.

**A song about a ‘one sided’ relationship.**
**A ‘from friends to lovers’ song**
**A great song about what a guy can go through when falling for someone**
**Everything in this song points to a ‘sugar daddy’ thing**
**How do I get you alone?**
**An “I want to marry you” song**
**Dude in a big city surrounded by many, but still so alone**
**Put quite simply, let’s talk.**
**Hot and seductive song when a woman finally gets her guy alone**
**Is someone going back to California, or something? I keep hearing songs about California lately**
**He does not know this, but I refer to Kieran as my Superman**
**The Divine’s plan to balance the energy between masculine and feminine – “If I only could, I’d make a deal with God and get Him to swap our places.”**
**An “is this too good to be true?” song**

“Spirit, is Kieran a closet chubby chaser?” NO


“Spirit, has Kieran ever had ‘big girls’ on the list of what makes his dick hard?” YES

Get out of town! He had ‘big girls’ on that list other than ‘HUGE boobs’, ‘Latinas’, ‘Asians’, ‘not too bright’, and ‘hot’?

You put that last question quite eloquently, I might add.

Like that, did ya?

You do understand how wrong it was for you to judge him without knowing anything about him?

Yes, sir, I do. Assumptions are a dead end. Especially when those assumptions are only based on someone’s looks, physical and social status.


As a kiddie pool. I get it, babe. Lesson learned.

These were fun. We should do more stuff like this.

I concur.

Back in a bit.

You are a dork.

Nope, we are dorks.

1,111% correct.

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