12-17-2021 More Dialogue Between A DF and a DM while waiting for reading to upload.



Already figured it out, babe. I brought with me three rolled doobs. Ordered one beer.

Three very tightly rolled doobs, I might add.

We’re getting there, babe. Soon I will be rolling the most perfect joints ever.

Do you get high when you smoke these?

Oh yes. As fuck.

Then, they are already the most perfect joints ever.

Check it out. My landlord, who I also believe to be the Devil incarnate, just walked into the bar. No, he is not a mean guy. Something tells me he is up to no good. Slum lord, yes. When I moved into the place, it was not clean at all. He made no effort to ensure that place was clean. I needed the place, so I took it. Know that I will be leaving that place in the same condition as it was when I moved in.


What? I did not say I was going to trash the place. I am going to leave it in the exact condition as it was when I moved in. Is that not what every tenant should do when they move out of a place they are renting?

What kind of shady shit could he possibly be into that you feel he is the Devil Incarnate?

I have mentioned this before. I feel he is into some sort of human trafficking out here. It is either that, or I feel like the house I live in has been used for trafficking purposes. I could be wrong. Who knows? Maybe I am. It just feels this way.

Not only that, why would there be any reason for him to be nervous knowing I am a witch or psychic?

You don’t know he was nervous.

YES, I do. I knew he was nervous the same way I knew you dug me and was trying desperately to hide it. The same way anyone knows I am on to them.

It is a feeeeling, babe. I don’t know how I know. I just know. It is weird. You gotta know…I question myself sometimes…wondering if it is my ego coming up with some of these conclusions. Know that I do know I am not right about everything that comes out of my mouth. If I could just sit still and listen once in a while, I bet I would get more of the correct answers. However, I will say that when I get a different answer down the line, I will always know why the answer had changed. Also, the biggest problem I have is distinguishing between residual energy and current energy.

I got here at what time? 3:56PM. It is now 5:19PM and Matthew’s video is only 28% uploaded. Three hours remaining.

You have to be there for another three hours???

If I want to continue uploading his video on The Capitol Bar’s WIFI, yes.

It is not like I will be drinking for the next three hours, babe. I will be playing pool, too.

My game has gotten a bit better. My bank shots are on point the last few nights. What do you think? What’s say we start betting some money?


Why not, babe? I bet we could clean up.

You have no idea what you are doing when it comes to playing for money.

True, but what is there to know? I see dude play. I think I can beat him. I bet him twenty bucks I can beat him…I beat him. I am twenty bucks richer. Let’s order a beer!

Please tell me you are not serious.

No, I am not serious.

I am smart enough to know I am not good enough to play for money.

No, you are not.

But, I can be! You will teach me, right?

Screw tournaments. Just make me good enough to hustle!

Truly, we could be a badass hustling pair. You are righty, I am a lefty. You can bank. I can cut. We can both sniff out the competition. I don’t know about your acting skills when it comes to not being able to shoot, but I can fake it.

Can you?



You are going to be there all night.


It is only 6 o’clock, too. If I can get off the computer, I can practice for an hour. Then when my buddies get here around 7, I may have a chance beating their asses.

Then why don’t you?

You’re a butt. I will in a second.

There is a guy here with a new baby. His wife and probably a brother or something with them.


He has a fantastic body and is sporting that tight t-shirt of his solid.

Holy shit. He just took off his mask. Niiiiice.

Go play pool.



I switched from BudLight to a vanilla soy latte. They serve them here at the bar now.

Warm and yummy. It is way too early to lose the pool mojo.

It is not bad, either. It goes to show you anyone can pull a shot if they have an espresso machine. Steam some milk. BAM. You’re a latte slinger.

When are you going to go outside and smoke another doob?

I am not sure. Why? Is that something you need to know right now? You are such a…pusher.

You are staring at the screen. Wondering what to type.

More like deciding on what to type. No way does everyone want to hear all the mundane shit that goes through our heads.

Oh, and everything you have typed already is not mundane?

There is a woman here at the bar tonight that reminds me a lot of your brother.


Seriously. She just walked out, though. Same hair. Same build. With the mask on, you can hardly tell the difference. All she was missing was the hat.

Do you think he will ever read this one day?

I hope he does now! LOL!!


It only took three more hours than what you originally thought.

Two beers and a latte later. Not too shabby.

When are you going to bite the bullet, make and keep the appointment with Centurylink to install WIFI at your place?

Tomorrow. I give up.

I have one more video to upload before I go home. Kieran’s video.

Well, don’t you dare leave until that one is done!

Oh, I won’t.

Demanding. Demanding and pushy. That is Kieran.

An impatient, know-it-all loudmouth. That is Christina.


Did you know loudmouth is one word?

It’s not two words?

No! We just got autocorrected. I thought it was two words.

How about that?

You think you know something and then you find out ‘loud mouth’ is actually ‘loudmouth.’

And ‘wise ass’ is really ‘wiseass’.



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