12-08-2021 “Spirit, what can I expect for the rest of 2021?”


Not “bold”, blue!

Why are you shouting?

I just now heard, “I wanna stick my tongue in your ear.”

I do.

Is that before or after a shower?

What? It doesn’t matter. Wait, eew, why are you asking that?

No reason.

Check out what I just found in my Quora feed. Nick Cannon is trending. And hung.

Holy shit!

I know, right?!

Who knew good ‘ole Nick was packing some heat?

A bit thin, though.

I was thinking the same thing. But, a nice visual nonetheless.

Do you prefer girth or length? And you can’t say you prefer both.

I wasn’t gonna.

Yes, you were.

Fine. Girth. Pencil dicks never felt quite right in there.

Yo, something told me to grab my cards to the left and give them a shuffle. The question: “Spirit, what can I expect for the rest of my 2021?”

This lone card flew out.

Next, I asked if I was allowed a hint as to how it is going to happen. These flew out one by one as I shuffled the deck.


Next, I asked to clarify the Eight of Pentacles. I got the Seven of Pentacles. So, I asked to clarify that and the Justice card flew out.

Holy shit! DUDE! I think I figured it out! I think.

The board just said “YES“!

Kieran and I must be hjgggyy6tgoing through the same type of shit right now. He is waiting on the results of something legal and so am I. His is with regard to paternity and mine is with my DWI charges.

I’m right, aren’t I? (Sorry. Ojo Kitty hyguuul/; keeps walking across my keyboard. )

It feels like the Universe wants to make sure neither of us has baggage before all this goes down.

Dude, did he already get a paternity test done and is now waiting for the results?

Spirit says “YES“.


Makes sense. Today was my court date and turns out the attorney for the state has not yet been able to give over all the discovery to my defense attorney. She has yet to see the DVD from my arrest and officer Chavez has not been interviewed yet. My attorney asked for another continuance until she gets these two items. December 11th or the 21st. I should know in the next few days from the letter they send from the court.

I gotta say…having to deal with any kind of legal shit here in New Mexico is so much more convenient than having to deal with it in California. The first time I had to go to court out here, I was able to knock out breakfast, court, and get my New Mexico Identification card all in the same morning. In California, it took the entire morning and part of the afternoon to get court taken care of. The DMV was the entire day. And that was even if you made an appointment.

I hope I never have to live in California again. I’m done.

If we go, it is for family visits and that is all.

Oh, and Disneyland. Definitely Disneyland.

I was going to say…

You love Disney, don’t you?

Yes, I do. Proud Disney lover here.

You are such a girl. I love it. Which reminds me. Is Winnie The Pooh a girl or a boy?

A boy, I thought. We should look this up. Piglett is a boy, contrary to popular belief.

Yeah, I thought Piglett was a girl for years. A girl with a major anxiety disorder.

Dude, there is definitely a difference between the 12% alcohol content and the 14% alcohol content in my ‘sodas’.

Well yeah. Another 2%.

Wanna hear a dark piece of trivia about the author of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’? Lewis Carroll was his pen name. He based his character Alice on a young girl he sexually assaulted on more than one occasion.

Wow gross.

I wonder if you know all the Disney songs I do? I mean, I know you do, but Kieran? That would be so cool.

I miss Robin Williams. He adlibbed most of Genie in Disney’s ‘Alladin.’ So much so, that the screenplay writer was unable to be nominated for any awards.

I love the way Cruella drives.

Me, too! Oh! And her hair in


My girl, smoking a cigarette in one of those holders. I bet she gets mani/pedis on the regular.

Did ya realize it was Hugh Laurie, AKA Dr. Gregory House, who played one of her henchmen in the live-action 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close as Cruella?

Who is Arthur Weasley?

Hello? Father of the Weasley family.

Oh, Harry Potter! Shit, that’s right.

Babe, if you haven’t been to Universal Studios in the last few years, we gotta show you the Harry Potter land area.

Let’s go!

We are doing the Water signs reading tomorrow, Christina.

Ooh, using ‘Christina’. Also, I see no question marks in that sentence.


Gotcha, babe.

There are a few more videos coming. I just need to upload them.

I need to shower and get ready for work.


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