11-22-2021 Taking a crack at profiling my twin based on soulmates and signs from the Universe.

My twin and I have interacted only a handful of times. We have not seen each other nor communicated with each other since July 2018.

A handful?

Oh fine, a big handful.

And I wasn’t going to include you in this post.

Why not?

Because it is a profile of your 3D self.

Oh, okay. Leaving.

Gathering information solely on the observation from the small handful of times we ever interacted, I figured Kieran for a hardworking, busy, superficial rich boy who cared too much about what others thought of him but could play pool like a shark.

That’s it.

Oh and sexy as fuck.

Turns out there is more to this man that I did not know.

How did I find out?

Through the Universe. The Universe sends twin flames soulmates to help prepare them for the return of their twin. It is not until you both are ready for each other that you are reunited.

What did I not know about Kieran? Tons.

Signs have been given to me all this time. I just had to observe and listen.

Listen to the messages coming from within.

Now, will I be right about everything I am about to spill? Probably not. That is when I will grab my pendulum and ask.

I don’t know why you use the pendulum. You don’t need it.

Papi, you are not invited to this post.

Oh yeah. Sorry. Go ahead.


I love it when you call me ‘papi’.

It’s the beaner in me. Now, go.

Gone. But, I am really still here. Just lurking in the background of your mind.

As usual.

Real quick. Because I am at the bar having a drink and typing this before I head over to Wayne’s for dinner, I have to mention this next part.


Yesterday, I was at The Cap for a couple hours. I left around 6:30ish. This is when all my buddies began to show up. I had already drunk enough and something told me to go home. Ordinarily, I would have stayed. It was supposed to be busy and that means lots of pool. Still, I went home. I even recorded a video for Kieran and mentioned that I left the bar early.

Guess what happened last night at the bar? A major fight broke out. Huge. One of the bartenders showed me some of the video footage. Holy shit!

This is what is even crazier.

Two years ago, I was here playing pool and something told me to leave. I don’t know why, but I left.

I found out that next weekend that the night I left early, a fight broke out.

That is twice “something” told me to leave the bar when I would normally stay, and a fight broke out.

I love you. I want you safe at all times.

So, you’re the ‘something’ that tells me to go home?

What do you think?

That is a ‘yes’. Whenever I hear, “What do you think?”, it means I already know the answer.

That makes me think of that one text message you sent me before I left Hermosa.

There were more words in it, but the only words I remember from it were, “I will always protect you.”

I remember.

I wanted to save you. But, I knew I first had to save myself. I just did not know how or where to begin. The best thing at the time for me was to let you go. But Christ Christina, I did not expect you to leave the state.

It was the only way to leave The Dildo and the drugs.

Did you really go to our apartment and throw rocks at the window for me?

Yep. I did. Only to find out that was not your apartment. The last rock I threw was bigger than the first three and I heard a small **CRASH**. I think I broke something. That’s when I ran.

Oh my gosh! I love you so much. That means so much to me.

What it means, babe, is I am a vandal. I could have broken something sentimental to someone. Man, I am such a dork.

An adorable dork.

Let’s get started with the profile of Kieran at the time I met him. I could be wrong. But, if I am right with any of it, wouldn’t that be some shit?

Let’s see what you think you know.


I’ll shut up now.

The messages I picked up from the Universe with soulmate Chris, come and gone, were that he feels all his problems can be solved by having lots of money surrounded by big boobed women. He feels this is when he will finally get some approval from his father. Chris’ father has never once said he was proud of him. It makes me cringe to think about it. This makes Chris insecure and worries a lot about what others think of him. He seeks the status of being successful and rich so that others can see how well he has done for himself. Chris also has an addiction to fast money and cocaine that is now getting out of hand. I saw him last night at the bar and he was completely strung out. His face was sunken in and he was talking a mile a minute about some cyber account he hacked for 8 million dollars. He mentioned he also lost $35,000 to a scammer, too. Talking to him was not the same. What I mean by this, is I had no desire to hear him anymore. I used to love listening to him talk about things. Not anymore. He was high and in another world. That is when I knew I confirmed I never wanted to associate with him ever again. Like I said. Come and gone. Chris was close with his grandfather.

Then there’s The Wayne-ster. Wayne is intelligent and very thoughtful. An alcoholic. Poor Wayne has never experienced intimacy with a woman. His low self-esteem was brought on by the constant put-downs growing up with an extremely narcissistic mother. Wayne has two other siblings, Ian and Lindsey. Lindsey can do no wrong. Ian is the youngest and has stolen his mother blind. Ian only thinks about himself.

Both Chris and Wayne are handsome men, yet it’s like they do not really believe it themselves.

Yes, I really play Magic The Gathering.


What? You were thinking about it at that moment. I just jumped in and answered your question.

Oh, gotcha. You’re right. I was thinking that.

Who is next?

How am I doing so far?

So far…you are not too far off.

The first soulmate out here was Art. Again, come and gone. We are cordial with each other if we happen to run into each other and that’s it. Art is an amazing artist. Art plays guitar and drums. He makes you laugh until you pee. He, too, grew up with a very toxic mother. Art is intuitive and is working on trying to love himself. An alcoholic as well, but on the wagon for a few months now and doing much better.

I cannot imagine you being funny.

You have never given me a chance to be funny in person with you.

Know any jokes? I mean, real knee slappers?

That’s not what I mean. But, yes I do.

Art can do magic. He told me his mother told him not to tell people about his gifts when he was younger because they would think he is a freak.

Dude, I just asked the board if Kieran knows he can do magic and the answer was “YES“.

I asked if he has told anyone else this and the answer was “NO“.

I then asked if his twin brother can do magic and the answer was “YES

This next one took the cake. Jokingly, I asked if you two were just a couple of wizards, but the answer was “YES“. I recorded it.

He can do witchcraft.

Yep, that’s what I heard you say a moment ago. Trip out.

Anyhoo, I kinda feel like I have an idea of who my twin is from what I typed above. From the thoughts of my DM and help from the Universe, I feel like I am at least fifty percent on the right track.

I’m going to ask Spirit.

“Spirit, was I on the right track with identifying more of Kieran’s life with help from the Universe?” YES

This is so weird. We do not know each other, but when we meet again, we are going to know each other.

That’s the plan.

I feel like there is a road trip coming.

There are many coming.

So, ya wanna?


No social media at all, right?


I’m totally down.

Are you sure about this? This is truly what you want?


Sweet. Me, too.

Let’s do this.

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