07-10-2021 COUNTDOWN TO UNION-Let’s see just how much of this shit I can predict.

Ok folks. This shit is about to get real and I want to document everything to see what comes true and what doesn’t. 7 days and 7 nights? I keep hearing “7 days, 7 nights’. We are going to find out together.

Oh yeah! Please remember, my New Beginnings playlist on Spotify is guided by the Universe every time I play it. Including now as I type and edit this post.

And a half an hour ago, I was paying for a priority mail envelope to send off what you see in the picture to Kieran, my twin flame. He has not heard from me in over two years. He does not know that I now know his true feelings for me. The Infamous ‘Letter From The Twin Flame Runner.’ It should arrive at the Hermosa Saloon in Hermosa Beach California in 1-3 days. He is going to shit when he sees this big envelope is from me.

(Song playing: ‘High Hopes’ by Pink Floyd)

To catch you up, I found out recently that I have been ‘the runner’ twin flame without realizing it. When did I ever leave ‘chaser’ mode? It’s not like Kieran ever had feelings for me enough to take part in this journey thing. I figured it would just DM and I for the rest of all this. Kieran would live his life without the physical me and just the DF. Forever Chasing is what I thought I would be.

(Song playing: ‘Bring Me To Life’ by Evanescence)

I met Kieran in January 2017. Right before the Super Bowl. I remember that because when I asked him if he could find it in his heart to show me a thing or two on the pool table, his reply was, ‘Okay, but it will have to wait until after the Super Bowl.’ It was not until July 2019 when I left my the beach, my entire family, California, Kieran, all the repeating 11:11’s to escape the evil Karmic Narcissist WesIey.

Understand that Kieran and I have never spent more than a few minutes with each other at a time since we met. He taught me some things to get better at pool and I worked with him and his twin brother once at a small catering event at The Kensington, a new posh assisted living facility where he was Director of Hospitality. He was also the GM at the local dive where I was practicing pool. I saw him a lot, but we never talked much. Small talk here and there.


Ya babe?

You really are not going to mention the night at my apartment? KODI Night?

Ohhhh yeah…..that night. You made me buy a six pack of Stella Artrois on the way to your pad so that I could install the KODI app on your firestick.

“Firestick” haha

You are such a boy.

Oh hey! Speaking of which, I noticed I have been feeling more like a girl the last 24 hours. Just more…girly. I died my hair today. (It looks great.) I actually have been looking for my other earring so I can wear the pair, though I usually never find it. I think because we are balanced energetically, our masculine and feminine energies are switching back.

(Song: ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Meg Myers) “If I only could…I’d make a deal with God…and I’d get him to swap our places.”

See? Songs we hear have been guiding us this entire time. Hey, wait. Doesn’t it mean Union is close when we are balanced energetically? Like, way close?

Very close, yes.

We were friends and that’s it. It was hard to stand next to him sometimes because the sexual attraction I had for him was so so intense. He was newly engaged to his Crazy Gold Digger Karmic Rizza and plus, he didn’t exhibit any feelings toward me at all. Though, his body language and dorky actions told a different story. That is a whole different post, though. Just know there was never any flirting or admittance of feelings other than from me in a letter I wrote to him right before leaving California heading to Albuquerque. I received no response.

My Spidey sense had obviously busted and all the odd ways he was acting was just me misinterpreting his actions. But, since my Spidey sense had been turned way up since the beginning of all of this, why would this be different? My gut told me this man is hiding the fact he is very attracted to me. Then my brain stepped in and told me there was no way possible. He was engaged to a drop dead gorgeous Asian woman with very expensive boobage. How on Earth can he be attracted to me? (Life lesson/Spirit Guide #7 for me learned since then, by the way. Thanks for the help, buddies!)

(Song playing: ‘Rise Above’ by Reeve Carney from the Broadway show ‘Spiderman-Turn Off The Dark’.)

The Universe was even giving me training on how to pick up on these things to sharpen the intuitive abilities I already had. It was coincidence after coincidence. How were they training me? By guiding me to television shows like ‘Lie To Me,’ which is all about deception detection. I loved the show and bought all three Seasons. Watching for hours on a binge, I aborbed it like a sponge. I took it all in. By the time I found out about my then boyfriend Derek’s addiction three years before I met Wesley, I was so good at spotting the manipulators that I could tell when almost anyone was lying to me about something.

(Song playing: ‘Is This Love?’ by Whitesnake)

Then, what started to happen shortly after meeting Kieran, is my attention would be suddenly directed to some random, out of the category, video. I clicked on because I heard the thought, “click there”. Then to the next video and then the next link and the next. YouTube videos suddenly started to pop up like this:

‘Recommended For You”

After watching a butt load of these, I started to pick up on some of his tells.

(Song: ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye)

Since my self esteem was sort of non-existent, I believed my brain when it said he could not possibly dig me. The telepathy I had recently started to experience must have been coming from his twin brother then. He was a bartender at the bar who was nice when I first arrived. He introduced me to his brother about maybe showing me a couple things. All I knew was I was feeling sudden shots of arousal at random times of the day and they all had Kieran’s energy/essence behind them, not Kirk’s energy. I don’t know how to explain it. Like, the telepathy I knew was him. He talks to me in his thoughts with the same energy in the way he talks to me in 3D. That is how I knew it was him and not his twin brother.

(Song playing: ‘So Alive’ by Love And Rockets)

It did not make sense. It couldn’t be his brother, Kirk. Kirk was hard on my eyes. I was never attracted to Kirk in the slightest. You know, Kieran and Kirk are supposed to be identical twin brothers. But, Kieran is GORGEOUS. Kirk is…well, meh. What the heck happened to their twin-ness?

(Song playing: ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams)

Anyway, I left everything I owned at the RV in Hermosa Beach with The Dildo Wesley. There was no way for me to transport anything after having given my car back to the dealership. No job, no way to make the payments. May as well give it back to them. My best friend, soulmate and ex-boyfriend Derek adopted my Jojo and M.j. kitties and took them away from the horror RV. Borrowing the money from my mother, always a last resort, was the only was the only way I could purchase a one way Amtrak ticket to get to Albuquerque New Mexico. My friend Mary said I was able to stay on her father’s property in an old beat up RV for nothing. With only a red duffel bag, my pillow and beloved pool cue strapped to my back, I left California.

So there I am in a leaky RV in the middle of a junk yard on Mary’s Dad’s property out in the sticks, 15 feet from the river. Roosters. Two roosters in the yard. One of them, named Big Fat Rooster would chase you, so you had to not look at him and walk fast to the RV entrance. It was kinda funny at first…At first. Allergies suddenly were kicking my butt. Derek, who grew up in New Mexico, told me I would have to give my nose a couple weeks to adjust. He was right.

July in Socorro New Mexico is HOT AS FUCK. Grandpa has electricity connected, but no hot water. I’m thinking no problem. It is so hot, cold showers every day sound fabulous. No front door and right next to the river, too. My roommates were the mosquitos and a mouse or two. I appreciated every inch of it because I did not have to pay anything to live there. My friend at the time, Mary, said I was able to stay until I got back on my feet. The old RV belonged to her father and it was just rotting on their property. The state provided me with EBT food benefits, so I was able to help with food.

(Song playing: ‘One Way Ticket’ by Cass Elliot)

Meanwhile, I am doing more and more research on the twin flame journey, because I was still going crazy out here. Not only that, it seems to be getting worse. Website after website after website. Angel number 1111 and what it means if you are a twin flame. What is inner child work? What is shadow work? Does my DM hear my thoughts? What the hell does DM stand for anyway?!? Why am I suddenly being more like a DUDE?! How many of these tarot videos am I supposed to watch? Which ones am I supposed to watch? It is just a coincidence that I clicked on this particular question someone asked on Quora?

The telepathy is getting stronger and more frequent, too. Worst of all, I am answering this telepathy out loud now. ‘Mhm..mhmm.” “Yes.” “No.” “Noooo.” “Stop it! Not when I am in public!” “You, butt!” Eventually, I just never took off my headphones so it always looked like I could just be talking on the phone. It would start to drive Wesley nuts because all he would hear is me making the “Mhm” sound, so he would naturally respond, “What?” I always have to tell him, “Nothing.” I meant it. I had no idea why my mouth was muttering these low responses. It was like I was having a conversation with my invisible friend, but I didn’t get to know what the conversation was about or anything.

(Song playing: ‘Halo’ by Beyonce)

The astral sex started back at the RV. Holy shit. I forgot to mention that. No way can I go into that right now, but I will at a later time.

(Song playing: ‘Erotic City’ by Prince)

Then suddenly I am writing this scribble uncontrollably. At least it started out as scribble. I did not know why or what was making me do it. I did not know what it meant, either. Were any others able to do this out of the blue? Did it trip them out like it is tripping me out?

It was coming out of my mouth, too. A different language was coming out of me that I have never heard before. I was extremely scared at to even record myself doing it.

I have no idea.
These are usually to a song.
10-21-2019 1:01am Love Letter from DM
11-17-2019 9:36pm Another Love Note from DM.

(Song playing: ‘Message In a Bottle’ by The Police)

One of my favorites.

During the last two years, I have slowly collected bits and pieces of information from channeling and telepathy that, I feel, link directly toward our future. Keep in mind, I used mostly a pendulum to ask these questions. At times, I pulled a card or two for YES/NO answers and a hint. Some answers have changed, too. If the answer does change, I usually find out it was something I needed to hear at that time.

We figure we’ll start with a list of things we now have been allowed to know or see, if you will. I feel like it is as if we have been given a sneek peek into the next few steps into our future for the sole purpose of posting it on my blog before it happens. The predictions have to be posted before Kieran makes contact after he receives my letter stating

It is to prove and document that telepathy works.

(Song playing: ‘Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About’ by Bonnie Raitt)

“Spirit, when was a time Kieran thought I was sexy?” was the question. This was the answer.

***Below are some of the songs that played during the writing and editing of this post***


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