06-28-2021 “Spirit, do I finally understand the magnitude of the powers The Divine chose to bless me with?” YES


“Spirit, how many bug bites do I have on my body in total as of right now?” 5-6

“Spirit, are you saying I have between 55 and 56 bug bites on my bod right now?” YES

I believe it, too. In the last week, I took Wayne’s dog Garth for an outing and ended up either at the river or the duck pond at the New Mexico Tech campus. Last week, we were there for about an hour. We listened to music, Garth sniffed some bushes and my ass got ATE by a stealthy load of mosquitos. I wore shorts and a t-shirt and did not think to bring bug spray. Those fuckers got me so good, so many times, in just that one afternoon.

I found out that mosquitos really really dig the O negative blood type, too.

Avoiding the river on the next walk, Garth and I headed to the duck pond to relax on a blanket and, well, watch the ducks. I got bit a few more times that afternoon. The moment I have a chance, I am going to bite the mosquitos back.

“Spirit, that five year period when mosquitos and bugs avoided me like I was The Plague, was it because of the high dosage of mood stabilizers the doctors had me on for Bipolar Disorder that made my blood bad tasting for mosquitos?” YES

“Spirit, do I even have Bipolar Disorder?” NO

How about that? Even Doctors who have practiced medicine for years and years can mis-diagnose an illness and prescribe loads of dangerous medications because of it. I thought it weird that all my ‘Bipolar Disorder symptoms’ went away after I stopped taking all that Seroquel for about a year and moved away from Wesley and the drugs.

Seven long years of taking 1000mg of Quetiapine, another name for a mood stabilizer designed to alleviate bipolar symptoms, I have one permanent medical condition as a direct result of taking all that medication every day. A bladder issue. Turns out, others have experienced the same issue after taking a long regimen of Quetiapine.

I’ve been experiencing symptoms of anxiety off and on my entire life, beginning at toddler years. Mom told me I used to bite the top of my hand out of frustration and anxiety. I still have a light scar on my left hand from the scab. As I went from toddler years to adolescent years, depression off and on hit. I could burst into tears at the drop of a hat, have it last only three minutes and then be perfectly fine.

Since these symptoms looked remarkably like mental issues, off to a therapist I went at the ripe old age of 10 or 11. I was 15 the first time I was prescribed an anti-depressant to help me with the on and off boughts of depression that would sneak up on me at any given time. Zoloft, 100mg per day. A small blue pill that took the edge off. As an example, I remember breaking up with my boyfriend Jose earlier in the day and I remember feeling pretty good considering the events that had just taken place. Perhaps, this is why the little blue Zoloft pills were called The Happy Pills.

Knowing what I now know about pharmaceutical drugs, I have to say I would not be so ready to medicate my children the way my mom was so quick to have me medicated. I mean, sure. Mom didn’t like to see me depressed or upset. She probably felt in her heart that an anti-depressant would truly help me. In retrospect, she was kind of right. I guess I did not cry as much and things did not upset me the way they did before The Happy Pills.

But ultimately, all that dope prescribed by Big Pharma, did exactly what it is supposed to do for a twin flame like myself. And that is cloud and calcify my third eye even more than what it already was. Odd that after two years of not taking all that medication, that is when the Universe decided to wake the two of us up to all this? I feel like my third eye had to shed some layers in order for me to be able to successfully utilize the ‘super powers’ given to me to help guide other twin flames on their journeys.

(Song playing: ‘In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company’ by The Dead South)

“Spirit, do I finally understand the magnitude of the powers The Divine chose to bless me with?” YES

It is about time, too.

(Song playing: ‘My Name is Human’ by Highly Suspect)

Oh come now, babe. This was not a race.

Had it been, Kieran would be the victor.

Just because he connected the dots a smidge faster in 3D than I did…he is all ‘victor’ now, huh?

Yes ma’am.

I can dig that. I like knowing that the avatar surrounding your half of our soul is not a total dunce. I like knowing you are a smart guy.

(Song playing: ‘The Power’ by SNAP)

This song pops on the playlist lots when I am being enlightened to the things I am discovering I have the capability to do. I understand what the people mean who spoke about The Secret and about how easy it is to manifest everything you truly want in life. It quite simply is just getting to the point when you can honestly say, “It will work. For some reason, I just know whatever I attempt with a positive attitude and the inner knowing that things will end up working out in my favor. I truly did not want to believe or accept that it is just this simple. It is just believing in you. Believing all this is real, which it is, and therefore knowing that the abilities you came equipped with work!

(Song playing: ‘Face in The Crowd’ by Tom Petty)

What do you want to try first?

Why do I feel like you are just as excited, if not more excited, than I am to try this magic stuff out knowing I can make it work?

You just shrugged. I felt your essence shrug. Cool how that happens.

I am going to work a spell to attract that $2299.00 the IRS was supposed to have direct deposited June 1. It is my tax refund and back stimulus payments I never received.

Dude, don’t laugh but, I kind of feel like a Jedi. I mean, I am not waving my hands across the table as I tell Oreo these are not the droids she is looking for, but I feel like I finally understand that this entire stretch of life is a simulation and I can use whatever tools and goodies I have available to me to help make my journey less bumpy.

We are healers, too, you and I. It would make so much sense. Your energy attracts the good light and would explain why I bet you have more female friends than guy friends. It would also explain why the board has told me over and over I am a Reiki Master/Healer and that all my life, I have always been a fast healer and have never gotten sick. I might have had the flu exactly five or six times in my entire life. Otherwise, I was very lucky to be a healthy kid and adult. I wonder if you had health issues growing up as a kid. Like, not just allergies.

Well, I just asked the board if you would tell me that you have more female friends than guy friends and the answer was ‘NO‘. But….hang on a second…I reworded it and asked Spirit again,

“Spirit, does Kieran have more female friends than guy friends?” NO

Oh, no shit? I dunno. I did not figure you for a man’s man. LOL Like, um..how do I say this without sounding like a Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls…um…You have never struck me as a guy who gets dirty. Or even a guy who likes to get dirty. Like, kinda prissy, but for a dude. Does that make sense?

You just called me a girl!

How on Earth did I call you a girl using the word ‘dude’?

It was totally implied, Christina.

Okay fine. I’ll come clean. The truth is, I figured you for a guy who is uptight about getting dirty, having things out of order or messy and frequently makes an ‘Eww’ face at the idea of breaking a sweat. LOL Now remember, this is what I gathered in the time I knew you in Hermosa Beach. Mr. High Maintenance. Since been woken up to all this, I bet you really are a different man. Much more tolerable. LOL I swear, there were a few times I was positive you had a 4 foot metal rod jammed straight up your ass, you were so uptight! LOL LOL

That is so not funny.

I’m sorry, hun. You know, since the awakening, my gifts have gotten stronger. I bet I read you completely wrong when I felt that you were uptight. And a priss. My radar was probably on the fritz.

The only time you never felt uptight to me was when we were hanging out at your place putting up the patio lights and chatting. Playing pool, you were nervous around me. You would even shoot the wrong ball sometimes. That was the most flattering covert hint you cold have ever given me secretly to let me know you felt distracted around me. It was the exact same for me, though. I could not focus, balance nor concentrate on my pool game when I knew you were nearby watching me. I am that crazily physically attracted to you and your awesome and sexy bod.

No, I did not get any community service for the ‘stunt’ I pulled. Judge Savaadra gave me thirty days to pay a $73 fine and told me to stay out of trouble. Done deal. It will be the best $73 I ever spent. No, I promise to not go mooning anyone else while I am out here.

Would you moon someone if they were asking for it, babe?

No way.

See? That’s the awesome balance the two of us will be able to keep to successfully maintain a stable relationship.

Whether it ends up just being a platonic/TF mission project we end up collaborating on or whether our destiny is pretty much what I have been predicting for the last couple years: marriage, family, kids, dogs, house, and a medium bizz of some sort; along side keeping my twin flame tarot buddies for basic energy readings.

Who knows? I dig not knowing. The anticipation is beginning to really do what it is meant to do and slowly rile up the excitement of knowing all this shit is going to go down the way I feel like it is going to go down.

Birthday Sex, a song by some guy I don’t know, was added to the playlist two days ago when Ado introduced me that and a couple other songs I had not heard before. Before that, and for the past 8 or 9 months, I have been saying ‘Thursday’ uncontrollably and at random times of the day. Something is happening on a Thursday and I feel like it has something to do with you.

Then, the other day out of nowhere, I heard in my head that Thursday is the day of our first date.

Let’s break this down. Take those two events, a song called ‘Birthday Sex’ oddly added to our playlist and the fact I have been muttering the word Thursday for no specific reason, and then top it off with the fact that the one reader that I had pull my cards for me in February told me Spirit told her October is when Kieran and I will be reuniting. She mentioned she smelled baked apples. So, I took a look at the calendar a few minutes ago and wouldn’t you know, your birthday falls on a Friday this year?

And to really bring this on home, Ado put the song ‘We Fell In Love In October’ by Girl in Red on the playlist a few months ago, but is starting to play more and more in the last week or two.

I just bet you could get some pretty amazing birthday sex this year if it is in the cards.

“Ahem. Spirit? Is it in the cards for future baby daddy to get birthday sex this year, 2021?” YES

(Song playing as we close this post: ‘I’ll Be Alright Without You’ by Journey)

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