05-30-2021 “Spirit, does my twin know I miss him?” NO (Wait, what?!)


(Song playing: ‘Are You Mine?’ by Arctic Monkeys)

I still think you are wrong about this. There has got to be some place in all of my twin flame journal blog posts that say I miss you. The 3D you, I mean. I tell you I love you all the time in my journal pages that get posted to my blog, babe.

I said ‘miss’, not ‘love’ and no there is not one blog post of yours that says you miss Kieran.

What, so he went though all my posts and could not find one where it says ‘I miss you’??

You started this by asking the question if he knew you missed him. You were shocked to see the answer was NO, weren’t you?

Well, YEAH.

(Song playing: ‘Crazy’ by Seal)

I speak out loud to him all the time. You know it.

You speak to me, your Divine Masculine. Not Kieran. We all thought you finally grasped onto that concept.

A smidge snarky, I don’t mind mentioning, by the way. And yes. I sorta forgot. Like walkie talkies, but more like a relay on top of that, right? DM holds the key to all the 5D conversations we have and can drop little tidbits of some of these thoughts to my twin, right? Is that how it works?

Yes and no.

That explains it.

Christina, lose the attitude.

Oh okay. I’ll behave. Was I at least on the right track? Though real quick, is being a smart ass the same as having an attitude? Because, that felt like pure smart ass coming out of me and no attitude. I was all smiles when I typed it. šŸ™‚


Not important. So then the way it works is the more of a 5D consciousness level is achieved between the twins, the more the telepathy kicks in?


You saw me ask the board real quick just now, huh?

We see everything. You know all this. Why are you-ohhh because you are

posting the info for the other twin flames, babe. You see? There is always a method to my madness.

Don’t you mean madness to your methods?

No, butt. The other one. But, that was funny. I’ve used that one before. Well played.

Are you ever going to get started on this package you want to offer?

I’m getting there. My markers are in front of me and I have a fresh piece of white paper ready to be written on.

For how long how?

Going on half an hour now. But, in my defense, I am typing this post and chatting with YOU in my head. And let’s face it. You can be a distraction up there.

How so?

Do you really need me to give examples? Besides the one we have in front of us now?

On second thought, I’m good.

Okay, so…wait. I’m gonna make a salad real quick.

Okay back. So, I’m seeing that the twin flames I do the vibe checks for are really diggin-no I only grabbed one paper towel. I don’t need more than that for this salad. And you are interrupting over a paper towel, babe. You know I need to keep the train of thought going or it will jump the track.

You are right. I’m sorry. Please continue.

I was thinking combine two of the three options I have already. It’s like a grab bag reading. Tarot, pendulum Q&A, Spirit Guide Count and the life lessons each are assigned to help with along their twin flame’s journey. All that would take about an hour, depending on how many Spirit Guides they have at the time of the reading.

That sounds like a fantastic idea. You should really stop this for now and do Matthew’s reading. He is your one steady paying client. Put his first.

You getting all businessman on me now?


Oh fine. But, you’re right. And I know you are right. Okay, I’ll jet for now.

Good girl.

I really like when I hear that in my head and I know it’s you.

I know you do.

What was I going to do right now?

Matthew’s reading.

Ah yes. Thanks.

I am better than your Google Assistant. When you listen to me, that is…

Oh don’t worry. I don’t listen to my Google Assistant either.

Holy shit I just finished this at 11:11am!

Crap. Just missed the snap.

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