05-29-2021 Spirit, were all four Beatles starseeds? NO (Just John, Paul and George.)


John and Yoko were twin flames. Paul McCartney and George Harrision were starseeds. Ringo…well, he played percussion.

It makes sense though, doesn’t it?

If you think about what the purpose of a starseed is, it makes total sense. Here is the best webpage I have found to describe what a starseed is and what our purpose is here on Earth.

For those who do not feel like cruising over to the website to check it out right this second, here is a snippet and pretty much sums it all up:

Guess what other pair are twin flames? Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood.

Starseeds? Directors James Cameron, Oliver Stone and M. Night Shyamalan. Maynard James Keenan of the band Tool. Writer Stephen King. The song ‘Pneuma’ is just one song by Tool I can give you to let us all know something else is going on.

Here is a link to the lyrics and song ‘Pneuma’: https://genius.com/Tool-pneuma-lyrics

Think about the movies they direct. Oliver Stone gave us JFK to let us know about the conspiracy with Jack’s death. James Cameron gave us the Terminator movies to let us know the dangers of A.I.

Sound incredible? No way could this all be true, right? But, you know something is off, correct? Something weird is going on. Hell, you are a twin flame reading this. This whole thing we call reality is really just a combination of the movies The Matrix, The Truman Story and They Live.

Thank you Google Images for the snips.

See, watch. Get a load of this:

“Spirit, is the book The Stand by Stephen King an example of a starseed trying to give the human race subtle hints as to what is really going on here on Earth?” YES

“Spirit, same with The Matrix and The Truman Story?” YES

“Spirit, is the origin of our soul from Lyra and Sirius? YES

“Spirit, is our soul extra-terrestrial?” YES

“Spirit, what percentage of the humans on Earth have extra-terrestrial souls?” 8

“Spirit, you mean eight percent? YES

“Spirit, eighty percent? NO

Just making sure. But, trip out, huh?

Ever see the movie ‘Lady In The Water’? M. Night Shyamalan directed it.

Thanks again Google Images for the snip.

I thought it weird that this movie resonated with me so much and I could not figure out why. The flick wasn’t a box office smash or anything either, that I recall. (Just checked Rotten Tomatoes and it received one star. Ouch. It wasn’t that bad.)

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the ‘messenger’ essentially, and M. Night Shyamalan gave himself the part of the young writer who lives with his sister and is battling some writer’s block. Aside from everything else in the story, what stood out most to me was someone was sent to sent someone else an important message about their future because of a book they are writing. In the movie, Story tells him that his book will end up making an impact on this other person’s life who discovers the book in the library. Great and wonderful changes for humanity all because of some of the ideas some dude had about what is really going on here on Earth and other kid who read the book and used it as his tool to make these changes for all humanity. That is what resonated with me.

How many of you twin flames have been ‘guided’ to write either a blog or a book about your experiences as a twin flame? How many of you twin flames have no clue you are actually working on your twin flame mission by doing this? Some of you discovered you have the crazy cool gift of being able to pull tarot cards and be pretty spot on about it. Some of you went even further and started YouTube channels to help guide others who are just beginning to wake up to their journeys. I don’t know about you, but I was extremely grateful to all those who have spent their time making videos or creating websites for me to get information on just what the hell was happening all around me and pretty all of the fucking sudden.

Turns out, this Great Awakening thing that got kicked off in 2012 sometime, includes not just twin flames, but loads and loads and lightworkers and starseeds.

The good guys. That’s us lightworkers, starseeds, twin flames. The Jedi, if you will.

The bad guys are the one’s trying to stop the good guys help raise the vibration on Earth. The Empire. These are the narcissists placed in the lives of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Every toxic relationship you have ever had. These humans were built to destroy the very innards of anyone they can, and especially a twin flame or starseed. Anyone destined for greatness with regard to making life better, is going to have an invisible target on their back their entire lives. Soul origin could be reptilian. And all this goes way, way back. I have not even checked out the Cabal yet. The rabbit hole just goes deeper and deeper.

(I just re-read what I just wrote in the last few paragraphs and had the thought, “You know, had I read this 10 years ago and it was someone else’s blog, I would think they were nuts.”)

And speaking of Star Wars,

“Spirit, when I sing this song out loud, ‘I Can Tell’ by 504 Boyz, thinking of my twin, does our vibration go up? YES

Hee hee. I bet it does.

“Spirit, is my twin feeling sexy as fuck like I have been feeling tonight? He knows he’s sexy, right? NO

Wait, huh?

“Spirit, Kieran does not know he is drop dead gorgeous??? NO

There you go with that. I told you. It is the same thing with you.

No, I know now, but I dunno. For some reason right now, it just really hit me that you truly didn’t know how handsome you are. Like, I figured I was just the last one to find out how many ladies wanted you at that bar.

You know, I really wasn’t expecting you to jump in on this post.

When do you ever expect me to jump in?

Ah, true.

What was I saying?

That you think my 3D bod is way babalicious.

That’s it. I do. I really do. I felt like such a perv for snapping that picture of your butt at the saloon that day. And here I was bashing Derek for doing the same thing when we were dating, pre-Wesley.

I can’t believe you did that.

I know, I know. Me neither. Not at the time, anyway. Now, hell yeah. I’ve changed since that touch on my hand you gave me that night. Tons more confident. Actually, now that I think of it, I started noticing things were off, but in a good way, when I broke up with Derek. Then Wesley not long after and right to Hermosa Beach where I walked to the nearest bar with a pool table and struck up a conversation with a nice bartender who mentioned his twin brother was pretty good at pool and could probably show me a few things.

I do think you are smart. You keep playing that care ride in your head lately.

Well yeah…it was the one compliment you had ever given me and it came from your brother of all people. That was a huge sign that you dug me and did not want me to know.

Oh and the double take you did that first night I got all dolled up and you caught a quick glimpse of me. I will never forget your face! Priceless!

I did not know what to do.

LOL About what???

You looked so beautiful. I had to run out of there. I could never talk to you. My mouth would not work properly unless I had some booze in me first.

I did not understand that the first time I heard that thought from you. But, when I was suddenly ‘guided’ to binge the entire season of The Big Bang Theory…Raj…it made more sense. Good God and then when I had to go through what YOU go through when I am near a girl I am attracted to, that was NOT fun. You poor thing. No man should have to go through that kind of anxiety when speaking to a pretty girl.

It sucks, doesn’t it?


So um, and this is way off the subject, but…so like, did you really only go after women with not much brains because smart women intimidate you?

Why not just ask your board?

Do I detect a pinch of something there? And of course I am going to ask my board. Again.

THAT’S why the pinch of something was detected in your head from me. You have asked more than once. You have written it down more than once. Why are you asking again?

Babe, I like to see if the answer chaaaanges. šŸ™‚

I can smell it.


The shit you are full of right now.

Ouch. Fine, I won’t ask. But, only because we all know the answer is YES!!! BUAH-HAHAHA!!

(I’m fast forwarding through this song. ‘Brothers In Arms’ by Dire Straits.)

It’s really not that funny, Christina.

Then why can’t I stop giggling? That would be a pretty clear indication I thought it was pretty funny, babe.

I did not think it was possible to hear a sigh through telepathy. That was cool. Do it again. šŸ™‚

You can be so immature.

You would rather I be boring, would ya?

One can be mature and not be boring.

LIES! Prove it! Oh wait. You were referring to the 3D embodiment of you, weren’t you?

I am pretty sure I just heard you nod.

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