04-16-2021 Duuude, I’m tired. Lots of Arby hours.

Less time on the computer and less time to pull cards. Less time to journal like I used to. I keep hearing I should make myself a schedule and follow it. Why do I have such a hard time doing that? Lack of self discipline, I suppose.

It is 8:55pm on 04-16-2021. I went in at 11 and by 7:30pm I was BEAT. My shift manager Brianna may have noticed my energy level had gone way down, because she asked me if I wanted to go home early. This was at 7:30pm.

Do I want to go home early after coming in at 11?! You bet your ass I’d love to go home early! I have 37 hours this week. I can afford to leave a half hour early today.

(Listening to the best jam while typing. Take a listen.)

Deposited the paycheck, grabbed me a six pack, messaged Adonnis that I did not feel like company tonight, hit my weed connect for some green and shrooms, then headed home.

Just Oreo and myself. Kicking it. Oh yeah. I cannot forget my new roommate, Monica. She is the spirit of a little girl who was here when I moved in a few days ago.

I shit you not.

She is the reason I want to pour more of my time into something other than what I have in common with my twin flame.

Spirit told me more than once the gifts I have can help me find people who have gone missing. I was scared to put this into action before, but now that I live with one of the three cases I have been guided toward, I may as well start now.

I have asked all the twin flame questions I can ask for now. When others pop into my head, I will ask them.

For now, let’s concentrate of utilizing some of these medium-ish gifts for another greater good.

I am aware that it is “a lot” and not “alot”. This confirms Monica is coming out through my writing. I corrected her on the next page and she underlined it for me. I gave her a happy face.

Trip out, huh?

I talk to her every day. I asked if she hangs out with me every day. The answer was YES. I also asked if she goes back and forth between this house and her parent’s home and, again, the answer was YES.

If I were better at YouTube video editing, I would draw a circle around Monica’s orb as it floats by from the middle left of the screen to the right at about the 1 min 26 second mark. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind letting me get her on camera. We talk every day. She is anxious for me to get to work on getting news to her parents for their closure. She has flickered my lights three times since being here. I told her it was a cool way to let me know she is around. Plus, Oreo Kat will start acting way funny and will avoid the living area.

Notice the different handwriting styles on this last page.

Wait, real quick:

“Spirit, did I turn off my little space heater twenty minutes ago and just forgot I turned it off? NO

“Spirit, did Monica turn my space heater off? YES

My space heater has not once once turned itself off. In fact, I specifically heard the three long beeps it gives after you press the OFF button as it slowly turns off.

She pressed the button! How frickin cool is that?!

I have always wanted to experience this kind of thing and I had to move to New Mexico to get it.

Although, I did ask that I see no apparitions. I’d have a heart attack. It’s one thing to be able to hear them and communicate with them, but to see them? Uh-uh.

So yeah. I figure I am going to get as much information as I can on her and then start with the local missing persons website to try and find her. Once I find her there, I can find out through that site about how to try and locate her parents. I am not sure going to the authorities for this is a good idea. One step at a time, though.

Oh wow. Didn’t I ask Spirit one time if I was ever an investigator in a past life? I didn’t, I?

“Spirit, have I ever asked if I was an investigator in a past life? YES

Yeah see, that’s what I thought.

“Spirit, the answer was YES, right?” YES

Here is the link to one of the short sessions I have had with Monica. Others are uploaded to my YouTube channel along with my regular journal entry videos. I do not post all of them on my blog.

I’m off to get ready for work. 5-10 shift tonight. Rock on.

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