03-20-2021 Spirit, am I going to land that job at Arby’s? YES


Spirit also said YES when I asked if I was going to land that job at The Hip Hop Shop, too. Perhaps The Universe knew that, deep down, I did not want to sell meth pipes and E cigarette puff bars for a stretch of 8 hours at a time. Good lookin’ out, Universe.

Now, if I could only get those stimulus and tax refund deposits, I’d be much less stressed out about making my escape from this mobile home park. I’m going to speak with the IRS tomorrow and let them know that they must have my correct information or I would not have received the letter to call them in the first place. There is no reason I should not be able to register for their online user portal on the IRS.gov website when the information they have already is the same information I was entering into their registration application online. This is just to get a previous tax year transcript of mine so they can verify one other way that I am indeed Christina Torres. I could shoot her a selfie with my New Mexico state ID or a fuckin’ Facebook chat that says, “Yo girl, it’s me,” and we could be done with the whole verifying of my identify in less than 5 minutes. I just don’t get it. Want to give me my stimulus and tax refund? Jump through hoops. I mention that Donald Trump is going meet an untimely demise within the next 5 years involving a “car accident”, and believe me, the government is going to know what my identity is. (Besides, that Donald Trump thing was just some dumb vision. I doubt it will happen. I am sure that there is no coincidence that one other psychic and The Simpsons television show predicted his death as well. Wouldn’t that be some shit if we were all right?)

The first day of spring marked the first day that I did not need to put on a sweater to go outside in the morning to feed the kitties. There was no need to wear pajamas last night, either. I have not turned on my little space heater in almost a week. It is truly glorious. In fact, I don’t know why I am not in a pair of shorts right now.

The Universe suggests videos for you to watch using the ‘Recommended For You’s, so I figured it was the same with the Instagram follows. Yo, if you are a twin flame, go get yourself a pendulum!

The only television entertainment I’ve been giving myself for the last few months is binging one of my favorite television shows ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Derek lets me use his HBO Max password. Bits and pieces of the show are really resonating with me lately in a way they never have before. Weird, no? I did, at one point, ask Spirit if there was any specific reason I was binging this show and the answer was NO. I decided to ask about some of the things that were oddly resonating.

*thank you Google Images*

It is not a “chef school”. It is called a Culinary Academy, Christina.

Learning takes place in school, que no? Do you learn to be a chef at a Culinary Academy?


Then it is a Chef School, isn’t it? Logically?

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.


Technical difficulties, I presume.

This next part, I even explain in a video. You can view it after the picture.

I have read that it is common for one twin to pick up a hobby that their twin has prior to meeting. For us, it was billiards. My twin has been playing pool for forever and a half and I picked it up pretty quickly about 6 months before I met him.

Excuse me just a moment.

Holy CHRIST, if I hear the word “cocky” one more time in my head….I swear to JOE, I’m gonna…

Oh, don’t be so dramatic, Christina. You were a cocky player. That is why lots of people did not like to play with you. COCKY.

Wait, who? Who did not want to play with me?

Lots of people. Unless they knew they could beat you. You were always there and never off the table. You had a big mouth. You did not notice that it was always the same people who took over the table from you?

Holy whoa, babe. You got balls for speaking such truth.

I ever tell you I find that attractive in a dude? 🙂

Anyhoo, I figured since I am inheriting some of my Divine Masculine’s human traits, why couldn’t my new hobby that he is so good at be one of them? And, since my Divine Masculine’s energy can take over my body at times, why not during the times I am playing pool? There were a few times I felt something was a little…off…about how I was suddenly shooting at the cue ball.

The song playing as I close this post is: https://genius.com/Buckcherry-crazy-bitch-lyrics


K, bye ya’ll.

And no more main stream television.

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