03-03-2021 Spirit, are the heart palpitations I have experienced the last week a direct result of my twin thinking of me in 3D? YES.

Doing my Matthew McConaughey impression, “Well, alright, alright, alright.” It has been every day for the last 6 days I’ve been feeling these heart pow-pows. All about the same time of day, now that I think about it. Now. It is 3:48pm MTN. It feels like a couple of THUD THUD heart pumps and then it’s gone. Wait, just to be sure,

Spirit, do the heart palpitations I have right now have anything to do with my smoking weed at the moment? NO.

See? If you are a twin flame reading this and wonder whether or not your DM is ever thinking of you, when you feel those heart palps, that is how you know. 🙂

Wait, real quick:

Spirit, does Kieran want to go “crazy on me”? YES

That is the song playing as I edit this particular entry.

For all the lyrics and a snippet of the song, click here —–> https://genius.com/Heart-crazy-on-you-lyrics

Now, I have no idea if this is true or not with this new soulmate, but I am totally down. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Who am I to argue with the Universe?

Fast forward a little later in the day.

I had wondered why if T.K.G.D.K was not somehow threatened by me, even in the slightest, why would there be a need to rush home the night she came home early to catch us drinking a beer, putting up patio lights and getting ready to install an app on his Amazon Firestick?

I’ve been asking question #7 for a few months now. Oliver Stone, James Cameron, M. Night Shyamalan. Maynard James Keenan of the band Tool. They are all Starseeds. And those are just four I asked about. It sounds nuts, I know. Imagine the Universe trying to subtly advise the masses of what is really going on by planting Starseeds to make music and movies to gives us hints. I know you know at least one person who has said, “There is a little bit of truth in all movies.” That is not by accident.

Here is a snippet from a page from the following website: https://www.starseedallianceinternational.com/what-is-a-starseed.html

All twin flames are starseeds, but not all starseeds are twin flames. There are more starseeds websites that name lists of characteristics to see if you truly are a starseed. I started by Googling ‘what’s a starseed?’

Today’s post was short. I’m off to begin tomorrow’s post.

Remember, you’re not crazy. Just a spiritual being having a human experience.

No more mainstream news and media, k? It’s poison.

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