02-20-2021 Spirit, is Kieran really in New Mexico? NO.

Spirit, I’m not really a twin flame am I? NO

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4 thoughts on “02-20-2021 Spirit, is Kieran really in New Mexico? NO.

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    1. Oh no no. 🙂 It’s totally cool. I was more upset with the fact that I felt like I was being played with by the Universe and no longer knew what to believe. After a reading from a new dear friend, she just confirmed what I was thinking was the issue: CONTROL. I needed to let go of the control of needing to know when it was going to happen. I don’t care when it does, but don’t tell me a day and not be serious about it. I felt like, just tell me “We’re not going to tell you.” Turns out my free will got in the way and I was the one asking the questions about the time frame. What I need to get is a board with the words NO ANSWER AT THIS TIME. 🙂

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      1. I have a hard time with this as well, giving up the control of when and where and how and why not etc. I didn’t think I was a controlling person until I started this journey and had to just release and let go and just be present for what is actually happening. Btw I heard from DM this past weekend. He was responding to an email I sent him (again I am controlling the situation and not waiting for him to make his move if he was going to). I asked him to meet me for a coffee when the lockdown is over and it was safe to do so. He said he wants to see me and make me a coffee instead of meeting for one.
        I like the idea of “no answer at this time” spot on your board. Or “you do not need to know yet”. Love you. ❤❤❤😊


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