02-05-2021 Journal Time With BOTH Pendulum and Scrabble Letters!

The story is getting juicy, too! Remember now, I have had zero contact with Kieran for two years. Wanting to break a little of the monotony, I decided to pull letters a bit more today while journal writing. It was a blast! We’re finding things out about what some of the things that were going on that I did not know were going on. I am quite sure there is a better way to write that last sentence, but you get what I am trying to say, right?

First, I asked Spirit to give me a message with regard to some of Kieran’s favorite memories of any interactions between the two of us. I got this:

No, that is not ‘FIESTA‘. That blank tile on the end there is supposed to be the letter Y and the word is supposed to be FEISTY. You might be feisty too if someone came out to ream you for smoking weed outside the back of a bar three times after you said you weren’t smoking weed to begin with the first time he walked out. It was fun, though.

The CAR RIDE when I was nervous as fuck. Scared to death to even look at him and scared to death that I was going to scratch his truck.

The DATE was what I like to refer to as the ‘Stella’s Kodi’ night. Not really a date, but that’s to which Spirit was referring.

The JOB was when I got to work for him during the grand opening of the posh hospice place. And dude, I heard you giggle that day when I was cleaning up the bathroom and I bent over the toilet to grab a quarter I saw on the floor. I went, ‘Ooh! A quarter!” and I heard you GIGGLE as you walked by. Don’t deny it. I heard you.

Real quick,

Spirit, does Kieran bite his nails often? YES

I only ask because I noticed I have been doing it tons more lately.

I’m the tarot reader. He is the hospital guy.

These next two are when I asked Spirit to give me a message with regard to our twin flame missions. Keep in mind, I always ask Spirit if the board is correct before I take the picture. Sometimes there are left over letters. Sometimes there are not. So long as the intended message comes out and is received correctly, I’m good. The TAROT READER pull is obviously me. The COCONUTY is reference to the movie ‘Despicable Me’. It is definitely one of my favorites. I asked Spirit if it was one of Kieran’s favorite movies as well and the answer was YES. He works at a HOSPITAL.

I noticed two more things in his pull at the bottom in that pool of left over letters. Can you see what they are?

Next, I was curious about how Kieran and I have known each other in past lives. In the next pull of letters, I found out we were brother and sister in a past life. We worked together in another. I was a corrections officer and he a criminal in one past life. And the last you see there was a guy who won a contest for chopping wood. I was his girl. He was the WOOD WINNER.

Trip out. On with today’s journal entry:

Someone thought it would be a good idea for me to start recording these sessions. So, I did. First, I started with voice recordings. I’ve moved onto video. I just sit at my desk doing what I do, but now with a camera running in the background. I have the video as UNLISTED on my YouTube channel so that only those with the link can view it. I figure only a minute few would really be interested in seeing me just sit there and speak with my DM and Spirit while smoking weed. If you are one of those, you will have to find the hidden link on this post.

Moving on. These next questions were just randos. (Random questions that come to me for no real specific reason.)

Aluna Ash. Not Luna Ash.

Just found this link: http://thewatcherfiles.com/alien_races.html

Decided to stop the questions and just played with my letters and pendulum. I asked for any message DM would want to give me at that moment. We pulled some letters from the box.

After I pulled the letters and got what you see in the next picture, the first thing I asked Spirit was, “Spirit, is that supposed to be QUIT THE WEED ?”

The answer: NO. Phew!

Then I figured it out. In a nutshell, someone has been abstinent and there is a GRILL in my future. (Or at least someone is grilling in my future.) About NINE WEEKs-ish, I’d say, but I never trust the time frames. The Universe keeps changing things up and Spirit won’t tell me because it supposed to be a surprise. Something is supposed to hit me out of the blue. Sounds good to me! I love surprises. 🙂

Next, I asked Spirit to pretend I was Kieran pulling the letters out of the box for a message for him about me. I got this:

Then after taking a break and coming back to the table, I asked for another message for me and got this out of the letters.

And last night before going to bed, I pulled this out:

Hard as a rock and listening to Twisted Sister, were you?

Night ya’ll. I’ll post today’s entry tomorrow. Please stop watching main stream television. You are not crazy. Not this time.

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