02-04-2021 THIS is what guys experience when they are scared to talk to women?!


Yesterday, I hung out with the neighbors Alicia and her husband Brett. Dude, she KISSED me. No, not in front of Brett. But, wanna know what happened before that? Here we go:

*snipped from Google Images*
*snipped from Google Images*

‘The Big Bang Theory’ is one of my favorite television shows. I’ve seen every episode but the last season. Derek let me use his login for HBO Max so I can finish the series. If you have not seen the show, Raj is one of four nerd buddies. The other three can speak to girls, but Rajesh is unable to speak to women unless he has alcohol in him. It’s adorable. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it.

The thing is, is Raj gets off easy by just clamming up and going silent. What I experienced last night when Alicia was here while we were hanging out was HORRIBLE. Normally, with men, I am aggressive and have no problem flirting with them and telling them I’d like a Budlight with a lemon wedge after I beat them at a game of pool. (Yeah, I was that cocky.)

Sorry, hang on a moment.

I don’t see what there is to ‘acknowledge‘. I have already admitted to playing with girls. And besides, no one asked you. I was in the middle of something here. Be right back while I scroll up to type in ***DM THOUGHTS IN BOLD***

And how many times are you going to play this song today? ‘Witchy Woman’ by The Eagles. It is only on the playlist once, I do believe, and I have not hit shuffle since the last time it played. Err wait…have I?

See, you don’t even know.

Why are you interrupting?

You know what I was going to say.

Nope. I forgot.

Don’t start that shit.

Oh fine. I stuttered, stammered, and could barely look her in the eye. I was extremely nervous. The words would just not come out when I wanted to speak when she was looking at me. Then, there was the night before when she was brushing her boob against my hand at the fence and these were the thoughts flooding through my head all in a span of 20 seconds, “Oh my gosh. Her boob is touching my hand and she knows it is and she is keeping it there! I don’t know what to do! Do I move my hand? I mean, how long should I keep my hand there?? She must like it there, right? Because it’s STILL THERE! And is that make-up she put on? She doesn’t normally wear make-up. It looks good. I mean she looks good. Oh my gosh am I a nerd for thinking ‘it’ instead of ‘she”? Should I tell her she looks nice? Because she does. I’m not gonna tell her that though. Or should I? Will she think I’m all INTO her or something? It could be a nice compliment, wait no, it would look like I am coming on to her, won’t it?? Oh God, HELP!”

That’s right. All that in 20 seconds in my head. Maybe less. It was a bee hive in there. I can assure you, I never go through that when I want to talk to a guy. NEVER.

It’s not funny, Kieran. It was horrible. I felt so bad to find out that is what guys can go through when they are trying to talk to a woman they dig. Though, I did get to make out with her after I grew some balls. Oh and pounded a beer and a half to loosen up. I totally get it now, dude.

See? Raj does get off easy.

I cannot believe this song just popped on after what I am typing about now.

Check out all the lyrics and a quick few beats of the song here: —–> https://genius.com/Meg-myers-running-up-that-hill-lyrics

I love when that music stuff happens! Anyway, moving on:

Alica tells me bones of bodies were found in Albuquerque recently.

I have not even looked at the article. No idea of any details other than 11 bodies found. This is just what came out. Details sometimes make no sense at one time then lead to another that does. I dunno. Plus, I could always be wrong. Spending more time on this stuff could prove to be beneficial. Just need more time before we get there. We’re just journaling and posting it. That’s all.

Ugh, right? How about a change of pace after that.

After question #35 you see below, I decided to ask Spirit for one message with the letters to place on the space left on the paper. Just one message, three pulls of letters. This is what I got out of them.

I also asked Spirit if the left over letters were the specific letters that were supposed to be left over and the answer was YES.

*snipped from my 01-20-2021 journal entry. I’d sent him a picture of my healed pit bull bite.*

I should also mention that last night, I pulled letters while Alicia was in the bathroom and got letters that gave me:


I am, babe. I even UN-installed the Tinder app. (What was I thinking? Swipe Right my ass.)

Now, it’s ‘Rhiannon’ by Stevie Nicks. I love this. 🙂

Signs and Syncs For Today

*snipped from https://portalsbrain.com/717-twin-flame/*

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