01-30-2021 Spirit, are there TFs who AGREED to NO CONTACT physical separation prior to incarnating on Earth? YES.

A few months ago, I advertised tarot readings for $8 a pop in my local barter and trade Facebook group. In the comments, one lady told me it was devils work and said she would pray for me. I died.

I responded with this GIF:

On to today’s journal entry. I threw in the only thing I had from the day before below. I think this is all just for Kieran. How on Earth we could get redheads with my dark brown hair is beyond me, but hey. I could be wrong about ALL this.

If you are a twin flame reading this and in a no contact thing with your twin right now, wouldn’t this next question make you feel better? It sure did for me. Plus I swear, mine never shuts up in my head sometimes. Maybe he is where I get my mouth. Ever think of that babe?

July or August 2019 was the last contact I had with Kieran. I sent two or three of my legs after the pit bull bite.

These next ones are creepy.

08-09-2020 I also see a car crash for the Trumpster in the future. But, I could be wrong.

And again, creepy.

Moving on.

That last one goes toward credibility, You know, confirm I am not crazy over here.

These next ones are a bit scary for me.

12 sneezes trying to decide what to watch that night with Adonnis.

Laters ya’ll. Please stop watching main stream television.

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