01-22-2021 Homemade Tarot Card Time!

Today’s songs on the playlist are all the same like yesterday. They are either about sex or ‘I’m ready’ for either love or babies. It’s pretty adorable. I got a pretty late start today. The sun did not pop out until after noonish and it’s been pretty chilly in the house. Kept it closed up.

The picture below is the reading I gave for a new friend I met on Facebook in a light language group. Her and I have the same type of codes that come out and that is what made us start chatting. I want to see if she will let me post the video of the reading I gave her. It’s PG, but you know, personal. Though, nothing was negative and all it was was positive. I felt an older energy wanting her to dance more. I must have heard “dance dance more” five times during her reading. Turns out, she loves to dance and it is what helps relieve her stress. Trip out on the medium stuff. The ‘cycles getting ready to complete’ you see there in the teal ink actually also came out in a card in the same reading for her.

See? I can’t make this shit up, folks. That card pull was AFTER I wrote it out on the pic.

Journal time.

Honestly, knowing this makes this whole thing better. 🙂 It’s like a game. Let’s see how much we can figure out about each other just using telepathy and super psychic super powers.

Actually, that may change. He forgot about his baby cousin’s shin dig this evening.

In the middle of my session, something wanted a quick pull from the Magnetic Poetry box – The Erotic Edition. What you see there is what I came up with out of the words I grabbed after a good shuffle. LOL

And then he wanted our cards pulled. This is 32 cards out of just under 600 cards that I started making almost two years ago:

That last one says ‘starseed You’re a starseed’ and was my Spirit Guide #2. You can see it in black light much better.

The ‘Instagram Texts’ from the top left card refers to the last text I sent him letting him know I understood why silence was necessary for us to heal and that he could take all the time he needed before contacting me. I let him know I would never hold it against him. Something along those lines. The silence was hard until I started really waking up to all this and realized why it was so necessary for us in our journeys.

Dig that last one in red. Talia lesson there. In the past I would get right up into someone’s face and call them a narcissistic bitch.

‘Go within’ was from my Spirit Guide #2.

Hee hee.

Ahem. Moving on.

In the last week, I have dreams of Kieran three times. All three times they were happy dreams. We were doing things together and he was happy to be doing them with me. He was not hiding or trying to get away from me in the dreams this time. These three are the only dreams with him in them that I have liked waking up to since this whole journey began three years ago. All the other dreams I have had about him sucked. I’d wake up sad or pissy.

He really was pissed at me. I felt so bad. He did me this huge solid letting me work with him and his brother at this new posh hospice place’s new opening and I was late the first day. First, he had his brother ream me on the way to the job. Ouch. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Kieran avoided me by walking so fast away from me when I would approach him, if he was wearing red, he’d have looked like The Flash.

I Guess I am Trying A Spell

So, I am sitting there and I wrote egg shells = prosperity out of the blue. Then the rest started to flow. I just listened and wrote. What is crazy is while I wrote, from the playlist the song ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd popped on. Along with, well just see for yourself:

I mean, why not at least TRY it, right?

Everything else seems to be working. Why wouldn’t this work considering I know what I know about some of my ancestors? I’m not done channeling the rest of the spell, but I will try and wrap it tonight. I wonder if I will have to dance naked under a full moon? I’d be down, sure, but man it’s been chilly at night the last few weeks.

Not only that, about two hours ago, after all this, I received a call from the owner of the Hip Hop Shop where I put in an application for an interview. It’s this Sunday. There is only one other girl that works there and she pulls 10 hour shifts. The owner is the only other employee. The staff there is way cool. I will fit in perfect.

Watch me work this spell and I get hired. Wouldn’t that be some shit?

Coincidence Count: a bazillion and 32.

Today’s Syncs – Lyric snips courtesy of Genius.com

Pretty cool, huh?

Tonight’s sunset.

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