01-03-2021 Do I really need the board?


Why not just type all this out? I can type a hell of a lot faster than I write down these questions. Sure, not everything I write is going up here, but now that I figured out how to communicate with my spirit guides using my pendulum, why couldn’t this be faster?

Why is it I do not need to ask questions out loud to make the pendulum move the way I want? I can stare at it and tell it to move counterclockwise. Then tell it to start moving clockwise. It does it. I don’t have to say it out loud. Why? Did all this come with awakening to this twin flame journey? How many others can do this and what do they do with these powers? The answers shock the shit out of me sometimes, too.

Currently at Adonnis and Talia’s house hanging out. He adds songs to the playlist and we listen while I type and he plays Pokemon on his Nintendo Switch.

I use the pendulum for confirmation. Now that I have distinguished my own thoughts from my spirit guides and DM, this is tons easier.

First, some board play:

Spirit, you wanna play? (( )) she spins in circles when I start each session asking Spirit if it wants to play.

Spirit, is Talia home right now? NO

Spirit, how many energies are in the room at the moment? 6

Spirit, are those energies Adonnis, Me, DM, Manson kitty, The Sun and my Grandma? MAYBE

***scratches head***


Spirit, is that because DM’s energy is already in Adonnis? YES

I forgot about that. See? I am figuring out how to use this.

Spirit, is the sixth energy in the room Talia’s mom? NO

Talia’s mama passed away two years ago.

Spirit, is the sixth energy Mandrake kitty? YES

Awe shit. That’s right. He must be sleeping under Ado’s bed.

Spirit, was Kieran aware I was taking pictures of his ass that one day at the saloon when he was talking to Haley with his back turned? NO

Ruh-roh. Okay yes. I’m a perv.

Spirit, is Kieran really reading my blog? YES

Spirit, for reals? YES

I like to keep asking to see if the answer changes. I haven’t any clue if Spirit is telling me the truth on everything else but this or what.

Or, he could really be reading this. In which case, I am so glad I covered that one question I posted a week or two back. Gulp.

Spirit, is there a gaming system in my future? YES PS5

I heard that thought loud and clear “PS5

Spirit, was that a spirit guide that popped the thought PS5 in my head? NO

Spirit, was that PS5 thought one of DM’s? YES

***Ado actually added ‘Hey, Good Lookin’ by Hank Williams because it just popped on. He is 24. What does he know about Hank Williams?? He switched from Pokemon to Mario Galaxy.**


Wait, I’m not asking this.

Oh come on.

Fine. I don’t know why this is a big deal.

Then why not just post it?

Spirit, does Kieran like how I drin

Not ‘like’. LOVE.

Really? K. Spirit, does Kieran LOVE how I drink a beer? YES

You are doing this for your own 3D self kicks, aren’t you?! I love it 🙂

Wait, when have you ever seen me drink beer?

No wait. Don’t answer that. I remember lots of times you could have seen me drink beer.

I worked at the bar where you drank beer. I served you beer. I had you bring over a six pack to my house and we drank beer in the same room. I have seen you drink beer on many occasions.

Thus, the reason I said, “No wait. Don’t answer that.”

You are such a smart ass.

Yep yep. I know.

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