12-20-2020 Using Magic To Chat With My Spirit Guides.

Someone stopped smoking, kind of. And someone stopped gambling, kind of.

I was sitting at my board doing these questions and asked my spirit guides to assign each other a number between one and seven to distinguish them from each other. What I did was let the pendulum swing in a circle until they were done assigning each other numbers. My pendulum swings in a circle when it is going from one answer to the next and then swings straight when it gives the answer it wants to give. What I found particularly adorable, is that it took them forever to do it. I kept letting the pendulum swing in circles and would say, “Whenever you guys are ready, just swing YES. Whenever you’re ready. I am just waiting for the YES to tell me you each have a number assigned to you. When you’re done just swing YES. Whennnnnnever you’re ready.” At one point, I swear I heard, “We’re almost done.” I felt like they were, like, not fighting over who got to be what number, but they were definitely having some discussion over who got to be which number.

And they are right. I cannot sit still. Never could. Mom will tell you. She was always telling me to sit still. Dad can’t sit still either.
I know I can find this missing kid who is now a 34 year old man.

Listen to this. Early February of this year, I went to the local bar to play pool. It is called The Capitol Bar and it has been open a very long time. It is one of the oldest buildings in Socorro. I channeled one spirit there already and lost the notebook I wrote in, or I would post that conversation.

This one particular day was weird. I felt fine, drove to the bar and had my usual, a Bud Light in a bottle with a lemon wedge. I sat down in the back patio area sipping my beer when suddenly I felt wrong. Just pissy. I do not know why, as I had not come into contact with anyone who aggravated me or anything like that. I was just suddenly no longer in the mood to play pool and wanted to leave.

I pounded the beer and left, not even taking my pool cue out of the case. I muttered negativity all the way home to myself, mostly about this journey. “Fuck this,” and “Fuck that…” “I don’t give a fuck anymore,” yadda yadda yadda. Sleep is what I wanted the moment I got home. Pissed at the entire world.

I sleep either naked or, for some reason, just pajama bottoms. This particular night, I wore just pajama bottoms. I bite my nails and always have. I woke up the next morning to a burning sensation on my right knee. When I pulled down my bottoms, this is what I found causing the burning:

I knew it was not me that scratched my knee.

I got in the shower and out loud, told whatever it was that came home with me was sure as shit NOT welcome in my house and told it to leave. This was before I had any idea I may have had some power to get rid of it. I figured my words would be enough. I guess they were not enough, because only three days later, I happened to come up on something that did do the trick:

Oreo Kittee
I really have no clue if this is correct, but it sounds like a cool movie preview.

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