04-23-2020 It’s a Beautiful Day. I Feel A Pull though…

***DM thoughts are in BOLD type***


**ching!** = the little fast pops of arousal I get when my DM is thinking about me.

You know what’s weird about music since ‘waking up’ 3 years ago is I noticed I added songs to my playlist from artists like Blackmill and I had never heard of them before. But, I have noticed that a lot of their music is on other Twin Flame playlists. It’s like we are guided to dig the same kind of music either because of the name or frequency. Or both, maybe.

Like that song I found when I was hanging out at the bar slowly going crazy with your thoughts in my head I thought were your twin brother’s:

WOW. do you feel that?

It’s strong.



Are you listening to it? Now?




its coming from the inside of my body, like lower half inside…in the middle..just below my pelvis….oimg wooww

I feel highyyh

how mudh did you smoke? just now

Just a coiuple bowls with Adonnis. i love Adonnis.

I do,k too.

You don’t even know him.

You do. so, I do. Duh.

You are high too

It kalppens when i am this buzzed. its mky day off and I love writing when I ma buzzed. No, i don’t need it

Ii wawnsn’t thingking that. damn christina your typing sucks right now

You’re a butt. I love you.

I love yuou, too.

(Song playing: ‘Brooklyn Baby’ by Lana Del Rey) https://genius.com/Lana-del-rey-brooklyn-baby-lyrics

I love older men. Always have. They are yummy.

I am only 4 years older than you.

You are yummy.

You are h ighy and horny. Maintain yourself.

I totally forgot what I was doing.

You were going to write about something.

I am technically doing that now. You invaded my thoughts thus distracting me from what I was supposed to be doing. And that ‘something’ was my daily blog post. But, the train of thought I had going derailed completely.

That’s the weed.



That was you. There are people here. Behave please.

I make no promises.

Did I really just hear that in my head just now?

Why am I hilarious?

You just are. No..no..there are many reasons you are hilarious.

You can keep em to yourself. There is no way these fingers are going to list them the way you are doing it in my head right now.




You are such a girl.

LOL I am not.

These two lady customers that just came in look like hikers to me. Oh no wait..I see flip flops on one of them. Nevermind.


I mean, they could be hikers just wearing flip flops right now.

DUDE. WEIRD OR WHAT? I JUST HEARD ADONNIS TELLING THE “HIKERS” some great places to hike just now as he is giving them their drinks! Holy shit. That happens all the time now, it seems.

What, that you SEE things before they happen sometimes?


When are you finally going to come to grips with that.


I feel you sighing and shaking your head. Stop it lol

It’s just because. Why don’t you?

I dunno.

It’s really not like that.

See?? I’m telling you I am not the only one going through this shit!

Look at the date! This poor soul was going through this right about the same time I started going through this! Dude, we ARE part of a wave of people who are ‘waking up’ and being really forced into the consciousness of their journeys.

Crap. I just missed the 2:22 by a nano second.

This shit’s real.

I know it is. Now.

(It’s now 11:16am 04/24/2020)

Why are you picking up where you left off yesterday? Why not just post this and start again today?

It’s MY blog.

Just saying…

Oh, fine.

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