03-17-2020 Coincidence Is God In Disguise.

I heard that somewhere. “Coincidence is God in disguise.”

So, how many coincidences does it take before you realize the Universe and God are indeed trying to tell you something?


My count of coincidences started three years ago. As of today, I have completely lost count, there have been that many.

I finally started documenting all this stuff because I need to show others I wasn’t crazy. I needed to show others that there were just too many coincidences for something different to be happening. It started with these right after I met my DM. I kept feeling this one spot on my back itch. I figured it was my bra strap. It always seemed to be in the same spot and a spot where I could never quite reach it myself. I always needed a back scratcher, someone’s nails, a machete, anything to get relief. No big deal, right? I just wore a different bra.

My ‘Recommended For You’ choices by YouTube. Keep in mind, I never searched for it.
I just kept wondering why this one spot on my back always itched.

But, then it started happening with another bra. And then another. At this point, I was asking my then Karmic boyfriend, if there was anything there, like a pimple or a scratch, SOMETHING. He swore there wasn’t and because I didn’t believe him, I had him take a picture. He was right. Nothing.

Then the itch was there in the same spot when I wasn’t wearing a bra. Then it moved to the left side of my back. The same area, just the other side. It was driving me nuts!

I also was experiencing this crazy weird itch on the inside of my left eye. Almost where the sleep crap gathers throughout the night as you sleep. It was never on my right eye, just my left. One of the videos I had been ‘guided’ to watch listed these two items as signs someone could be thinking about you. I then started to see these types of videos after I had clicked on one of the ones in the picture above:

This is an example. I searched for it to post this pic. My original screenshots were lost in another phone. This is why you see ‘signs you’re an empath’ at the top.

Almost as soon as I moved in with my Karmic, I first started to get notifications in my email box from the Quora app that I had downloaded, but never really used. I saw them, but never gave it much thought. I was getting notifications for answers coming from people asking questions about narcissists. I had never asked any questions on Quora about narcissists. I never had a reason to look it up. I have never known what a narcissist was until all this. Why was I getting notifications for just this topic? I finally started reading some of these questions and answers after the next line up on my ‘Recommended For You’ looked something like this:

And these:

Again, these are samples. My original screenshots did not include the search for it at the top.

I was miserable in my relationship. It consisted of meth and work for him and meth and shooting pool for me after I had to resign from my last job due to the paranoia from both the awakening and the drugs. Not only that, I had these new thoughts in my head that weren’t mine, not voices. I was beginning to answer them out loud. First starting with just, “Mhmm…mhmm..yes…no…” out of the blue and for no reason at all. Yet, if you were to ask me what it was I was answering a question to, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I was just answering a thought. But, not my thought. It was like I was talking to myself but it wasn’t always me. It had my DM’s face behind it. His tone. His way of speaking out loud was the same in my head. And then I’d get those little jolts of sudden arousal down in my pants and they were electric! I truly thought something was wrong with my body and actually did a Google search for ‘why am I getting sudden jolts of arousal for no reason at all’. Want to know what came up? Some websites on Sexual Arousal Disorder and PGAD. That’s Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. So, I was confused as hell. Finally, I just texted him out of nowhere asking if he was thinking of me.

“Are you thinking of meeee?? Because, I could SWEAR you are thinking of me right now!”

I don’t think I got a response, now that I think about it. I think that was right about the time I was really starting to go nuts with all the synchronicities and getting my intuition sharpened and shit started happening at his place of business where I went to practice pool every day.

Syncs like the songs I put on the bar jukebox that I have loved all my life suddenly seemed oddly resonating to exactly what feelings or experiences I was going through at that moment:

‘Run To You’ by Bryan Adams – In short, about a guy who wants to get away from his current girl for some naughty fun with another girl. https://genius.com/Bryan-adams-run-to-you-lyrics

‘Young Lust’ by Pink Floyd – My favorite line from this song is, “Will some woman in this desert land make me feel like a real man.:https://genius.com/Pink-floyd-young-lust-lyrics

‘Double Vision’ by Foreigner – Who doesn’t love Foreigner?? https://genius.com/Foreigner-double-vision-lyrics

‘Back Door Man’ by The Doors – I always think of the door to door salesman who has to slip out the backdoor when the customer’s husband comes home for lunch. https://genius.com/The-doors-back-door-man-lyrics

‘Silent Running’ by Mike + The Mechanics – The chorus goes, “Can you hear me? Can you hear me running? Can you hear me calling you.” https://genius.com/Mike-the-mechanics-silent-running-lyrics

‘I Ran (So Far Away)’ by Flock of Seagulls – This and the ‘Silent Running’ are my favorite ‘Runner’ songs of his. https://genius.com/A-flock-of-seagulls-i-ran-so-far-away-lyrics

‘Eurasian Eyes’ by Corey Hart – This one is particularly resonating and it bothered me so much when it came on, all the time for a while, that I even removed it from our playlist. What I get from this song is that his Crazy GoldDigger Karmic, asian and drop dead gorgeous who knows everyone in the world loves her, is watching my DM like a hawk..going through his phone, making sure he isn’t contacting me or even contemplating making any move to reach out to me. I always felt he wanted to, but felt that he felt he couldn’t. I am sure part of it was his ego, but I know a large part of it was his Karmic. https://genius.com/Corey-hart-eurasian-eyes-lyrics

That is just a short list of some of the songs that suddenly start to play all the time and only after this whole thing began. I finally started to pay attention to the lyrics.

Man, I have so many more coincidences that make me finally see that they were in fact direction from the Universe trying to wake me up.

I am so glad it worked!

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