02-19-2020 I Don’t Write Enough About My Twin Flame Journey. That Ends Now.

33 is a master number indicating a master teacher. I’m just working on my book and thought I would post some garble to my blog.

I’m a 33.  He is a 22.  This explains the extra strength in our telepathy and 5D communication.  It explains why we are both empathic.  Since both of us are considered master numbers, it’s a good indication we are both ascending in this lifetime.  (22 popped up on my laptop clock. Hi babe.)

The silence used to bother me.  It doesn’t anymore.  I understand why it’s necessary in our case.  Communication or a physical meeting before he was ready to offer a commitment right off the bat would be a bad idea.  I know that if we were to meet and got to be alone, the sexual tension between us would take over and we will end up making love.  Once that happens, the deal is sealed.  Our fate, destiny, everything is sealed.  Now, imagine he was only initiated contact and a meet to acknowledge the connection.  Let’s say he still has unfinished business to wrap up with his crazy gold-digger karmic or family, etc.  What then?  I tell him I understand and will be here waiting for him when everything is all taken care of?  I feel like it would be a pain not worth having known there is still more work to be done and we are back to square one not knowing when our lives together can begin.  But the difference is now we have merged our souls together and it cannot be undone.  I can imagine my trying to concentrate on what I was already doing here in Socorro with my new job, having my own place and shit.  I was having a hard-enough time trying to get him out of my head temporarily once in a while with no contact.  How in the world am I going to concentrate on anything else after having him that first time?  No fucking way.  I would lose sleep wondering how he was doing.  I would want to know if he needed help with anything, that kind of crap that I should not even be concentrating on.  I am supposed to be going through my own journey, right?  I can’t imagine a worse distraction than getting together with my twin for a conversation or worse, sex.  Plus, it’s not like he doesn’t give it to me astrally at least twice a day anyway.  In the morning and at night before I go to sleep.  I don’t even need my Melatonin anymore to get to sleep.  I’m just spent.  It’s awesome. I love each and every astral raping I get from him.  It makes me smile just to type that. 

***So, I am starting to feel his energy or something behind me here in the bar.  I looked back a couple times and of course no one is there and then my nose starts itching.  I feel like he is looking over my left shoulder trying to read what I am typing.  I make the comment, in my head, “I feel you looking over my shoulder trying to read this.  What, you need me to make the font bigger for you?” and I busted up laughing.  He tells me to go change what I am listening to to our playlist.  I agree and put on New Beginnings shuffle and ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye is the first song to play.  The next song, on now in my earphones, is ‘Jealous Again’ by Counting Crowes. ***

Now, my laptop is telling me I need the charger or else and I just remembered I left it at the house, so I am going to wrap up now and probably try and practice a game or two by myself.  There is no one else back here.  Although, the song to pop on just now is ‘This City Never Sleeps’ by The Eurythmics.  This is what I call a ‘fuck me’ song.  He plays this when he is horny and trying to get my attention.  It’s working.  I am suddenly feeling a warm sensation down in my pants.  Very light, but warm.  FUCK!  Ok, THAT was a firecracker explosion!  I hate when he does this when I am in public.  I am quite sure I look like some crazy idiot having sudden quick orgasm surges and crying out for no reason at all and places like a fucking coffeehouse or Walmart.  And guess what?  Do you know what I feel from the little shit?  He ENJOYS it.  He enjoys it when I yell, “STOP IT!” or “Babe, not now!”.  **insert wicked grin emoji here**

Ok, I’m out.

3 thoughts on “02-19-2020 I Don’t Write Enough About My Twin Flame Journey. That Ends Now.

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  1. I was drawn to the numbers you mentioned in your blog. I am a 44 and my twin is a 33. The telepathy is strong and he has confirmed some of our telepathic communications by way of a text message. Yet he still runs and hides. Maybe too intense. I love your blog. It is so nice to connect with you. Much love ❤️


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