12-02-2019 UPDATE-It Was Not My DM’s Karmic Smearing Me Online. Twas my Narcissist Ex. Sigh.

So, I had recently posted a picture that someone posted on the Quora app trying to prove to me that my DM is still with his Crazy Golddigger Karmic and therefore couldn’t possibly want anything to do with me. It was a picture taken at Halloween at a party of him, his twin brother, the Crazy Golddigger Karmic and some other lady I did not recognize. The funny thing is that I am pretty good at reading people, pictures included, and while the other three have genuine smiles on their faces, my DM is the only one who looks like he is faking it. I would tell you to take a look at the picture on my other post to confirm, but I had anonymity in mind and covered his face. The Narcissist Ex wasn’t thinking about that and I would not expect him to.

Here’s the thing. While I have no idea what he is doing in the physical world, and I don’t care, what I DO know is that he is hiding this connection from everyone. Except maybe his twin brother. He is wearing a mask. Whenever he decides to take it off is up to him and the progress he is making on his journey. Only then will communication happen between the two of us and I not only understand that, I accept it. I am whole on my own now. Being reunited with him eventually is going to be the best experience of my life and I know this. But, if it doesn’t happen, I am cool with it. I have everything I need right now where I am in life. Sure, the only thing missing is my life with him. But, I have finally gotten to the point where if it doesn’t happen, I am totally cool within myself and can live with that.

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