10-03-2019 If you have a Twin Flame, do your own thoughts and questions get interrupted with answers?

Christ, my answers come quicker than the thoughts, in most of my cases. I will say out loud, “Yes,” or “No,” but couldn’t tell you what the question was that I was answering from him. I mean, it happens THAT FAST. I will even think to him, “Slow down! You’re thinking too fast.”

And yes, as an example, I may say out loud, “ I wonder if I still need to…” and he will come right back in my head with, “…take your clothes off the clothesline and fold and put them away? Yes, you still need to do that. “

Or it can be the reverse. He will hit me telepathically with, “Don’t forget you still need to…” and I will finish the sentence and say out loud, “Take my clothes off the clothesline and put them away, I know, I know…”

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