09-18-2019 How Much Tarot is TOO much? Why It’s Not Good To Binge Watch Tarot Readings.

Ever hear someone say anything like, “It’s in the cards.” They refer to tarot cards that are supposed to tell your fortune. Or at least that’s what I always thought throughout my entire life. Up until the last year or so, I thought tarot cards were just something a fortune teller or psychic threw down in front of you and would tell a story based on what they drew. I figured it was just luck on what came out and it was merely for ‘entertainment purposes’ only. They were never to be taken seriously. I would balk at those who lived their lives by tarot card readings and/or astrology updates they saw in the paper every day. Most of my friends in life would agree that they thought the same way and still do.

The only reason I watched my first tarot card reading on YouTube was because they just suddenly popped up on my ‘Recommended For You’ playlist. Though I had never searched YouTube or Google for anything regarding tarot readings or psychics, I guess my eventual clicking from one subject related to psychics would eventually lead to a tarot card reading. The first one I remember clicking on was a Pick A Pile reading where you have 3 stacks of cards you choose from and the message from Spirit is supposed to be for you. You are supposed to choose whichever pile you feel you are ‘guided’ to. Now, I will be honest. I always thought these were a crock. I really did. And when the reader begins the video, one of the first things they tell you is that this may not be for everyone and to only take from it what resonates with you. The only thing missing is the ‘This is for Entertainment Purposes Only’ disclaimer.

The strange thing is no matter what pile I picked or what video I watched, the cards always said the SAME THINGS that just happened to be pertaining to my life at that moment. That the person I was thinking about was a chef, that he thought I was crazy or bipolar, was hiding the fact that they liked me. That was at the beginning of my awakening. Not only that, these videos were sometimes taped and uploaded by the reader months and months prior to my viewing it. (I guess that is what they mean about the messages being ‘timeless’.) After watching a few and seeing that the information was not changing, I realized this was yet another way the Universe was trying to get messages to me about what was going on in my life. I even tried messing with the Universe and choosing another pile that I would not have picked originally to see if it would happen to resonate. Nope. Nothing relating to ANYTHING going on with me. Crap. And here I thought maybe I had some proof that the tarot readings were bullshit. Nope.

Now there are reasons I feel it’s not good to binge watch these videos, because it’s EASY to do it. There are a group of people, called a ‘collective’, that these readings and messages will be for specifically. When one resonates with you and you are done watching it, the next video that may catch your attention may have the tagline that says something like, “WOW! DM HAS THIS MESSAGE FOR HIS DF! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!” And in that particular reading you may hear a thing or two that is different from the last reading and that can change your whole view on what is currently going on with the energy you gathered in the last video. Sometimes you may keep watching because you think to yourself that the more readers tell you the same thing or what you want to hear, the more Union is getting closer or the more your situation is not what where you want it to be. That is not good.

Don’t get stuck on TIME FRAMES. What I mean by this is if a reader says something like,” I feel this DM will be communicating his truth within the next 3 days or 3 weeks.” No matter how much you try, you will NOT forget that and you will be waiting for something to happen within that time frame and thus, not working on what you need to work on within yourself or your mission. Remember, energy can SHIFT. And it can shift THAT fast and suddenly, for whatever reasons. It can be YOUR energy that shifts or it can be theirs. I remember one night a few weeks ago, my DM and I were having a great day vibration-ally. It feels like having smoked a huge, awesome doob and feeling it all throughout your body, but you haven’t smoked any weed. But, then on the walk home from the local pool tables, I suddenly started to feel that energy change into an anxious feeling. I felt uncomfortable and antsy. I felt like irritated and almost combative. I remember asking him telepathically if he was OK because nothing had happened in MY life in that short walk I was on for it to make me feel this way. I got the feeling from him that it wasn’t his energy either. I heard, “I dunno. It’s not mine.” And I felt he wasn’t in any turmoil or anything like that. I just felt weird…off. (If my Mom is reading this, this is where she says it’s my Bipolar Disorder and why aren’t you on your meds?) When I got back to the RV, something told me to get on YouTube for some meditation music to listen to and the very first video tagline that caught my eye on my ‘Recommended For You’ sidebar list was this: “KARMIC ENERGY UPDATE-NEGATIVE ENERGY NOT YOURS-TF READING” Um, how positively frickin coincidental I would see that, so I clicked and watched the video. (This is a reader whose channel with which I am a subscriber. I only subscribe to 3 or 4 that I will ALWAYS seem to resonate with and they all seem to say the exact same things with regard to my and my DM’s current energy in the journey.) The reader just confirmed that if there were any of us in the collective who suddenly felt some negative energy that they were confused about how it just up and krept in on them, it was because the DM’s karmic was radiating it. Weird, right? I had no idea I would be able to feel the bitch’s negative energy. But, it made sense to me after watching. My DM is working toward being someone you can’t walk all over and his Crazy Golddigger Karmic doesn’t like that. She is slowly losing control over him. He is working HARD toward letting people know he cannot and WILL NOT be taken advantage of, nor emotionally manipulated and she CAN’T STAND this. She also knows where his heart lays and it is not with her-it’s with me. She KNOWS this now. She also knows she is losing him. For her, what kills her is that she is losing him to ME-the chubby, dorky girl from the wrong side of the tracks with the smaller, but REAL boobs, who cares about him and people for who they are-not how much money they have or what they can give us. (I thank my Mom and Dad for that. They raised me with awesome morals and ethics with that regard. I love you two!)

Tarot readings, I feel, are only for guidance. I feel they are just quick messages from The Divine to let us know we are either on the right track or we need to focus more on what is important and that is ourselves on this journey. Don’t get too sucked into what every reader says. And beware…some videos are snuck in there to DECEIVE you as well. That is Karmic and/or devil energy and it’s never good. Example: One video tagline read: “DM REALIZES KARMIC IS THE ONE FOR HIM! WANTS TO CUT TIES WITH DF!” My intuition told me right away where THAT vid came from and I never bothered to watch it, let alone give it another thought until typing this.

3 thoughts on “09-18-2019 How Much Tarot is TOO much? Why It’s Not Good To Binge Watch Tarot Readings.

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  1. Hi !
    I found your blog yesterday and am kinda surprised how you’d know what I am/was wondering at that moment. Im on the same boat as you are and still work on myself in my separation term. Still doubting about this journey sometimes but it made some sense since I found this page. Thanks a mil, really appreciate it 🙂


  2. Hehe, funny you picked this topic & I happened to stumble upon it just now. I have been abusing Tarot cards lately, too. They all say the same thing. Which I don’t apparently want to hear. Well, kinda but it’s hard!

    They say that we both need to surrender and should really concentrate on ourselves first and not be bothered what the other is doing. He stalks me like crazy in social media, but does not contact me. It is confusing to me. To feel he wants me but hesitates to take the right steps to actually make it happen! He is with a karmic, too. But I feel he is not so into her anymore.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is you just gave me strength to believe what the Universe (U ’n’ I Verse) is trying to get through to me. Thank you.

    I also like your honesty with this blog. It shows great courage to be yourself and trust your own path and intuition and show the middle finger to everybody who cannot appreciate that.

    Bless ya! 🖖🏼


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! My DM stalks me like yours does, too. I love it. It’s adorable, to say the least. It’s their way of keeping an eye on our healing and making sure we are safe. And in some cases, it gives them an idea of when it’s safe for them to swoop in and snatch our ass for Union.


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