09-10-2019 What Came of The Twin Flame Connection with your Therapist?

Why on God’s great Earth would I or anyone else go to a therapist to talk about my Twin Flame connection?!

Let me try and relax over such a question and then tell you why I react this way.

My question first to you would be what would you think to gain by going to a therapist to discuss your TF connection. Also, are we talking just chit-chatting with therapist or are we talking an actual psych doctor kind of therapist who can prescribe medication? I don’t have a doctorate myself and have never been to college to learn specifically about what is needed to know in order to have a license to talk to people about anything and everything they need or want to talk about. But, I have BEEN to many therapists, starting with the one my mother sent me to when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I have been to psych doctors who were very happy to prescribe medication to ‘fix’ what was wrong with me. (Get this though, nothing was wrong with me. I just FEEL things a little more than most people.) My first medication was Zoloft at age 14; it was what I called my ‘happy’ blue pill because I didn’t get as upset as I normally would with any certain situation where it’s perfectly OK to be upset. Crazy, right? The pharmaceutical companies make SO much money this way.

Therapists start every session the same way: So, why do you think you’re here? They, to me, were people who I could talk to for an hour about what was upsetting me and together we would try to find out why I was getting upset, so I could work on not feeling upset that way anymore. (Psych doctors who prescribe medication only need 15 minutes of you telling them how you are doing, so they can issue another script. Ain’t that some shit?)

So, what would be your answer when they ask you that first question of why you think you are there? Would it be something along these lines:

“So yo, check this out. I have these thoughts and they aren’t mine! No, they are not voices. They are thoughts, but whose are they? Nope, I swear they are not mine. It’s like I have a twin out there somewhere, but we are not related. Oh and I KNOW the Universe is talking to me through double numbers that I just happen to see EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE. Did I mention my body feels vibrations in this weird way? It’s almost like I am sometimes laying on a huge speaker with the bass turned WAY up, and the vibes flow through me ranging from intense sadness to intense anger or fear. So, what say you, therapist?”

Out will come the referral form to see an MD who can prescribe you medication for your ‘thoughts’ issue. (They will really think you just don’t know what you are talking about and say you are hearing voices.) Sure, they will take that entire hour to hear you and then ask, “ Why do you think you hear someone else’s thoughts in your head? Where do you think this comes from? “ (REDFLAG. ABANDON SHIP NOW!) You tell them, “Um, I don’t know. That is why I am here. You are the trained one in this room-not me. And why do you suddenly think I need meds to deal with this?”

That is when they break into: “Sometimes we THINK we hear other thoughts in our head, but really they are just our own. We may WANT to think these thoughts belong to somebody else, but really they don’t. It’s not logical. It’s not possible. And that is why I think if you sign here to allow for a session with a Psychiatrist, you may get the answers you seek.” (Annnnd scene.)

THAT is why I don’t recommend going to a therapist to talk about your TF Connection. THAT is why I would NEVER speak about this connection to anyone other than those who are going on or have already been through EXACTLY what us Twin Flames are going through. And those are other Twin Flames.

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