09-09-2019 Why Is a Twin Flame Relationship So Difficult? It’s Breaking my Heart. I Don’t Know What To Do.

DUDE, I know it’s hard. WAY hard. If you are a DM, believe me, I know you are going through some shit. We are, too. (Meaning your DF. I am assuming you are a DM because you are a dude. Just an assumption, but it’s really all about energy if you really want to break it down and I don’t feel a need to do that right now.)

If you are absolutely positive you are on a Twin Flame Journey and not just a soulmate thing, then yeah, you are going to go through some major crap. Healing, crying, anger, FEAR, denial, MAJOR random sexual arousal-which you probably won’t mind-, and some guilt and regret to top it all off. It’s fucking HARD. If you are in Separation and are not even in contact with your DF, then it’s HARDER. But, there IS good news. It does get better. So long as you two both do some work.

What ‘work’, you ask?

So check this out. I found out it’s us Devine Feminine’s who are the leaders in this whole tedious drive of a journey. We lead and you guys follow. What I mean by this is once we FORGET all about you in our everyday 3D physical life and start working on making ourselves better people, it raises our vibration. You guys FEEEEEL that shit. And it’s awesome! When you guys start to feel your DF doing well within herself, you start to work on yourselves. It then raises YOUR vibes. The idea, from what I understand, is to get you two to raise your vibrations to match each other. The ‘work’ are things like looking into what the journey is about, which is NOT about getting into Union. I can try and give you an example. I escaped a narcissistic relationship loaded with drugs only to move right into another narcissistic relationship, but with someone, I thought of as a mother. Over the course of a few weeks, I had to lay down some major boundaries with her to stop her from her emotional abuse. It’s was hard and I even had to block her from my phone and all social media. I remember I went back to the RV I am staying at on her father’s property and burst into tears. I kept hearing my DM telling me, “Baby, I’m so proud of you,” over and over while I cried into my pillow. I realized that my being there was a life lesson I had to learn about setting boundaries. I have always been extremely co-dependant and never knew how to say ‘NO’ to people. I have never known how to set boundaries, let alone there was a way to do it safely, and without damaging any part of my soul. THAT was ‘work’.

Another example of ‘work’ you may have to do as a DM is getting over some kind of an addiction. You will have to go deep within and find out what makes you want to have the next beer, place the next bet or have that cigarette if things aren’t going well.

One more example of ‘doing the work’, is finding out what all these friggin synchronicities are all about. Do you keep seeing doubled numbers, but the same ones and ALL the time? Not just once in a while? For me, and it’s gotten lots more frequent in the last few weeks, I see 55, 44, 33, 22, 11 and 1111 EVERYWHERE and ALL the time. I started taking screenshots to document this shit, too. Trust and believe I am not sitting and staring at the clock waiting for these times to hit, either. I am not scanning parking lots for car license plates for doubled numbers and then saying, “Hey! My angels are trying to tell me I am right on track!”

But, know this: You mirror your twin. Everything they are going through, you are going through in some way. You have been all your lives. Trippy, eh?

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