09-09-2019 How Do You Block Your Twin Flame’s Thoughts So They Can’t Reach You Telepathically?

You can’t. Don’t even bother trying. It’s like trying to scrub off that birthmark you were born with. It ain’t happening. (Dude, my mom actually tried that once when I was a baby. She thought it was dirt. It was my birthmark. Sheesh)

Once the connection between you and your Twin Flame is ‘activated’, there is no getting rid of them from your thoughts. EVER. I can’t even get mine out of the bathroom temporarily when I am taking a dump. Yep. I just said that shit. (No pun intended.) And now that I have his gorgeous face put together with the person in my head, it’s THAT MUCH more embarrassing knowing he is talking to me while I am handling my business on the throne. I read one lady’s post in a forum who says she just tells her twin to leave until she gets out of the bathroom. She included all woo-woo, “He loves you unconditionally and he will understand.” Bullshit! I have TRIED to get him to leave my head until I am done in there and no, it DOESN’T work. And quite frankly, I am sick of this TF woo-woo crap. I’m telling it like it REALLY is. It’s not all enchanted. Though, it is kind of fun once you really find out just what you guys can do together via telepathy, some cool meditation and a wee bit of sexual juju.

You know, they have always been there, actually. Their thoughts are that other group of thoughts you have had in your head your entire life that you thought were really just your thoughts. It wasn’t until after the activation with my twin and I that I finally fucking realized it was HIM all this time. I thought it was weird that in my head, instead of hearing the thought that I was sure was ME saying to myself, “Crap, I forgot to brush my teeth,” instead I’d hear, “Hey! Don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I also noticed I started to verbalize my thoughts after moving in with The Dildo Wesley. I didn’t know why I had started doing it once I started. I know now, though. It started as just mumbling, “Mhmm,” “Yes” or just a “No”, at random parts of the day. If you were to ask me what I meant, I couldn’t tell you. I couldn’t tell you what thought I had just that nano second before I verbally said, “No”. The Dildo would drive me nuts, because he would say, “What?” and I would tell him genuinely wasn’t talking to anyone specific. Especially him. Ok, what’s weird is that as I am typing this RIGHT NOW, the song on my playlist that just came on is Going Under by Evanescence. You can view the lyrics here: https://genius.com/Evanescence-going-under-lyrics

My DM plays this when I am thinking about The Dildo Narcissist EX. He’s also plays Vow, by Garbage. If you’re curious to see the lyrics of this song, check out this link: https://genius.com/Garbage-vow-lyrics.

(Um, now he is feeling horny, because now I am hearing Me & U by Cassie. I won’t say anything about this song other than YIKES! https://genius.com/Cassie-me-and-u-lyrics )

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