08-23-2019 Narcoholics Anonymous-12 Step Program For Those Of Us Dealing With These Assholes.

I could really use a 12-Step program like this. 12-Step programs are fantastic when you work them. (And yes, you HAVE to do some work. Sucks, right?) I started going through a 12-Step program years and years ago when I first tried getting clean. I stopped at step 4. Step 4 is “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” This is the step where a lot of us stop working the program. Why? Because, step 4, in a nutshell, is when you write down and acknowledge EVERY character defect in you. You analyze them. You dissect them. You find out what caused them. You find out how to get rid of them and work on being a better person all together as a whole, thus removing the reason you were addicted to the shit in the first place.

Instead of drinking or drugs though, I would like to start a 12-Step program to learn how to deal with Narcissists. There is a science behind it, I think. I am fortunate enough to have learned some cool tactics on how to deal with Narcissists, though. Take The Dildo EX of mine Wesley. (Yep, I used his name on this particular post. He tried to comment on my blog posts late last night NOT realizing I can approve or TRASH them before they are posted for the rest of the world to see. Doofus. He can’t even pull off the ”Smear Campaign’ part of a Narcissist’s Plan After The Discard correctly. I didn’t even bother reading them. I just trashed every single one. I know he is reading this now and is fuming about it. Don’t worry, Dildo. No one reading this knows who you are. This will be the last time I acknowledge you and any comments you try and post. No contact has been AWESOME and continues……NOW.)

So, guess what Narcissists HATE? Silence. It infuriates them to no end. Aside from them trying desperately to prove to others just how wonderful and charming and innocent they are, they DO have a kryptonite. The Dildo’s was absolute and total silence. No reaction from me whatsoever. It drove him NUTS the day I told him I was finally leaving his ass. He had even threatened to kill himself one time if I left. I told him one day, “Oh, you’re not going to kill yourself. You have to work tomorrow.” Of course he wasn’t going to kill himself. He loves himself too much. All Narcissists do. They believe they are better than everyone else. The world would be a mess if they weren’t in it. The Narcissist Mama that I moved in with when I moved out here said the same thing to her disabled son who got tired of her emotional verbal bashing and moved out to get him to come back. How sick is that for a mother to say that to her son to manipulate him to come back home so she can have her supply back? It makes me sick, quite frankly.

Now, I am not too innocent with regard to narcissist traits. I adapted to a few myself as a defense mechanism dealing with The Dildo for the two years I was with him. I am empathic, which is why he dug me so much. But, when I finally had the proof I needed to confirm he was taking things and hiding them and then making me feel like I was crazy and just misplaced them, I decided to start doing the same things back to him. I won’t lie either; it was fun! Once I realized I wasn’t crazy and paranoid, that it was really The Dildo fucking with me, it was ON. And yes, it was fun. I also learned how to gaslight. Gaslighting him right back was hilarious. Doofus had no idea what I was doing to him either.

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