06-17-2019 A Bad Dream Is A Sucky Way of Being Taught a Life Lesson

Now that I have some awareness of my new superpowers, I am slowly learning more about them. 

The 3rd Eye. This is supposed to reside somewhere between my two regular eyes.  Like, right where you would cut a uni-brow down the middle to make two eyebrows, but a little higher on the forehead. This is what I can use to make my dreams much more lucid so that I can remember them easier.  This also enhances my psychic ability as well. At least, that is what I have read thus far. Listening to high-frequency meditation music before bedtime helps before drifting off to sleep.

Lately, all my dreams are about my DM or having something to do with him. Last night, or early morning, I forget, I woke up pissed off and angry with him.  The dream was of him calling me to get near him, but as I was trying to get close to him, he was avoiding me throughout the dream. I went to confront him to ask why he wouldn’t talk to me. He spun around, put his face in my face up close, and yelled, “Leave me alone!”

I’ll never forget his face as he yelled those words. Never have I been so upset with him in my life. Even though it’s only been a short time being totally aware of his true existence in my life, I love him.

Waking up in tears, I felt nothing but anger towards him.  I yelled out loud for him to leave me alone; that our connection was officially severed. I told him I did not want him to contact me ever again telepathically, in the 3D, anywhere in space or time because of how bad he made me feel. I didn’t care if I ever saw him again and I cursed this whole Twin Flame bullshit.  The entire time I spouted all this out into the Universe, I was in tears. I was hurt…so hurt. I wondered what I did to deserve what he did to me in that dream.

I know, crazy right? Here I am having a meltdown over how the love of my life treated me in a dumb dream. Being aware of 5D communication, I understand it. Before that, I was thinking the same as you. Probably something along the lines of, ‘This bitch going off on her guy over a dream. She is nuts.”

Then, I heard this thought with his energy and essence behind it in my head:

See? You don’t like it when someone does it to you, do you? 

It was at that precise moment I understood what this was about. Suddenly, I was reminded about the two times, pretty recently, when I had done the exact same thing to someone else.

Not long before coming to New Mexico, a did something similar to a woman at a bar whom I accused of stealing the pool chalk. Idiotic, right? I know. I was an idiot. Her name was Mary. I was convinced she had the chalk. She said she did not have it and I got right in her face and yelled, “Yes, you do!” Sure, I’d had a couple of drinks. Sure, I’d been trying to dodge this woman after finally figuring out she was a toxic friend. But, that was no excuse to do what I did.

Another time was with another Mary, the woman who let me stay in her father’s beat up RV out here when I arrived. She had been a friend of mine for years. Since rehab. It was one of the last times I was on her father’s property and through her car window, before she had a chance to roll it up, I stuck my face in her face and called her a narcissist bitch. She rolled up her window and started the engine of her little red old model four-door sedan. Like an idiot, I jumped on the hood of her car. And, like another idiot, she drove off onto the dirt road and continued to drive more than half a mile with me on the hood of the car. I shit you, not. She would speed up, slow down, and even brake check. Mary did not care if she hurt me. I ended up in the middle of the street after she pulled to a stop at a stop sign.

If I really think about it, and it makes me want to cry just typing this out. I did this countless times to The Dildo Narcissist Ex Wesley. I would stick my face right in his face and say the meanest things to him: You are pathetic. You are a psychopath.  You are a miserable son of a bitch.

I would say these things to him with everything mean and nasty I had inside of me.  The ends justified the means because of how bad he made me feel about myself. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a fucking tooth. I told myself anything to make me feel better about how I treated him.  But, I swear. He deserved it. (Didn’t he?)

It was then I realized, again in tears, that I was learning another fucking life lesson.  I was taught just then that I needed to be more aware of just what I did to people when I stuck my face in theirs and with no fear, told them all the things I thought about them at that precise moment.  DM with his 5D self only told me to go away and leave him alone in a dream, but with a look on his face that I hope I never see again. There was hate and contentment in his voice that I hope I never hear again.

Not once did I ever think I could be doing the same thing to others when I did these horrible things to them.  Suddenly, I felt so sorry to anyone I had ever treated that way. I feel like I want to call the lady from the bar and apologize to her.

I remember telling DM that it was a sucky way to teach me a lesson because I hated him for a solid half an hour. He asked me what other way was there to show me?  I had to agree. It was the same strategy I would have used. Rather than using some poor human soul out there in the 3D to use as an example, why not use him? He knows I could never be mad at him for long, as he is my one true, Divine Love. He knew he could handle me being upset with him for whatever reason and for however long it took, especially if it meant teaching me a lesson I needed to learn.  He knew my anger would be short-lived. He was right. I managed to get mad, be hurt, realize why I saw what I saw in that dream, and understand that it was for my good all in half an hour-tops.

When you love someone that much, unconditionally, you can never stay mad at them for long. You will always forgive them. You will always try and see your part in the situation and make apologies whenever possible.  You don’t hold grudges. I mean, do we like it when someone holds grudges against us?

No. We do not.

Lesson learned.

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  1. I am really having hard time putting up with the bullshit from DM, and I sometimes wonder why do we even call them that. Don’t put up with anything that is unkind towards you, sometimes we need to call them out and stick our faces and say the truth, and then get the hell out of their ways. I am thinking we are making too many excuses for DM, out of belief we are attached through this invisible silver or whatever colour it it. Twin flame or not, basically do not put up with any insults from anyone. Drop the labels first, then ask yourself if you want to be with the person who mistreated you.It is true that we cannot stay mad at them or anyone for that matter, for too long, but we must learn to draw boundaries, heal our codependencies and honour ourselves. We don’t need anyone to complete us. Learn to love yourself first, and you will attract the soul that resonates with your frequency. It is energetic connection, it’s not about the person, but about the energy. At least, that is my take on things. Thank you for your expressing yourself in the blog.

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